Posted by William Charles on April 14, 2016
Credit Card Review

Published on April 14th, 2016 | by William Charles


New Synchrony Marvel Mastercard Launched, No Annual Fee & 3%

Marvel has partnered with Synchrony Bank to release a new Marvel credit card. The card is actually pretty decent and the card art is amazing for Marvel fans. Let’s look at the card benefits first:

Card Benefits

  • No annual fee
  • $25 statement credit after first purchase
  • Card earns at the following rates:
    • 3% cash back on: Dining, Select Entertainment (Movie Theatres, Video Rental and Game Stores, Theatrical and Concert Promoters, Amusement Parks, Digital Entertainment, Games and Software, Music, Books and Newsstands, Toys and Hobby Stores), Online At and Marvel’s Official Merchandise Boths
    • 1% cash back on all other purchases
  • 10% off merchandise merchants at (looks like a specific card promo code is required, and specifically states it can’t be stacked with other offers)
  • Free shipping at during certain times of the year
  • Special discount on Marvel Unlimited or Marvel digital comics (if you’re not a Marvel Unlimited subscriber, you get three months for free. If you are you’ll be sent an e-mail with the opportunity to redeem Marvel Unlimited comics – whatever that means)

Card Designs

The card comes with five different designs to choose from:

card-1 card-2 card-3 card-4 card-5

Our Verdict

3% cash back on dining is as good as it gets (apart from Discover it & Chase Freedom with their rotating 5% categories), the entertainment categories could be useful as well but you’re only get 1% more than a standard 2% card so nothing that crazy. The fact that the sign up bonus is only $25 really kills this card for me. You’d need to spend $10,000 on the 3% categories to receive $300 in cash back and if you used a 2% card you’d be getting $200 cash back instead, so you’re probably better off getting a different card with a high cash back bonus instead.

33 Responses to New Synchrony Marvel Mastercard Launched, No Annual Fee & 3%

  1. Jeff says:

    Any idea about the redemption process or minimums for cash back?

    • Aahz says:

      “Cash back earned during a billing cycle will be calculated at the end of your billing cycle and issued as a statement credit to your Account within two billing cycles”

  2. Adam says:

    I like Marvel as much as the next guy… but you really shoulda put this stinker (blame Synchrony) in the Weird Wednesday series for being a lame card that almost could (be decent.) but falls short.

    I suppose you could still tag this post in that category.

  3. DonT says:


  4. H says:

    Same thought as @DonT. If “Books” category = Amazon then not bad, Even so, AT&T card would still cover a lot more online purchases.

  5. J T says:

    I don’t know if it’s the same, but points expire on the Synchrony Paypal card. And you need 6000 points to even cash out, meaning you will probably lose your points if you don’t make it your main card.

    I expect this is the same deal. 3% on entertainment would be nice if it was a different card. Also, the Synchrony points on the paypal card are worth less than $.01, so maybe it’s not really 3%.

    • Aahz says:

      It’s not remotely the same.

      This card awards cash back. Not points.

      Redemption is automatic with no minimum.

      • J T says:

        Good point, thanks for pointing that out. I actually found the fine print this time:

        “1 Purchases subject to credit approval. Cashback will appear as a statement credit within two billing cycles. See Cashback Program Terms for details.”

        This looks like a great “card with a job”, but knowing Synchrony, there has to be a terrible catch.

        3% for practically any ticket purchases – best deal I know.
        3% for dining – very good
        “Digital Entertainment, Games, and Software” – Who else can give me 3% on Steam purchases? So tempting.

        • dima says:

          this is exactly what i’m thinking.. i actually collect PC games and spend a lot on steam, humble bundle, other various bundle sites.. i’m going to apply for this card just to see what happens, this might be my new main “pc gaming” card

          • Time Mage says:

            This is also why I am interested in the card. I already have 3% on Dining from Sam’s club (I would switch to this because I wouldn’t have to wait a year) but do any other cards give you 3% back on game/toy stores/entertainment? I probably should go for cards with higher bonuses but I like having the right card for everything.

  6. NoonRadar says:

    If there was a venue via which you’d get VGCs at about 1% activation fee cost (similar to grocery stores) this would be a good card to add to your wallet. Otherwise, unless you can use it to pay for a lot of dinning, like work related and stuff, prob it won’t be worth it for most churners.

  7. SlippinJimmy says:

    I don’t see the downside here.. No annual fee, 3% on dining and some entertainment… Can’t go wrong if you’re looking for a cash back card. BTW, 3% is WAY better than 2%, in fact it’s 50% better.

    • Yes, it’s 50% better but you need to have significant spend in those 3% categories for it to make sense – otherwise you’d be better off just getting a cash sign up bonus.

      • dima says:

        i actually think this card is good for a lot of people, a demographic that’s more likely to visit your site: PC gamers. this is now THE steam card

  8. Stvr says:

    Forex is 3%

  9. CJ says:

    Might be worthwhile if you could use the shopping cart trick to avoid a hard pull.

    I doubt that happens though.

  10. barrytuneup says:

    you can 3% on dining with the Amex simply business!

  11. Peter says:

    Thanks William! I just got approved for card. Cool designs! Also wife wanted one because it’s Marvel. So, I added her as authorized user.

  12. TE says:

    The card has an automatic redemption on every statement, so its better than the AARP card which requires a minimum of $25 to be redeemed ($833 in dining before getting the cashback)

    $25 sign up bonus isn’t that great but its better than nothing, but having one card for all entertainment and dining with automatic statement credits makes it worthwhile as an everyday spend card.

  13. Thomas N. says:

    Just received preapproved letter in mail box. $25 statement credit after firs purchase and make first purchase by March 10, 2017, an additional $75 statement credit.
    It’s will be soft pull when I accept this preapproved?

  14. Thomas N. says:

    $100 for hard inquiry? Noooo, pass it.
    Thanks Will

  15. J. Burnside says:

    PLEASE READ. Something is VERY WRONG with the support team behind this card. I obtained this card because I am an avid fan of Marvel and I thought it would be great to have. I applied for and received the card specifically to use on a $2700 car repair. On November 22nd, Wife and I are at the dealership attempting to use the card to pay for the repair. It did not work and was declined. I knew immediately it had to do with the amount being charged. While at the dealership I called the customer service number on the card. After 15 frustrating minutes of trying to work through the automated system, I finally reached Carlos in the Customer Service Department. He stated the card was flagged for possible fraud. At his request, I provided all my phone numbers, mother’s maiden name and social security #. He claimed he could not verify my identity. He said he would need to call my phone and leave a message with a code and I was to call back with that code and provide it to the next Customer Service Rep. I asked him point blank, will any customer service rep be able to help me, or do I need to get back in touch directly with you. No, anyone can help you he stated. So we get his message, spend another frustrating 15 minutes working through the automated system and finally get to Jennifer in Customer Service. She tells me that Carlos was wrong. She cannot work with the code he provided so I go through all of the same with her. I give her all of the same info, and she cannot verify identity. I ask her why, she has no idea. This makes no sense at all to us. So we are on hold for 20 MINUTES while she talks with a manager. She comes back and says she needs to call our phone and provide a code and we need to give that code to her. Except we kept her on a Cell this time. We get the code, give it to her, she says we are good to go, we are verified. Dealership runs card, declined. She says she doesn’t know what is going on. On hold again for 10 minutes. She comes back and tells me Manager has corrected problem, you are good to use the card. Dealership runs card, declines again. She tells me she has no idea why. We are on hold again. This is not a problem with the Dealership’s CC machine as they are running other customer cards without issue. Dealership is closing and we wife is in tears at this point. She comes back to the phone and tells me there is nothing they can do, they have to MAIL ME a code and I will get it in 7-10 business days. At this point, I went off. Why in the hell can you not verify who I am in this situation when I answered all of the verification questions. Why in the hell would mailing me a code work when the two other codes you provided did not work. None of what is happening to us makes any sense at all. I told Jennifer to cancel the card, we are done, it is useless to us if we cannot even use it. We were left stranded. I want everyone out there to be aware of this so this does not happen to you. This has never happened to us before with any credit card I have ever had in the last 30 years.

  16. forznoles says:

    Just got the card – initially given as a $1,000 credit limit, which I asked for an increase. Increase declined due to lack of use, but I just put two charges on it, and went back onto their website and my credit limit is now $20,000. FICO about 830. I will update when I get my first statement to see how the statement credit works – I plan on using it as primarily a dining/entertainment card for the 3% back – I have a 3% back gas card (Bank Americard) and 2% back everything-else card (Citi Double Cash). I hope this one works out for extra cash back on the 3% categories.

  17. Jake Lenihan says:

    As one of the above commenters pointed out, 3% is better than 2%, so I got this card hoping to put my HBO now, Netflix and Spotify monthly payments on it, where they had previously been on my Fidelity 2% cash back Visa.

    Neither Netflix NOR Spotify triggered the 3% cashback. I have not confirmed the HBO now (via google play store) yet, though I suspect it will not.

    I basically now just use this card at movie theaters. Disappointing.

  18. Syed says:

    Beware of the PRE-APPROVED letter, I responded to it, yet got rejected, I make more than 100K still rejected. My last business with Syncrony in my life.

    • Austin says:

      How many new accounts have you opened lately? What’s your credit utilization? Many factors go into being approved for a credit card besides income. If your credit report has changed dramatically from when you were screened and deemed pre-approved you can still be considered too risky of a applicant.

  19. Amy says:

    I received a pre-approved offer that includes 2 free tickets to marvel live with it. I am debating as my son would love to see Marvel live again. I do not like Syncrony bank from my issues with them in the past, but thought for an occasional use card it might be ok.

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