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Published on April 1st, 2018 | by William Charles


[Expired] Office Depot/Max: $10 off $300 in Mastercard Gift Cards [4/1-4/7]

This deal has now expired, they are now offering $15 off instantly when you purchase $300 in Visa gift cards.

The Offer

Direct Link to offer (ad page 22)

  • Buy $300 in Mastercard gift cards at Office Depot/Max and get a $10 instant discount

The Fine Print

  • Offer Valid April 1-7, 2018 Limit 1 discounted offer per transaction.
  • Discount applied at register.
  • Offer valid in-store only on Mastercard® Gift Cards.
  • Subject to availability. See gift cards for details, terms, conditions and (if applicable) fees.
  • All trademarks are property of their respected owners. Product not available in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.
  • The gift cards featured are not sponsors or otherwise affiliated with Office Depot® or OfficeMax®. While supplies last.
  • No rain checks. Mastercard® Gift Cards may be used only at merchants in the U.S. The Mastercard® Gift Card is issued by U.S. Bank National Association, pursuant to a license from Mastercard® International.
  • Mastercard and the Mastercard Brand Mark are registered trademarks of Mastercard International.
  • No Cash Access.
  • For use in the U.S. only. See Gift Card for terms and applicable fees.

Our Verdict

Use a card that earns at a high rate on office supply stores to maximize this. You can also use Visa SavingsEdge to get another 10% back on Visa business cards (up to $5 per card). The $10 discount almost negates the fee on these cards, it’s really on a good deal if you’re meeting minimum spend requirements or have a card that earns 5x/5% back.

Hat tip to reader Gators5220

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Using a 2% credit card and buying 2x$200 nets you a little over $4 per transaction. Meh. But good for meeting MSRs and those with 5% cards.

Can you buy MO at walmart with these cards?

yes and no ; if your lucky its on those older terminals, you have a chance to click cancel and choose payment type…if not, the newer terminals just flash past, and you wont get a chance.

These are known to get drained by scammers once they’re loaded by the purchaser. Maybe it depends on the region. I never see these in my area anymore because no one would touch them. Be careful. Maybe one day the issuer for these MCs will increase security for their pre-loads. Some say it’s an inside job, but not sure if its issuer, distributor or just hacks that show up in the store.

yap, I cringed when I saw mastercard.

I had this very experience with a U.S. Bank-issued MasterCard gift card last year. Purchased at a supermarket, no evidence of tampering, but days later it was drained. Apparently the U.S. Bank cards’ security is very weak. I spent many hours on the phone with U.S. Bank, all in vain. Finally I filed a CFPB complaint, and that did it – my refund was issued, minus the card fee (U.S. Bank was too cheap to reimburse me that $6.95 or whatever – I had to go to the retailer for that). Never again with U.S. Bank-issued MasterCard gift cards. I’ve bought dozens of Visa cards (mostly issued by MetaBank), never a problem.

What are the fees for these cards?

$200s are $6.95
$100s are $5.95


All right so I have a 3% card, my math will be
((200+6.95)X2-10)X0.97=391.783, my earning is $8.22 for $200/card X 2 which is $4.11 per $200 card

Comparing to my usual $500 at S&S for fee of $5.95, (500+5.95)X0.02-5.95=$4.169

Not for me.

Ink Cash is the play.

Anyone know the latest on which card’s these gift cards can and cannot be counted toward MSR?

Specifically I’m looking at the SPG Biz. I THINK I remember reading recently that RAT is cracking down on gift cards for MSR on non co-branded AMEX cards but i wanna believe the SPG is safe.

Also great opportunity for cross-posting on these types of posts with a page keeping this MS info updated (knowing doc, this already exists and I just don’t know about it).

I m in the same boat

the OM/OD VGCs worked for my Hilton Ascend bonus spending. They give level-3 data to Amex, and you can see “$200 Visa Incomm” in the transaction details (on Amex website), but still, worked for Ascend.

it does NOT work on SPG Spend Bonus, i.e. $30 / $3K each month for 6 consecutive months. So I doubt it would work for MSR.
However it works for earning spend points.

How are people liquidating these? I’m only familiar with vgcs at Walmart. Thanks in advance!

Serve to FD/DG.

What is FD/DG? Thanks.

Family Dollar/Dollar General

Thank you for the quick reply. Can you give a little detail on how to do it? I barely shopped at these stores in the past. Thanks.

rachael, blue meant liquidate / load mcgc to serve at those retailers; if wanting to do at WM, either doing 1 mcgc at a time or multiple with mcgc is the last swipe

Is it possible to get a Serve card? I have a Bluebird but it was frozen for MS

Worse case scenario: If you cannot liquidate these via the usual suspects is to use the MC GCs on Plastiq to make mortgage payments.

Does OD/OM accept Chase Pay?

Don’t think so

i can never seem to split-tender with these at Walmart. The “change payment type” key goes away in a millisecond – and yes, i’ve hit it immediately, it’s just not an option.

Which means in order to unload them, you have to either do $200 MO’s, or several $200 Serve/Gobank loads. No combining 3 or 4 of them for mass-liquidation.

Good to share

the new terminals dont let you do, but the older NCR terminals still have that pause.

can you share if FD/DG accepts GoBank load at no extra charge?

The problem with these promotions is that Office Depot has hard coded its registers to not accept credit cards for these gift cards.

Do these MCGCs liquidate as easily as the VCGs?

No, they are a pain in the neck, at least at WM. Possible at some WM’s with a patient CSR, not even possible at others. YMMV. The above comment has some details, and IME, it depends on the payment terminal style of the WM.

The MCGCs used to be easy to liquidate at USPS. That is no longer an option. MCGCs cannot be liquidated at my local WMs. In summary, the answer is no.

I know WM is not friendly to MGC. What about other places, such as Kroger?

I’ve easily liquidated MGC at Kroger-owned stores in the past, but it’s been a while. I doubt anything has changed.

Not anymore in my neck of the woods

Will this MC gift card link to Bluebird as a debit card and allow withdrawals/Bluebird-loads? I was able to do this with a Citi MC rebate gift card, but never with Metabank Visa gift cards.

Maybe, but honestly, that’s something you should try on your own and keep quiet about if it works. If the general public finds out about more methods to liquidate VGC/MCGC, those methods will get shut down.

I just got the AMEX SPG. Is this MS friendly with this promotion? Will these be easily audited by the RAT team (or whatever they are called)? I am looking to meet the minimum spend relatively quick.

Amex sends level 3 data to Amex. Tread carefully.

Really, Amex sends level 3 data to Amex?

I got approved for the INK Cash with the recent $500 bonus offer exactly a week ago. Hopefully my INK cash card arrives before this deal ends.

Anyone know if the AMEX SPG is MS friendly with this? Need to start meeting the spend with that card.

No. ODOM sends level 3 data to Amex.

Dumb question, regarding AMEX and Level 3 data… If you make a purchase, and AMEX has Level 3 data will it always come through when viewing the account online. I.e. If you make a purchase and do not see any additional details show up on the transaction are you MS/RAT safe?

If it’s a business or government CC, and you’re buying at an office supply store, they know what you purchased in detail. Don’t know if this is applicable to any consumer cards.

“In addition to all of the data fields that make up level 1 and level 2 transactions, level 3 transactions require the following data fields:

Ship-from ZIP/postal code
Ship-to/destination ZIP code
Invoice number
Order number
Item product code
Item commodity code
Item description
Item quantity
Item unit of measure
Item extended amount
Freight amount
Duty amount

… In order for a transaction to be approved by major credit card companies as a level 2 or level 3 transactions, all of the required data fields must be submitted along with the initial transaction.”

Be careful with these. I had mine drained last year by a scammer.

How many and how much was drained from your MGCs last year by the scammer?

Did you recover all the lost funds?

Noticed a variable load $500 mastercard gift card at officemax. They wouldn’t let me buy it with a credit card. YMMV

if correctly recalled. OD/OM last changed the variable $500 to cash only; for the $200 or fixed amt, they still accept CCs

Sounds like they’ve had problems with fraud. A cashier (different business) told me that’s why they changed their policy on these not long ago, that that’s what the fraudsters buy, the $500s. The individual store has to take the loss on each one. This is why we can’t have nice things…

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