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Published on July 14th, 2017 | by William Charles


[OH, MI, IN, PA, KY, WV, IL & WI] Huntington Bank $200 Checking Promotion, No Direct Deposit Requirement

This offer briefly expired, thankfully we found a new working link for this offer and are reposting because of it. Thanks to reader Clay B

Offer at a glance

  • Maximum bonus amount: $200
  • Availability: Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Wisconsin
  • Direct deposit required: None
  • Additional requirements: Deposit at least $1,000
  • Hard/soft pull: Soft
  • Credit card funding: None
  • Monthly fees: $5, waivable
  • Early account termination fee: None
  • Expiration date: March 31st, 2016  June 30, 2016 September 30th, 2016 January 31st, 2017 April 30th, 2017 July 31st, 2017 October 31st, 2017

The Offer

Direct Link to offer

  • Open a Huntington 5 Checking account and receive a $200 sign up bonus when you make at least $1,000 in deposits within 60 days

hbank 200

The Fine Print

  • $200 bonus will be deposited within 14 days of meeting the requirements
  • This offer is not available to existing checking customers, including fiduciaries, or those with checking accounts closed within the last six months
  • Bank reserves the right to limit each customer to one new account related gift incentive per calendar year
  • This offer is only available to online applicants residing in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Wisconsi
  • All bank account bonuses are treated as income/interest and as such you have to pay taxes on them

Avoiding Fees

This account has a $5 monthly fee which is waived if you have a relationship balance of $5,000+ per month. They used to charge an early account termination fee but that is no longer charged.

Our Verdict

It’s sometimes possible to receive $350 targeted bonuses with no direct deposit requirement (and sometimes these are also sold on eBay) but this is the best public bonus they offer. If I lived within the target area I’d definitely go for this bonus as no direct deposit is required. It’s kind of a hassle to keep the account fee free, but you could just suck up the $5 monthly fee or pay the early account termination fee of $25 if you didn’t want to park $5,000 (you’d be better off putting that money into a high interest account in my opinion).

We’ve added this bonus to our list of the best bank bonuses. You can view people’s experience with this bonus last time it was available here.

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Hat tip to Maximizing Money

229 Responses to [OH, MI, IN, PA, KY, WV, IL & WI] Huntington Bank $200 Checking Promotion, No Direct Deposit Requirement

  1. MArk O says:

    You can change it over to the asterisk free account after getting the bonus to avoid the monthly fee.

    • Owen says:

      Is this something you do over the phone?

      • Klad says:

        I got this bonus twice in last 12 months and in my experience they do not change over the phone, instead they will ask you to visit branch and speak to a banker. But if you go via chat route, its instant. That’s how I did both the times.

        • SS says:

          I was able to convert over the phone. I applied back in 2016 and bonus posted in December.

          Parked the $5K there until bonus posted then downgraded via phone about a month later. Wish I could do the chat option but didnt see it.

          Phone rep was super friendly

      • Guy Bucktastik says:

        Player 2 and I were both able to product change over the phone.

      • Kevin says:

        I’ve been able to change the account over the phone and close it over the phone, both after normal business hours. Just closed an account with them over the phone last week.

  2. Deb says:

    Is there any reason why we couldn’t pay the $25 and close the account after getting the bonus?

  3. Dimi says:

    Here is my experience with them so far. I opened my account online yesterday. I tried to link an external bank in order to fund it but it didn’t work (it rarely does) so I set up small verification deposits and they already posted. Meanwhile, I checked my daily limit for transfers and it showed $2500/day plus 2-3 days of clearing. Knowing that the only option to avoid the monthly fee is to deposit and maintain $5000 as the average daily balance I called the customer service and asked them for their suggestion on how to proceed in my situation. The rep stated that they don’t have any grace period even for a new customer and she didn’t guarantee that they will wave the monthly fee for me. It looks like the fee is unavoidable and bearing in mind that the nearest branch is 5 hours away from me, I’ll most likely close the account today. It looks like too much hassle for me right away.

    • Owen says:

      $2500/day, so you make two deposits two days in a row?

      Additionally, the monthly fee is $5, eat it till you get the bonus, then switch to asterisk free checking as MArk O mentioned.

      I really don’t understand what you are concerned about though?

  4. Stephen says:

    If you live in Huntington’s target area, there are currently $250 and $300 mailers circulating with coupon expiration dates of April 22. You may want to search for one of these offers as there’s also no direct deposit requirement and it’s for their asterisk free (no-fee) account. Instead of parking 5,000 to avoid the monthly fee, you only need to deposit 5,000 and then can pull it back out.

  5. Ron says:

    Can anyone post data point? Thanks in advance.

  6. Andrew says:

    Adding a data point — I was able to easily transfer my account to asterisk-free on the phone at this number 1-800-480-2265 (their main customer service number). Took about 10 minutes.

    I withdrawn all but $20 to my home PNC account. Will leave the $20 in account just in case for next 6 months then will withdraw and close account.

  7. Deb says:

    Both hubby and I got our bonuses within 5 days of depositing 1k. We are both transferring the $ out and closing the accounts.

  8. Steve says:

    The offer link appears to be dead 🙁

  9. Nathan says:

    This offer has been renewed through June 2016.

  10. Mike says:

    I don’t see that if you are a current customer that you can’t get this.

  11. Winston says:

    Data point for this offer. I opened it, did 1000 deposit, and got the bonus. I moved out all money and asked to close the account. A rep told me that I had to have 25 in the account for early account termination fee. I transferred 25 into it, and then called again. This time a rep told me that they cannot close an account with balance…I tried to downgrade to free checking, but the rep told me that I can only do this after 6 months. Finally I decided to just put 5000 into it and wait for 6 months.

  12. s says:

    what documents are required

  13. Jim says:

    @chuck: I had the same experience as Winston mentioned above

  14. James says:

    Does ACH transfer from one of my accounts considered a “deposit”?

  15. Adam says:

    DP, I was able to painlessly switch it over to the no-fee account (Asterisk-Free Checking) over the phone. And an ACH from PNC counted as a DD.

  16. Henry says:

    Can anyone tell me where I can have a live chat to downgrade my account?
    Thanks in advance.

  17. lumangoy says:

    Does anyone know if they will let me open another account if I was forced to closed it due to depositing MOs and tranferring it out immediately?

  18. Captain_America says:

    Wife and I funded our accounts with ACH from a joint account at another bank. We received our bonuses after 7 days and 8 days respectively.

  19. conor says:

    has anyone seen the chat lately?

  20. cw says:

    It says “Bank reserves the right to limit each customer to one new account related gift incentive per calendar year”. Is the “new” for the account or for the gift incentive? Because I opened a Huntington Asterick-Free checking account last summer and got $150. And this year for the same type of account is $250 (ebay coupon). Thanks

    • Gift incentive if I read those terms correctly.

      • el guapo says:

        So, I opened an account last year. I received the $200 last year and closed the account this year.

        I should be good to go to do this again?

        • No.

          This offer is not available to existing checking customers, including fiduciaries, or those with checking accounts closed within the last six months
          Bank reserves the right to limit each customer to one new account related gift incentive per calendar year

          Your account would have been closed within the last six months if you closed it this year.

  21. Andrew says:

    They got rid of the early termination fee at least on the asterisk-free accounts (so you can get the $200, switch accounts, empty the accounts, and then close the account with no fee)

    They might have gotten rid of it on the checking 5 too but im not sure

    • Jericho says:

      On the personal account charges form under “closing your account” it doesn’t say anything about an early termination fee. It does mention a $5.00 per month dormant account fee on inactive account over 6 months but that can be waived if a minimum balance of $1000.00 is kept in the account. So maybe they did waive the early termination fee, unless someone else can chime in on the matter…

  22. dee says:

    The Chat option is on the very top right of the page, next to the notification for New Messages. If you have an ad blocker, disable it to get the link icon to show up. Took 5 minutes to go on chat and get downgrade to free tier.

  23. Peter says:

    Any luck opening this without residing in any of the states?

  24. Josh says:

    Do the deposits have to be ACH or can I just deposit $1000 cash?

  25. JPen says:

    Unable to open online. Needs an in person ID verification at a branch. That’s 184 miles away.

  26. Eric says:

    Link is dead womp womp

  27. Marcopolo says:

    Offer extended to April 30, 2017.
    You might want to update the OP.

  28. Marcopolo says:

    Expiration date: March 31st, 2016 June 30, 2016 September 30th, 2016 January 31st, 2017 ?????????????????????????

  29. Charlie says:

    Do I have to be a local resident to qualify for the bonus? If I live in NJ, can I go to PA to open an account?

  30. Chris says:

    Thinking of opening the business account and personal account. On the personal account it mentions $5K in relationship to keep it free. Would the $5K to keep the business free apply? Also is it possible to get bonuses on both or is it limited to one or the other? TIA

  31. Jeff says:

    just opened an account online. very hassle-free. Instant online banking access. No credit card funding options available.

  32. Tony says:

    Just to clarify on this, I just need to deposit $1000 total within that period, correct? It doesn’t matter if I take money out before I deposit $1000, right? So I could “churn” the cash I deposit by moving it back to another account and bringing it back again?

  33. Matt says:

    Is this the most up to date post for Huntington? If not, feel free to disregard this comment.

    I believe the ETF is gone. Here’s a portion of my chat with Huntington when opening my account online:

    Matt: Great, thanks. I actually don’t have an account yet, but was reading over checking account fees and was wondering if there was a fee for closing the account.
    Polly(NMLS ID: 1111380): We do not charge a fee for closing a checking account.
    Matt: I saw the $5/month inactivity fee but wasn’t sure if there was one for closing your account within ************ days after opening or something.
    Polly(NMLS ID: 1111380): No, we no longer charge a fee for closing an account.

    Also, I closed my account today via chat. I saw somewhere else on this site that the chat was no longer an option, but it was there under “Contact Us” when I checked. The chat rep tried to get me to close it in branch, but once she realized I was over 50 miles from the closest branch she said she could grant me an exception.

    This was the easiest bonus I’ve ever done. I had the account open for less than a month.

  34. Moose Cow says:

    Per the fine print: “This offer is only available to online applicants residing in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, West Virginia, Illinois and Wisconsin.”

    IL and WI are (now?) included.

  35. Dan says:

    Just in case you didn’t know the reason, this is now available in Wisconsin (and Illinois I think) because First Merit Bank was acquired by Huntington (and all First Merit Bank accounts have now been converted to Huntington). Kinda unfortunate, because at least when I signed up, first merit allowed 10k in credit card funding, which was nice

  36. Sven Katesh says:

    Datapoint: I have my Lexis Nexis report frozen, and as a result they declined to open an account.

    I’m a Wisconsin resident.

  37. Ali says:

    So to confirm, there is now no early termination fee?

    • Matt says:

      Correct. I (Matt, from above) just opened and closed my account within the span of 30 days and did not incur an early termination fee.

      • mord1 says:

        So, I can transfer 1000 in, let the bonus post, transfer out and close? (unless I wanted to wait, like wells fargo)

        • Matt says:

          Yup. I transferred $5,000 in just to be sure I waived the monthly fee in case there wasn’t a grace period for that. But $1,000 would probably be fine. After doing it for both myself and my wife, it looks like they probably distribute bonuses twice a month. Once at the beginning/end, and once in the middle.

  38. nonimmigranth1b says:

    Just opened the account for me and my wife with initial deposit for 1K+ plus for each account.
    Hoping to get the bonus in next two weeks.

  39. Luke says:

    Do you have to leave the $1000 until you get the bonus or can you withdraw it sooner?

  40. cf says:

    Opened the account on 2/24. Deposited $1000 from Chase immediately. Got the bonus on 2/28.

    • Derek says:

      Was the $1000 from Chase done via the initial deposit when opening the account or was the deposit made after you secured the account information? I ask because I also opened my account on the 24th and made a $1000 deposit from Chase, but have not yet received the bonus.

  41. MarcoPolo says:

    This “Bonus Addendum” is part of the Agreement and Disclosure of Account Terms and Rules and Regulations for the qualifying account you are opening.

    To qualify for the cash bonus, you are required to do ALL of the following:

    1. Open a new, qualifying Huntington consumer Checking account during the promotional period between January 9, 2017 and April 30, 2017.
    2. Make cumulative deposits into the new checking account totaling at least $1,000 within 60 days from
    account opening. Deposit must be “new money” to Huntington.
    a. “New money” is defined as money that is not currently, or was not previously in the last six months,
    on deposit in any Huntington account
    The $200 bonus will be deposited into your new checking account within 14 (fourteen) days of meeting the promotion requirements stated above.

    This offer is only available to:
    • New checking customers. All existing Huntington checking customers, or those who closed a checking
    account within the last six months, are not eligible.
    • Eligible checking accounts for this offer are: Huntington 5 Checking®, Huntington 25 Checking® and PCA Checking. Account conversions do not qualify.

    More about Huntington Bonus cash offers:

    • Transfers from another Huntington deposit account do not count as a deposit.
    • This offer cannot be used in combination with any other checking offer.
    • Your checking account must remain in an open status in order to receive the $200 bonus
    • All new accounts subject to account opening approval.
    • For tax purposes, you will receive a Form 1099-INT from us for the cash bonus.
    • Bank reserves the right to limit each customer to one new account related gift incentive per calendar year.

  42. Tony says:

    Another data point on closing the accounts. I transferred all money out so I had $0 balance, then called and closed it. Very easy, didn’t question me on anything or give a hard time. Within a month, I opened, received bonus, and closed the account.

  43. taddy says:

    Data point here :

    Opened 2/23.
    Scheduled $1k transferred from Ally to Huntington on 2/23.
    $1k showed up deposited on 2/28.
    Scheduled $500 transferred from Huntington to Santander (haven’t seen anyone try this for the $225 promotional offer so I’m testing).
    Bonus $200 showed up as of 3/7.

    Wanted to show also that I waited about 4 business days after the $1k posted before moving the money so I can do other bank bonuses.

    And thanks for finding and showing people how to do this stuff Will, Chuck, sirth, and whoever else that helps. Using these bonuses to add some extra funding when I go on leave for medical reasons in a few months (especially since I have no short-term disability insurance).

  44. cf says:

    Zeroed out my balance, called to close it. They told me I need to go in personally since I live within 10 miles. Gonna call again later.

  45. Alex says:

    Opened my account 2/24 with 1000$ deposit. Bonus posted 2/28. Transferred out 1200$ on 3/6. Called today (3/8) to change account type to asterisk free account that requires no balance and charges no fees. I will leave that open a few months before closing. The phone reps were very friendly and it only took a few minutes to complete. Thanks for all the great info doc.

  46. Andy says:

    From the recent DPs, it looks like the bonuses are posting on Tuesdays (Chase does the same thing BTW, so Tuesday must be the day with these banks)

    Anyway, I opened my acct on 3/1, initiated a $1000 ACH on 3/6, posted on 3/8, so I’m expecting to get the bonus payout next Tuesday (3/14). I’ll report back when it shows up.

  47. Superchurn says:

    Opened 2/7/17
    Ally ACH push $500 on 2/6/17
    Ally ACH push of $500 on 2/24/17
    Bonus posted on 3/7/17

    Easiest bonus ever

  48. jon says:

    so if i deposit 1k of cash through ATM after acount is opened that will definitely qualify and trigger the bonus right?

  49. taddy says:

    Is there a screenshot of the chat option? Cause I’ve turned off Adguard and still don’t see the chat option at the top right of the screen. And I did log out and log back in after doing so.

    If not I can call to change it, but I’d rather be able to do it through chat.

    • XP1 says:

      Same. Chat not showing up these past few days.

      • Matt says:

        Yeah, it worked for me a couple weeks ago but when I went to use it for my wife’s account a couple days later it was gone and I couldn’t get it to come up for several days after that when I tried.

  50. Andy says:

    DP – can confirm bonuses are posting on Tuesdays:
    Opened on 3/1
    External $1000 ACH initiated on 3/6
    ACH posted 3/8
    Bonus paid 3/14

    Will probably close the acct later this month

  51. Superchurn says:

    DP: was also easily able to switch to the Asterisk Free account by phone 10 days after the bonus posted. Yay!

  52. MarcoPolo says:

    Is there a fee for paper statements for this account?

  53. Josh says:

    Easy as pie. Opened account for both myself and wife.

    3/15 – $1001 transfer from Ally (Me)
    3/16 – $1001 transfer from Ally (Her)
    3/21 – Both bonuses paid.

    Plan to close in about another week or so.

  54. James says:

    Anyone have luck trying to apply out of state?

  55. Josh says:

    Can you apply and get both the Business ( and Personal offers at the same time / same day?

  56. MarcoPolo says:

    DP – can also confirm bonuses are posting on Tuesdays.
    So if your deposit hits on Maonday then the bonus will post NEXT Tuesday.

    I don’t think any point mentioning the ACHing Bank since DD is not a requirement just a DEPOSIT of $1000 from any bank or even cash will do.

  57. Frito Pendejo says:

    I got this in 2015, I guess I’ll give it another go. I remember it being quite easy.

  58. Steve says:

    I just a mailer with a new bonus $300 for $2000 deposit in Huntington 5 Checking, or $150 for $1000 deposit in an Asterisk-Free Checking Account.

    Not sure if it’s one of the ones you already mentioned since there seem are so many variations.

  59. MarcoPolo says:

    Previous $200 bonus link auto-populates the promotion code field with SLSM-J1614Q-78AU6R9.
    I think you’ll need a promotion code for this offer to work.
    Maybe DoC need to regroup/rethink this deal?

  60. Frito Pendejo says:

    non-Citizens cannot apply, regardless of Permanent Resident status.

    • Non-Citizen, Non-Green Card, Visa Holder.
      Late Jun 2017, SO and I applied in-branch (IL) and approved (with over 20 accounts in the past year, each).
      Funding 1K with a check at account opening.
      Got bonus in 1 week.

  61. rubixx says:

    Just got off the phone in attempting to change the account to the asterisk free checking after receiving the bonus. Was told I cannot change it until at least 60 days after account opening.

    Wonder if this is a new policy from them or just a stubborn agent. Going to try and HUCA and if unable to change will just close the account.

    • rubixx says:

      Reply to myself here:

      HUCA a few days later and was able to change over to the asterisk free account without any issue. Took 5 min on the phone, no questions asked.

  62. Adam D says:

    A link on google shows it now until july 31st, 2017

  63. jack says:

    Do we need any promo code to get the bonus for online application?? There is an option to enter the promotion code online…

  64. Steve says:


    3/24/17 Opened account online
    3/27/17 Trail deposits
    3/29/17 $1000 ACH transfer to Huntington
    4/4/17 $200 Bonus posted!

    (I did this one last year too on 3/3/16, as well as the Business one on 10/25/16)

  65. Roger says:

    I have two newbie questions.

    1) I opened the account with an initial deposit of $1020. Does this count as the deposit that qualifies for the bonus?

    2) Once I get the bonus, is there any downside to transferring the money out and immediately closing the account?

  66. Ben says:

    03/29 – Account opened online
    04/03 – ACH transfer from PNC to Huntington posted
    04/11 – $200 Bonus posted

    Another confirmation that bonuses post on the following Tuesday after your deposit has posted. Thank you again for this site and thanks to all contributors helping with various dp’s.

  67. Jenny says:

    Does anyone know if I would be considered a new Huntinton customer, eligible for the $200 on the checking account, if I just got their credit card? Thanks, jenny

  68. MarcoPolo says:

    Data Points regarding changing to the asterisk free account after getting the bonus to avoid the monthly fee.
    1. Usual phone banking reps are unable to change the account types so you’ll have to ask them to transfer you to a Huntington “Sales banker” who are authorized to do the change.

    2. Asterisk free account requires an activity (withdrawal or transfer) every 6 months to avoid it becoming dormant.
    Hope this helps someone.

  69. Frito Pendejo says:

    Bonus posted a few days after discover ACH. I called to downgrade to Asterisk free checking without issue. I’ll close it in a few months.

  70. Jeff says:

    New guy question …

    1. If I open this account … and send/transfer $1000 from my BB+T checking to new Huntington checking, this apparently does NOT constitute a “deposit” … correct?

    2. But if I ” ACH push/pull” from an account into the new Huntington checking, that does constitute a deposit … correct?

    3. Assuming I have that right, how do I do an ACH as opposed to a transfer …

    I apologize in advance for being stupid, but I don’t know the difference

    • Roger says:

      1. To be certain, yes. I did an initial deposit of over a $1000 and it seemed like that triggered the bonus about 1 week later. I say seemed because I then followed with an additional $1000 deposit that hit the account the same day that I received the bonus.

      2. The best thing is to do a ACH push into the account. But at least one other person on this thread said a pull will work as well.

      3. My understanding is that a normal (non-wire) transfer between banks is ACH. Just go to your non-Huntington bank and link your account to your new Huntington bank account. Then initiate a bank-to-bank transfer from your non-Huntington bank.

      Good luck!

  71. Jeff says:

    Also … everyone on this thread getting this bonus are using ACH push/pull stuff as well? Or is anyone simply transferring money from their personal checking account to Huntington?

  72. Trevor says:

    My wife and I opened accounts without any opening deposit.
    Linked accounts to payapl via two trial deposits.
    Transferred $100 from paypal to new accounts.
    Made three bill pays to three different chase credit cards ($3 each) on the same day.
    Bonus posted one day after the three payments cleared.
    Start to finish in one week.

  73. Jerry says:

    Direct link does not work. Dead?

  74. andrew says:

    Will, the link you have above is dead. I found several other links, but I think they are all affiliate related (I signed up under for one of them). Deadline is also June 30, 2017 now.

    Don’t know if you should note this above or just let people find out for themselves. I’ll keep trying to find a public link.

    Thanks for your help!


  75. Skippy says:

    Hi Will.
    This link posted by commenter MarcoPolo on 4/3 shows an expiration date of July 30th:

  76. Colin says:

    So I followed everything through here and all was well. When I called to close the account (online chat was not working) in <30 days, they informed me there is a $25 early termination fee for any account closed in <60 days. I challenged this, stating this was not included in any of the paperwork. The individual on the other line was rather rude, and told me it was "company policy" and there was nothing she could do about it. Anyone else have this issue?

    Also, I live several hours away from this bank, and it seemed like they would be willing to let me close it without a fee if I could go in branch. Anyone else have similar issues?

    • Ben says:

      Sorry to hear that. Have you tried to call back since? I feel like maybe you just got a rep in a bad mood. I was just about to call, so I figured I would reach out and see if you had gotten things cleared up.

  77. Charles S. says:


    4/16 – Opened online/Deposited $1100 by check using phone app.
    4/22 – Received letter in mail stating deposit on hold/possible insufficient funds???
    4/26 – Check clears & $200 Thank you bonus is deposited.

    All in all, very easy $200

  78. SkydiverEMT says:

    Any DPs of Huntington accepting mobile MOs?

    If so, this could be a great bank for MS, seeing as to how you won’t get a negative item on your Chex if they shut you down.

  79. Ron says:

    Hi all,
    What does “one bonus per calender year” mean? If I got bonus in June 2016,do I have to wait till this June to open account?

  80. Cosmo says:

    You can get the chat option to appear after reloading “Contact Us” link for a few times. Was able to downgrade two accounts this way today.

    • Bill says:

      I can confirm that after reloading the “Contact Us” link a few times it finally appeared. I was able to downgrade to Asterisk-Free Checking without issue.
      Thanks for this tip for avoiding phone call to bank!

  81. Ron says:

    Hi all,
    Do you register online banking with the same email address for same bank bonus? Or should I use different email address?

  82. Krista says:

    Does the $1000 have to stay in the account until the bonus is given or can I deposit $1000, then pay bills with it and just keep a low account balance until I get the bonus?

  83. MikeyBee says:

    FYI, the first direct link to the offer now gives a “We’re sorry” screen. The direct link in the DoC review is fine.

  84. MikeyBee says:

    Oo Ha! Bonus popped into my account today, only 7 days after opening deposit. Thanks for another good tip, DoC!

  85. Edgar says:

    Hey everyone, so I called Huntington to see if I qualify for this $200 bonus if I already received $500 business checking bonus. Since my business account is under my SSN instead of FEIN number, I do not qualify.

  86. Jatan says:

    6/2 Opened and funded account w/ $1000 (used their online bank transfer)
    6/7 Funds available
    6/7 First statement generated (no monthly fee)
    6/13 Received $200 bonus
    6/14 Downgraded to free checking at a local Chicago branch
    6/14 Paid bills (left $20 in there)

  87. Kyle says:

    So probably a stupid question but bare with me. New to bank bonuses and already completed one through fifth third. I saw that chase bank(my main bank) counts for the dd. I’m a bit confused on the term ach. I know what it means but I’m not sure if just transfering money from chase into Huntington would count. This is what I did for fifth third, just wanted to ask before I jump into the next one. Thanks!!

  88. GM says:

    Newbie question, I’m not exactly sure what ACH push/pull means. If I signed up for this account, then logged onto my Citizens account online and just did a simple transfer from that bank acct into my Huntington acct, will that count as the $1,000 bonus?

    Also, is there any reason people wait a couple of days after opening the bank acct to initiate the $1,000 deposit? Can I instantly initiate the $1,000 deposit, get the bonus a week or two later, then close the account and avoid the monthly fee?

  89. Phong Chau says:

    Am I able to churn this? It has been more than 6 months since I’ve closed an account with them.

  90. John says:

    DP on closing, if your account is at $0 then you can close via chat. They told me to go in branch a few times but I just kept asking and they did it for me.

  91. Adam D says:

    Chat was “unavailable” called in, took 3 mins to switch the asterisk free checking account. accounts been open for almsot 2 months, no fees paid.

  92. Ropes says:

    Bonus has been extended to Oct 31:

  93. Madison says:

    Does anyone have information on depositing money orders via ATM if there is a limit per day or month? Checked FT but couldn’t find any limit mentioned. Thanks.

  94. Ryan says:

    Not sure if this is new, or if this is stackable with the current “5 Checking” account promotion, but interesting DP.

  95. Madison says:

    6/14/2017 opened Huntington 5 checking
    6/21 Chase checking account transfer of $1000 posted as DD
    6/27 Bonus posted
    7/10 via brief phone call changed to Asterisk-free account

  96. Jake N says:

    6/22 – Opened Huntington 5 account in Chicago
    6/27 – $1k ACH from Ally
    7/5 – $200 bonus posted

  97. Mike M says:

    This offer has not yet expired. It is valid until 7/31/17.

      • Mike M. says:

        Sorry I don’t have a link. I had an email offer from them and the expiration date is 7/31/17.

        I had them email me the offer though I was not targeted, I followed the link from this site and there is an option to have email you the offer.

      • Mike M. says:

        I just did the same thing and the website does indeed say Oct 31. I must not have noticed it when I hit request for coupon code but the coupon they sent me indeed does have an expiration of 7/31/17. I printed that and the business coupon out and took them to the branch and both were excepted.

  98. Mike M says:

    To further add, I can verify as I physically went to a branch 7/8/17 to open this account as well as the business account for the $500 offer. Deposited cash into both accounts the same day. Will update when/if bonus posts.

  99. Bill F. says:

    DP – Just closed out account. Tried via chat and they told me it was policy that I had to go to a branch to close. I then called up and they said same thing EXCEPT that since there wasn’t a branch within 50 miles of me, I can do it over phone (and have $0.00 balance). I didn’t remember if there was a branch near me, but if I did, I’m sure I would have been able to do it over chat.

  100. Better direct link would be the cleaned up version of what you have listed works too.

  101. Amol says:

    Opened the business account earlier this year, would the “existing customer” carry over to a personal account?

    • Don’t believe it does, I think this question has been asked before but I don’t remember reading a definitive answer. If you go for it please report back!

      • Josh says:

        I believe you are correct. If you opened business checking with a TIN, then you would be I think. If you opened with SSN, then no.

  102. Dmytro says:

    Is there a DP if I have a business checking account do I still qualify for this offer ?

    • Dustin says:

      Dmytro, I received the Fast Track $500 bonus first, then got the $200 Huntington 5 bonus about a month later. I’ve since downgraded both accounts to the fee free versions. I’m going to wait 6 months and close them.

  103. FYI – Huntington has free ACH In/Out with these limits to my Discover Checking and CO360 Checking accounts

    Per Transfer $2,500.00
    Daily $2,500.00
    Monthly $10,000.00

  104. KP says:

    7/4 – Opened account online
    7/7 – Confirmed trial deposits
    7/12 – ACH push deposit of 1,018.97 from Capital One 360 reaches Huntington account
    7/18 – $200.00 bonus hits account.

    I will downgrade to Asterisk checking next week and plan to close the account in a few of months.

  105. Ry5 says:

    7/7 – Opened account online
    7/10 – Transferred $1000 ACH from TD Bank to Huntington
    7/12 – $1000 posted
    7/14 – Initiated ACH transfer from Huntington to Ally for $900
    7/18 – $900 arrived in Ally account
    7/18 – $200 bonus posted in Huntington

    Now I’ll be transferring out the remaining $300 and then closing the account once the transfer arrives into my Ally account.

  106. ChesterMortlock says:

    7/10 Transferred $1k ACH from PNC
    7/18 – Bonus Posted

  107. Jake N says:

    Another set of DP:

    7/13 – Opened in Chicago branch
    7/20 – $1k ACH from Ally
    7/26 – $200 posted

    Will call to downgrade before closing after a couple months.

  108. Jeff G says:

    Does anyone have the code that auto-populated in May? Apparently I was supposed to click “Submit” next to the code, but didn’t and the bonus was never applied. Chatted with customer support and they said they need the code that was valid at the time I opened the account.

  109. Mix says:

    Huntington $150 Savings bonus.

    -Minimum $2,500 to open.

    -$10 monthly maintenance fee (waived with $2,500 average daily balance, or link to Huntington 5 or 25 checking account).

    -Don’t see an early termination fee.

  110. MikeyBee says:

    First $5 maintenance fee posted today, so I switched to Asterisk-Free checking, which has no fees, no minimum balance. Took forever to get thru to a Chat rep, but they made the change on the spot. Only downside to A-F Checking is no interest, not much of a loss.

    • Lauren says:

      I did the same today, and they agreed to waive the fee. Maybe Chat back? Not sure how much $5 is worth to you.

      • MikeyBee says:

        Ha, I can pinch a penny hard enough to give Lincoln a headache. Thanks for the tip. I just wish it was easier to get through on their chat line.

  111. Lauren says:

    Bonus posted today. I was able to PC my account to asterisk-free checking over the Chat feature. No minimum balance, no fees.

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