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Published on March 11th, 2018 | by Chuck


[Expired] Office Depot/Max: $10 off $300 in Visa Gift Cards [3/11-3/17]

This offer has expired and is no longer available. Click here to view the latest office depot/max deals.

The Offer

Direct Link to offer (ad page 15)

  • Buy $300 in Visa gift cards at Office Depot/Max and get a $10 instant discount

The Fine Print

  • Limit one (1) offer per customer.
  • Discount applied at register.
  • Offer valid 3/11/18 – 3/17/18.
  • Purchase fees may apply.
  • Offer valid in store on Visa® gift cards only.
  • Product may not be available in all states.
  • One offer per transaction.
  • The Visa Gift Card is issued by MetaBank®, Member FDIC, pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. Card can be used everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted in the U.S.

Our Verdict

The fee for a $200 Visa gift card is $6.95. Buy two of them for a cost of $413.90, get $10 off which mostly negates the fee, and rack up 2,016 Ultimate Rewards points on your Chase INK Cash/Plus. Alternatively, buy $200 + $100 for $302.90 after the discount. You also get 2% back in Office Depot/Max rewards if you’re enrolled, though rewards are capped at $200 in spend per quarter on gift cards ($4). You can also use Visa SavingsEdge to get another 10% back on Visa business cards (up to $5 per card).

In the end, it’s mainly useful for someone who has a way to spend these down easily, either as a debit transactions or even as organic spend, e.g. taxes. Hopefully your store will let you do more than one offer in separate transactions or allow you to come back multiple times doing one per visit.

Hat tip to Frequentmiler

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HOLD The fort !!
i was not planning on getting a CIC until next week due to 5/24 not ending until March 17th.

5/24 doesn’t end mid month. It either already ended 3/1 or will end 3/31.

Making sure you get past 5/24 when you’re this close is way more important than this minimized deal. Getting to 4/24 or less means an opportunity for a new card and actual bonus, which is far less work than buying 200s and the hassle of liquidation. I’d wait for the chance at a cc bonus any day over the ever shrinking discounts of these little promotions. Why take a chance and possibly ruin your chance for a new cc bonus? Besides that, you wouldn’t get the card in enough time this week, maybe tail end, and then face fraud alerts and worse if you buy these quickly.

Beware that American Express receives Level 3 data from Office Max. When I purchased a Visa GC from Office Max on an SPG AMEX in Jan., the transaction on displayed what looked like a receipt with the price and SKU of the Visa GC along with the card purchase fee.

i was hoping i could use this promo to meet MSR on my AMEX Ascend – you think it’s worth it? or stick to the INK?

I know it’s worked for Amex Simplycash in the past, but that was for normal spend, not MSR

Regardless, I still got my sign-up bonus. Didn’t you?

YMMV but Amex normally doesn’t care if you’re buying GC unless you’re MSing tens of thousands monthly. They have become more discriminatory toward certain GC retailers though (Simon Mall, for ex).

Thanks for the info!

Not as good as the $15 off $300, but still may be worth it for some. It is interesting how OD/OF alternates their promos from $15 to $10 off $300 to bring in customers.

They’re actually reducing it. Was $20 then $15 now $10.

It has been a long while since $20 off. Last year it alternated between $15 and $10 off.

IIRC it went down to $10 after the last $15 and had never gone back up to $15 for Thanksgiving / X’mas promo 2 or 3 weeks apart.
Since the liquidation methods shrank there is never any shortage of supply in our area though how many separate trannie one could do is solely depending on which store.

Last year they had $20 off $100 of MC GC purchases at OD/OM (that was in early April)… But we haven’t seen $20 off $300 Visa GC purchases since October of 2016. Seems $10 is now the new norm.

good times, made few Ks

I think you are confusing with Staples.. Staples had a $20 VGC back on $300 (or $400) but limit one and you have to fill out a rebate. This is better since it is an instant savings and unlimited.. last time OD had this deal I got it 4 times.

It’s still 2,000 UR for $3.95– .001 cpp.

Where did you learn arithmetic? $3.95 divided by 2,000 is 0.002. Your answer is only one half of the actual answer.

Does this include the everywhere cards?


Just went this morning and bought some. And the answer is yes!!

Thanks! Headed out this afternoon.

And the fee is less, too, right?

Remember to stack this with visa savings edge. 10% off up to $5 PER enrolled card. I already used my ink cash. I would use ink preferred, however earning 3x on $404 and getting $5 back and ~1200 UR is still free money but not as good as 5x on $404 without $5 back and ~2000 UR. Maybe will pickup a $50 amazon GC with my ink preferred to still get $5 before it expires.

“Hopefully your store will let you do more than one offer in separate transactions or allow you to come back multiple times doing one per visit.”

While this in very nice for the first person who clears out the store, it means there are none left for anyone else who wants to purchase it. The only thing this accomplishes is that people start hiding the cards in the store in advance.

When Staples ran the promotions as a rebate and actually enforced the rebate limits, there were always plenty available in the store and no reason for people to hide them.

The 20$ off 100 MGC last year in April almost makes this deal useless, that deal was insane.

agreed, but the MC GCs are harder to liquidate

So not worth it unless you have a bonus category for office supplies, right?

That or if you have minimum spend to meet. taken care off.

Or if you have Chase Freedom, use Android/Apple/Samsung pay to get 5URP/$.

I’ll have to check out our Officemax is set up for Apple Pay. I am in the Hawaii outer-islands so I’m not 100% sure. I don’t think there are any here actually set up for Apple Pay or similar.

Thanks for the heads up. Hit my 2 ODs this morning.

While I too appreciate this news, would have been even better to have had some advance notice. Doesn’t OD/OM, like Staples, also post it’s ads for the coming week several days in advance? My nearest OD locations are about 80 minutes away, so not worth it for me unless I combine trips…. which I can do towards next week end. (but then I have to call around and see which ones still have it in stock by then — and even there, unless I ask and get the right person, I might not find out which ones have them “hidden” behind the counter/in the mgr’s office.)

Sometimes we get advance notice in advance via the weekly ads, but these deals aren’t always listed. We do post when we notice them in advance, as always let us know if you see and will happily post if we miss it.

I have 4 Inks. With quarterly OD discount and VSE, I can buy 6 X $400 fee free. That’s 12K UR fee free. 3 WM MO to liquidate, and poof. Totally worth it!

ok thanks for letting us know…

Churn team….ASSEMBLE

What’s vse wm and mo?

VISA Savings Edge, Walmart, and Money Orders.

Cheaper to buy $500 cards at Walmart for $4.84 fee isn’t it?

Save 10% on purchases at Office Depot (maximum earn $5)
Save 10% on your next purchase at Office Depot made with an eligible and enrolled Visa Business card when you activate this offer in the Visa SavingsEdge Program.

Does this apply?

Oh yeah…

I just checked previous transactions, and my Ink Biz is only at 1% apparently. That still means (2) $200 cards are free with $10 off and UR points at 1%. Planning on doing an $800 WM MO with 4 of these in 2 transactions again for some cheap UR points. THANKS!

I have not checked my local OD/OM. Anyone has success with the Dining or Style Everywhere VGCs which have less fees? Thanks.

I use style everywhere and grocery everywhere at Walmart supercenters.

Do you load serve with style everywhere or just MO? I’ve used Grocery Everywhere at neighborhood Walmarts but not supercenters.

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