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EDOHWNY (@guest_1371278)
April 23, 2022 17:52

 William Charles I got a mailer for $500 bonus at
looks like a special code is needed though.

Alex (@guest_1396286)
June 16, 2022 10:08

EDOHWNY Hey just seeing if you used your code (or maybe have an extra). Opening a heloc at northwest and have to open a checking account anyway. Thanks!

EDWNY (@guest_814356)
September 24, 2019 21:16

tried to sign up today (9/24/19) and link is dead. anyone got a working link??

Randy (@guest_811325)
September 17, 2019 19:32

Update to Dan’s DP regarding estatements:
I opened in branch, the first sheet in the opening packet includes:
“Plus – when you enroll all eligible accounts in estatements, you’ll receive a $10 bonus*”
“*all northwest accounts must be enrolled in estatements to receive the $10 bonus, which will be deposited within 30 days of estatements enrollment into a checking or savings account on which you are listed as primary owner. Not available for business accounts. See bank for details.”

Randy (@guest_815702)
September 27, 2019 18:18

DP: Ally still good.
9/16 open
9/20 NAME p2p NAME deposit
9/24 NAME p2p NAME deposit
9/25 NW bonus credit (@guest_805729)
September 3, 2019 11:53

Live 25 miles away, denied with no explanation.

Firefly (@guest_803356)
August 27, 2019 04:06

Citi Rewards+ posted as purchase (Services – Mortgage Companies-financial Institution). Cash advance was set to $0.

Firefly (@guest_800964)
August 21, 2019 03:30

Funded $1,000 with BoFA Biz Cash Rewards. Went through as purchase and even earned the points. Then it was refunded 4 days later. I guess Northwest tried to process it as cash advance, which I set to $0.

Cec (@guest_772312)
June 20, 2019 08:58

Wanted to provide a data point on the $10 eStatement bonus.

6/9 – Signed up for myNorthwest checking
6/10 – Was able to set up the online banking and select checkbox to receive eStatements
6/19 – $10 bonus shows up in account coded as “ESTATEMENT BONUS”

I made the first of the initial two $250 direct deposits that I’ve scheduled back on 6/14. I will check back in to provide a DP around the series of $100 bonuses.

Cec (@guest_778488)
July 4, 2019 08:03

Updated DP:
Direct Deposit from Employer on 6/14 – $200
Direct Deposit from Employer on 6/28 – $200
Bonus awarded on 7/3 – $100; coded as ‘NW Bonus Credit’

Morgon (@guest_749686)
April 17, 2019 18:33

After being rejected, despite living within 20 miles of all three listed MD locations, I did some digging. Their Wikipedia page states: “In May 2017, Northwest Bank exited the Maryland market by selling all 3 remaining branch locations to locally-based Shore United Bank” (Source:

Not sure why their Branch Locator is inaccurate nearly two years later, but could you update the post to reflect this,  William Charles ?

aquac (@guest_746373)
April 9, 2019 16:13

If you are within 50 miles but from a different state (NJ), will I be permitted to open an account?

Joe (@guest_747221)
April 11, 2019 10:31

give it a shot. be the dp you want to see. it should tell you before you even put in all your information

Robert (@guest_743934)
April 4, 2019 08:23


4/1/19 Opened Account with $1000 Barclay Arrival + (coded as a purchase on Barclay)
4/2/19 Pushed (2) $200 DD from Ally Bank
4/3/19 $100 Bonus Posted

I did switch from Paper Statements to eStatements, no $10 bonus for that yet.

Also – there is a 30 day period from when you open your account until you can transfer money externally. Not sure if this is just me or not.

Now I plan to wait 10 months and make the other (2) $200 DD. I’ll probably open up a savings account to fund with $1000 on Barclay Arrival for the points.

Robert (@guest_748061)
April 13, 2019 18:39

4/10/19 $10 Bonus Posted for switching to e statements