Posted by William Charles on October 12, 2016
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Published on October 12th, 2016 | by William Charles


Pay With RadPad To Shut Down On October 13th

RadPad has just sent out the following e-mail to users of their Pay with RadPad service:

“We wanted to let you know that effective Thursday, October 13, 2016, we will no longer be processing and paying rent payments

As a current RadPad rent payer, RadPad will no longer be making rent payments for you. Effective immediately, you will need to find an alternative for making your rent payments. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

On Monday, October 31, 2016, your RadPad payment account, which includes your payment information, landlord’s information, and rent payment history will be permanently deleted.

Thank you very much for allowing us to pay your rent.

Team RadPad”

This will be a pretty big blow for some people as the Chase Sapphire Reserve was coding as travel when using Android/Apple pay, triggering 3x points and also the $300 annual travel credit. There are other options for paying rent with a credit card, the most popular is probably Plastiq. They frequently offer promotions, but their standard rate is 2.5% for credit cards and 1% for debit cards.

At this stage we don’t have any idea why RadPad is shutting down this service, but we’ve contacted them for comment. The lack of notice is particularly worrying.


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Wow.. crazy how fast young businesses can die. RIP Radpad

On second look it appears they’re migrating to an type business. Good luck in that space

they probably figured they’ll find more victims to scam over there.

RIP RadPad indeed. I feel rather bad for them. They tried to do that no-fee promo to drum up new business and it seems to have sunk them.

Mess with the Bull you’re going to get the Horns I always say.

weird dint’ get the email… but will assume there service is dead.

I have a feeling that this email was sent to those who used their credit card to earn extra points with Android Pay/Apple Pay, like Chase Sapphire Reserve (3x points).

Maybe that’s why they are immediately won’t let us pay the rent with Rad Pad starting tomorrow.

I received the email and I didn’t use AP for my rent pay. Only Paypal Debits

Shoot i just finished loading up ppmc. Now how can i unload this quickly before the 19th?

Pay off a Citi CC. Buy some VGC on a Citi Card and call into citi and pay the bill via your Paypal debit card.

How can we experts contact you for inclusion into our group?

Hey DoC, it’s worth mentioning that some charges for Plastiq are 2%. They have a partnership with MC. I pay my auto loan every month with Plastiq for 2%, using my Arrival+. Many people may break even or end up with a tiny, tiny profit for avoiding bank fees.

“Everything we do is based on our ability to ensure our renters and landlords are who they say they are,” Jonathan Eppers, CEO of RadPad, explained. “Integrating TeleSign Score has helped our brand reduce fraudsters’ chances of creating multiple fake accounts and disrupting the genuine user experience. TeleSign Score has not only helped us streamline the account registration process; we’ve also increased conversions and securely grown our user base with verified users.” October 7, 2016.

I think this email is targeted and they are only shutting down certain customers. I never received this email.

Check your junk mail folder.

Nope, nothing. I am not the only person that has not received this email either.

Why would they shutdown certain customers? RadPad is done-zo.


Regarding your Plastiq promotions link, I don’t see the most recent one yet. They recently renewed/extended the last promo for rent/mortgage to 10/31/16 (MC @ 1.75%), but also tacked on Amex at 2.25% this time.

A 0.25% discount for Amex isn’t much, but every little helps for Amex organic spend options I suppose, considering the scrutiny surrounding MS on Amex-issued cards.

Agreed on the Amex. Looks like Plastiq is the way to go to meet MS. I’ll gladly pay the 1% premium over GC & MO fees to save two lunch breaks (and related stress) a month.

so plastiq time from now on

Does anyone know if payment with PayPal debit card (MasterCard) with Plastiq incur a 1% or 2% (1.75% with Rent Promo) fee?
I believe that regular debit cards are 1%.

1% with PPBDC. I paid today.

haha. didnt we already know this was gonna happen?

Anyone have any data points on paylease and how it codes?

I believe their fee is ~3% so only a Radpad-esq travel code could possibly justify it (via CSR)…

I have already loaded up my PayPal account and need to use the RadPad one last time to get the money out. It appears that RadPad didn’t follow their own TOC to give 30 day notice:

“Any changes to the Terms will be effective immediately for new users of the Services, provided that any material changes shall be effective for Members upon the earlier of thirty (30) days after posting notice of such changes on the Site, or thirty (30) days after the dispatch of an email notice of such changes to Members.”

Anyone knows who regulates RadPad?

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