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Published on April 12th, 2017 | by William Charles


Plastiq Coding Some Purchases As Lodging (Earning 3x On CSR)

Update: No longer working.

Last week reader audi0l0gic posted a comment letting us know that their payment through Plastiq using the Chase Sapphire Reserve Capital One coded as lodging/travel. For some reason, I disregarded it as I thought it had always coded that way but didn’t earn 3x points on the Chase Sapphire Reserve. Harlan from Out and Out just earned 3x points from a Plastiq purchase on the Chase Sapphire Reserve as well.

It seems only rent/mortgage payments are coding this way. Keep in mind if that you’re new to Plastiq you can earn $800 in fee free payments, if you’re an existing user you can share your referral links in that post. The fee to pay bills/rent/mortgage with Plastiq is 2.5%, if you’re earning 3x Chase Ultimate Rewards for the purchase you’re ultimately coming ahead as if you redeem those points for cash they are worth 1¢ each.

111 Responses to Plastiq Coding Some Purchases As Lodging (Earning 3x On CSR)

  1. Primer says:

    Use my referral code to get fee-free dollars after your first $20 payment

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  2. Kevin says:

    Interesting. My rent payment made on 3/20 coded as “all other purchases.”

  3. XP1 says:

    Hope this doesn’t mess up Citi AAM 3x.

  4. MontyFC says:

    Just tried CSR for BoA mortgage. As I have previously used Amex, it didn’t pop-up the cash advance window.

    At Chase end, it is showing pending with description as “Bank of America”. Will update with the results once it posts.

  5. DSP says:

    That guy posted on reddit saying he was mistaken and that he actually paid with a capital one card. And the other blogger paid his AirBnB. Not sure if this is proven just yet.

  6. Credit User1234 says:

    Does anyone know if this will also count toward the travel credit? I assume if its 3X points for “travel” the travel credit also applies. That would be great

  7. chenyuetian says:

    Paid a mortgage with CSR through Plastiq last month, and it is 1x on CSR. So I think it is YMMV
    Mar 20, 2017 SUNTRUST MORTGAGE Sale Hide details about this transaction
    This transaction posted on Mar 22, 2017
    Additional merchant and transaction information
    http://WWW.PLASTIQ.C, CA 941030000 US
    Online, Mail, or Telephone transaction
    Rewards earned with this transaction
    How we calculate rewards
    + 1 Point per $1 on all other purchases
    Total Points
    Print activity

    • Aaron says:

      From what I’ve seen it’s a very recent change. Maybe just a week or so.

    • Harry says:

      Thanks for your DP. Can you also post what was category Plastiq listed this (not CSR but Plastiq) as and also if it went as check or transfer?

      • chenyuetian says:

        Hi, in Plastiq, the payment was categorized as “Rent, Mortgage, and Real Estate”, and it was sent via check.

        • Harry says:

          Thanks again. Very good DPs.
          The only 2 things that could change from your DP are:
          1) the date (someone has to do it in April and report back (Mine is scheduled late April).
          2) ACH instead of Check.

          I see from latest comments though that it appears to be a recent change.

          • chenyuetian says:

            Thanks. Yes the date really matters. Try to schedule a payment on 4/13, and it is 3x. Here is the detail.

            Apr 13, 2017 SUNTRUST MORTGAGE Sale Hide details about this transaction
            This transaction posted on Apr 14, 2017
            Additional merchant and transaction information
            http://WWW.PLASTIQ.C, CA 941030000 US
            Online, Mail, or Telephone transaction
            Rewards earned with this transaction
            How we calculate rewards
            + 3 Points per $1 earned on travel
            Total Points

  8. hg says:

    Incorporating gaming of MCC by these companies is the beginning of the end of unlimited category spend.

    • Bob says:

      Not in this case. Using Plastiq for rent to the extent that it becomes a money loser for banks is a little too niche, even for the churning/MS community

  9. chenyuetian says:

    My previous comment has been deleted?
    Not sure the reason, but I don’t think I gave out any privacy info (don’t think the payment amount and the mortgage company name were privacy) , just want to give a DP to show the 3x on mortgage is YMMV. I got only 1x to pay mortgage with CSR last month on Plastiq.

  10. NinjaX says:

    i dont get it. did i miss the memo? thot CSR always codes 3x on plastiq. no? or maybe thats only with apple/android pay? so now you can charge direct? so then anyone know if you can use all CC with travel bonus?

  11. Harry says:

    This is big if it really works for all rent/mortgage. Note that some users will have an offer to waive first months plastiq fee if you setup 6 months recurring mortgage/rent payment which makes the deal even better. If you have this offer, you might want to wait for DPs from others before sending out that small trial since the offer may not show up once you make the initial payment.

    I do have a DP to confirm though that not all Plastiq codes that way. I used Plastiq to pay property tax using CSR and it coded as 1x only.:
    Additional merchant and transaction information
    HTTPSWWW.PLAS, CA 941030000 US
    Online, Mail, or Telephone transaction

    I have not tried mortgage/rent yet, but may do so now that it seems it may code as travel…I still have to do something for the 300 travel credit on my CSR and have no planned travel at least for the next couple months and this is a good opportunity.

  12. Shyam says:

    Did anyone got 2x using Sapphire Preferred in Plastiq.

  13. Albert H says:

    Curious question on the AirBNB 3x coding.

    Why not use CSR on AirBNB, does it not code as 3x? Perhaps plastiq passes on the coding similar to mileage plus?

  14. physixfan says:

    Note that different payees in Plastiq may be coded as different categories, so it’s really YMMV.

    • Harry says:

      “Rent & Real Estate” is the category to aim for based on what they have posted in the other forum. I checked and see that my previous property tax payment was sent as “Utilities” which is what caused it to earn only 1%. I have now gone ahead and done a scheduling for next month with CSR on my mortgage payment and will report back when it posts. I figured the worst that can happen is Plastiq will charge me the fee (which they waived now for having scheduled 6 months payments) and I lose lose 1.5% of my payment though I will earn UR which would reduce my losses even more since I could use them at 1.5x.

  15. joE says:

    What constitutes a new user, just changing email address or all info like name and address needs to be different?

    I signed up long time ago and never used their service due to all the issues they were first having but willing to try them now.

  16. Sam says:

    Used CSR to pay Hyundai motor financing loan.. no 3x… Just 1x points

  17. Max says:

    Test mortgage payment from yesterday triggered travel credit.

  18. Pam says:

    Paid my mortgage on my rental property with CSR and got the three times points! Activity has posted… hope this lasts a while.

    Thanks DoC!

  19. MontyFC says:

    Mortgage payment to BOA posted as travel on CSR. Sweet 10k UR points. Now the dilemma is whether to front load my mortgage with some prepayments or not.

    • Yu says:

      Hi MontyFC,

      How do you enter BOA address? First, plastiq site can’t find the exact match. So I tried to manually entered the address. But once I entered the address(BANK OF AMERICA, N.A. PO BOX 650070 DALLAS, TX 75265-0070), the next page suggested to use upgraded recipient

      Arrives in 3 days

      Can I know which one did you use? I don’t want to put something wrong and ends up for 1x.


      • MontyFC says:

        Hi Yu,

        The first address is to send paper checks and the second one is for ACH. I used the first one for first couple of payments and received 3x. I later changed it to second one for faster deposits and still received 3x.

        • Yu says:

          Thanks MontyFC.
          Can you confirm on your original BOA mortgage statement, the original address which you used for the paper payment is:

          BANK OF AMERICA, N.A. PO BOX 650070 DALLAS, TX 75265-0070


          • MontyFC says:


            Yes, that’s the address on my statement.

            BTW, my BoA loan allowed me to prepay only 2 months in future. All my payments beyond that were applied to principal even though I mentioned explicitly in the memo that it needs to be applied towards monthly payment.

            I am right now working with them to remove the 2 month limit so that I can pay well into future monthly payments while 3x coding is still on. Just something to watch out for.

          • Yu says:

            MontyFC, when you pay the BAC mortgage, how long does it take for your BAC account to get reflected for the payment?


          • MontyFC says:


            Within 24 hours; maximum 48 hours.

          • Yu says:


            Do you mean within 24/48 hours after you submit the payment on Plastiq site or after Plastiq sends the payment to BOA?


          • MontyFC says:


            I thought you were referring to BoA mortgage reflecting the activity once payment has been received.

            I checked my history, the delay between ACH initiation and BoA reflecting the same is 3 days. I see that delay for all 3 payments.

            For the paper check, the delay is much longer.

          • Yu says:


            When you say ‘the delay between ACH initiation and BoA reflecting the same is 3 days’, is the ACH initiation date you mentioned here the date Platiq site marked as ‘Complete’ in your account?


          • MontyFC says:


            Actual dates in my case (as seen in Plastiq): charged on 5/2, submitted on 5/5 and deposited on 5/5.

            BoA mortgage shows credit on same day 5/5.

  20. TimW says:

    My regular rent is processed today on my att card, it shows up “government service” instead of the regular “real estate,rental”. Then I tried my another payee also usually categorized as real estate,rental(giving me 3x points on att), the transaction also shows up “government service” in my card. Does plastiq change their category code recently?

  21. Albert H says:

    DP: Payee is a business account(not registered with plastiq). sent $120… total charge $123.
    I currently have 7482 pts for next statement. current spending is earning is 7113. 369 pts. /3 = 123. which is exactly what i charged.
    Pending though, but my UR points have been changed. will report back when its done in pending.

  22. Aaron says:

    Posting as 3x travel for me as well.

    TCF NATIONAL BANK Sale Hide details about this transaction
    This transaction posted on Apr 14, 2017
    Additional merchant and transaction information
    http://WWW.PLASTIQ.C, CA 941030000 US
    Online, Mail, or Telephone transaction
    Rewards earned with this transaction
    How we calculate rewards
    + 3 Points per $1 earned on travel
    Total Points
    Print activity about this transaction

  23. Dave says:

    I tried a $20 test payment to Flagstar yesterday, but the charge won’t be finalized until Monday or Tuesday. I’m afraid the 3x will be no longer by then, so I blindly did the full mortgage payment a few minutes ago. Hopefully 3x stays for a while.

    • Rich says:

      Did Flagstar work?

    • Joe says:

      Dave – Can you please let us know if Flagstar worked or not? Thanks.

    • Dave says:

      Sorry for the late reply– Flagstar does indeed get 3x. I actually have 2 Flagstar accounts, 1 electronic and the other sends a paper check still. I was paying Flagstar with Plastiq since Plastiq was created and there was no electronic option at the time. I then added a second Flagstar account that’s electronic. Both get 3x. I hope this lasts.

  24. Jimmy says:

    So you are getting 0.5% on mortgage and rent payments. (3x UR points minus 2.5% Plastiq fee) Why all the fuss for just 0.5%?

    • Some people value Chase UR at more than 1¢. Plus it triggers the travel reimbursement as well.

      • lingua says:


        Also, I’d love to hear if this assumption is correct, but I think being able to put big spend on a Chase card that would otherwise be going unnoticed from a checking account, may improve credit and gain favor with Chase when getting considered for new cards, and possibly even Chase account churning.

        This particularly for a generally low monthly spender like me.

        Another DP btw, just saw my 3x using CSR for rent. Thanks DoC!

  25. Chris says:

    Heads up on the test payments and potential loss of waiver first month.

    Plastiq appears to be offering a targeted waived first month of 6 month schedule for Visa cards.

    I believe this can only be done the first time you use a Visa or the first time you schedule. I don’t know which. I do know that once you use the promo once you can’t use a second time.

    Example – First time using Visa I ran $300 and selected the promo to waive first month on a 6 month schedule.

    Verified the payment to WFHM qualified as travel. Went to setup another schedule for full mortgage but not first month free promo.

    • Moldova says:

      Thank you for this comment Chris. You just saved me $40.

      I have scheduled 6 monthly payments with my CSP (VISA) to pay my Mortgage with Wells Fargo. I set the initial payment date as 4.19.2017. The fee for the first payment was waved.

      It is first time I am using VISA. It is not the first time I am using monthly scheduled payments.

      The promo seems to be: “Use a VISA card for the first time and set 6 month schedule. Plastiq will waive the fee for the first payment”

      It might be targeted only for rent/mortgage payments.

  26. Sparky says:

    Payment made to CENLAR on the 14th cleared with the travel credit.

    • jjmorrow27 says:

      I just tried it the other day with no 3x points, does it matter if it’s sent by check or wire transfer? Also does it matter on which day you start the transaction? Thanks in advance, I have cenlar also and would like to see if I can get mine to work.

    • NBG says:

      do u know what the timeframe is for Cenlar to receive the check/ACH?. I set mine up in plastiq with CIP to pay CENLAR. It was complete on 24th Nov, still CENLAR hasn’t received/not reflevcting in my cenlar account. Its ACH though.

  27. Reg says:

    Is anyone concerned that there is a section on Plastiq’s home page titled “Payments Made through Plastiq”? It appears to scroll users’ first name, payment amount, and recipient. This seems like it could be sensitive information.

    • Ben says:

      Wow, I never noticed that. I agree – it is concerning. I sent them a message asking if it’s real customers’ data and saying I might stop using the service if so — I’m sure if many people do that, they’ll remove it from the site (if it is real data).

      A very odd choice for them to make regardless…

      • Reg says:

        Plastiq’s response:

        “Your information is not used in any marketing information. Any names or business names you see are made up and not linked to any specific user. I do apologize for any concern this may have caused.”

  28. Sam says:

    Is the new category coding by Plastiq on the Citi ATT More card still giving 3X? Now rents/mortgages seem to be coding Services- Misc Government Services instead of the Miscellaneous- Rents and Rent Managers.

    Just wondering if anyone has had any confirmation on if this is still giving 3X.


    • Harry says:

      What was your payment date ? Looks like people have got it as travel up until 16th Apr which is just 2 days back. Also people who have got it coded as travel have all done so with CSR. Maybe Citi ATT is coding differently than CSR? We will need more DPs though to confirm.

  29. Mitchell says:

    DP: Simply login into your Plastiq account and follow through with scheduling a six month payment to someone. Once on the review page, before you have to submit the schedule, the first month’s payment has a $0.00 fee.

  30. Ben says:

    I made a mortgage payment on 4/16 via Plastiq with Chase INK PREFERRED (not CSR). It earned 3X UR points under the Travel category.

    Plastiq classified the transaction as “Rent, Mortgage and Real Estate,” and sent a check to the mortgage servicer (as opposed to ACH).

  31. Kumar says:

    Can confirm that my rent payment gave 3x. The transaction has not posted yet – but when I look at earning next statement total – I see the 3x points.

    This is huge – thanks DOC.

  32. Sal says:

    paid on the 21 w/csr received 3xUR

  33. doctorofcreditplsans says:

    What about mastercard? can anyone confirm that rent/mortgage pmt being put on a mastercard thru plastiq will be coded with the travel MCC code?

  34. DWhite says:

    Adding another (positive) data point to the mix for payments made via Plastiq on 4/23/2017:

    Paid a test payment ($100) my mortgage lender via ACH – Posted to Chase on 4/25 with 3x points
    Paid a test payment ($100) to the same mortgage lender via check – Posted to Chase on 4/25 with 3x points

    Here’s to hoping that this lasts for many, many months to come!

  35. Harry says:

    Yet another DP: Paid Mortgage on 4/24, coded as travel and got the 300 travel credit as well on CSR as well as 3x points.

    However I also made an auto loan payment last week which Plastiq coded in its system for some unknown reason as rent/mortgage but on CSR it did not code as travel. So just because Plastiq shows category as rent does not mean it would code as travel on CSR.

  36. adam says:

    Tried ACH for my mortgage to third federal and failed, plastiq coded the payment as other. I will retry as a check

  37. goodguys21 says:

    Test mortgage payment to freedom mortgage ( sent via check) on 4/26

    Coded as travel with 3x UR and triggered travel credit

    Tried paying auto loan with DCU. Payment declined by CSR

  38. goodguys21 says:

    Just a thought. Can CSR reverse travel coding and claw back 3x in future ?

  39. MarcoPolo says:

    Why is CSR crossed off in the OP?
    There are now enough DPs that CSR codes as travel and gives 3x points.

    • Chuck says:

      I think the cross out was just trying to quote that particular DP accurately. Later in the post it states that CSR works. It still works to my knowledge.

  40. Cindi says:

    On 5/4 it was reported by some on another site that CSR didn’t code as travel anymore. Wonder if it’s dead.

    • MontyFC says:

      My last payment was on 5/2 and coded as travel. Will give it another shot this weekend to see if it is still coded as travel or not.

  41. M says:

    I just had a payment go through as 3x points on CSR as of 5/8/17

  42. MarcoPolo says:

    Has anyone tried using their Chase Southwest Rapid Rewards card to pay rent via Pastiq?
    Does it code as travel?
    Haven’t see any data-points about it.

    • Ben says:

      There’s no bonus for general travel spending with the Southwest card, so I don’t think it would matter?

      It definitely will NOT code as a Southwest purchase (where the card earns 2 miles per dollar).

      • MarcoPolo says:

        Thanks @Ben
        It doesn’t matter though as I am just trying to meet minimum spend on SouthWest card.
        Any added bonus will be an icing on the cake.

  43. goodguys21 says:

    payment to Freedom Mortgage coded as Travel 3x on CSR as of 5/20

  44. Angela says:

    My rent payment coded as lodging/travel on my Capital One Venture card yesterday 5/22. I earned the 40,000 bonus points so can use it as a $400 statement credit towards my rent!

  45. MontyFC says:

    Bank of America (BoA/BofA) DP: By default the bank allows you to prepay only 2 months in advance. After that, payments are applied towards principal only.

    Talking to CSR, I was told to fax a letter to their back office asking to remove the 2 month limitation. I did that and then called to move my past payments from principal only to monthly.

    If you are paying to them in advance to make use of travel cashbank, then make sure they are getting applied correctly.

  46. Susan says:

    Just received notice that my full June CSR/Platiq payment (for a HELOC mortgage) to Quicken coded as travel 3x. (It works — and confirmed in under 24 hours.) Soaked up what was remaining of my annual $300 travel benefit) Hope this 3x travel coding stays around a while. Very cool. (thanks doc.)

  47. jjmorrow27 says:

    Have a few quick questions if anyone is able to answer.
    1) Does it matter what day you send payment? I sent payment to my mortgage handler cenlar and only got 1x the points…

    2) Does it matter if it’s sent via wire transfer or check?

    Trying to see if I can get on this gravy train and want to make sure I know all the details before I do my next test.


  48. Sam says:

    CSR payment that I made to mortgage company that I made on June 4th (posted on June 5th) did not receive the 3x … Similar payments I made during the last couple of months received 3x points.

    Looks like the gravy train has left the station (:-

  49. Kelvin says:

    Chase Ink Preferred still got 3x with Wells Fargo
    Transaction date 06/03
    Statement date 06/04

  50. Type: Mortgage
    Post Date: 6/4/17
    CC: CSR

    Only posted as 1x this month while it posted as 3x last month. Looks like another one bites the dust.

  51. Alex says:

    Chase Ink Preferred DID NOT get 3x with US Bank:

    Transaction date 06/03
    Posting date 06/04

    Gonna have to eat that fee now. Bummer.

  52. John says:

    Confirming CSR not posting as 3x with Plastiq. Bummer.

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