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Published on July 18th, 2019 | by Chuck


[Expired] Plastiq: New Business Signups Get Instant $4,000 In Free Processing With No Requirements ($100 Value)

Deal has expired, view more Plastiq deals by clicking here.

The Offer

Direct Link to offer (contains our referral)

  • Receive $4,000 of fee-free payment processing when you create a Plastiq account as a business by July 31, 2019 and meet all qualification terms.

To qualify, you must submit your email address at the link above, register for a new Plastiq account with the same email address, complete the Plastiq account registration form, indicate the account is to be used for ‘business’ or ‘personal & business’, schedule a time to speak to a Plastiq sales representative, and then speak to the Plastiq sales representative by phone.

The Fine Print

  • Plastiq sales representative will make the sole determination whether the user is a legitimate and registered business entity, speak with the user about Plastiq services, then award the 4,000 Fee-Free Dollars (“FFDs”) to user’s account. The representative’s determination on the eligibility of your registered business is at his or her sole discretion and is final.
  • FFDs awarded through this promo will expire 90 days after awarding.
  • If you do not meet the qualifications of this promotion or attend presentation, no FFDs will be awarded as a part of this promotion.
  • This does not exclude you from being awarded FFDs as a part of any other ongoing promotion or referral program in effect at the time of the account opening.
  • You may not participate in this promotion if you have an existing Plastiq account, either as a personal or business user.
  • Offer valid one per business only.
  • Plastiq reserves the right to withhold or revoke FFDs in user’s accounts if the user has a second Plastiq account, up to and including account termination. Plastiq reserves the right to cancel or modify this promotion at any time and/or for any violation of Plastiq’s Terms and Conditions.

Plastiq for Business

Plastiq has been pushing hard for businesses to adopt them in paying vendors and providers, something becoming increasingly realistic with the added wire and ACH options, and even international wire. The unique value proposition for businesses is multiple:

  • Cash-flow. One of the biggest issue most retail small businesses face is keeping steady cash flow. Credit cards can give an extra month or two of float.
  • Tax write-off. When paying a business bill with Plastiq which incurs a 2.5% fee, you can write off that fee. In effect, the actual cost to your pocket may be something like 1.5%, depending on your tax rates.
  • Points. Like with personal bills, you’ll get credit card point. This is the biggest motivation for most of our readers. Technically, in the case of business payments, the credit card rewards may belong to the business, though in reality it’s sort of a gray area and I doubt many people report it that way. I wrote more thoughts on this in a dedicated post.

In the end, business owners will have to do the math to see if it makes sense for them. For example, a business owner who doesn’t have cash-flow issues won’t find it as enticing as one who does.

Our Verdict

Plastiq has run various promotions for businesses before, typically these have spend requirements. This current offer is more generous in the sense that they offer $4,000 in free processing immediately upon approval, without any requirements. That’s a $100 value given that the normal fee is 2.5%.

It’s quite an easy way for a business owner to meet a credit card spend threshold with this promotion; time it with a new card signup bonus for optimization. BUT it does require a legitimate business, and you must be a brand new Plastiq user and pass the verification phone call.

Aside from the instant $4,000 in free processing you’ll get from signing up with this special promotional offer, you’ll also earn the standard signup bonus which is $500 in free processing after you do $500 in paid processing (a $12.50 value). We also earn a bonus if you use our link to signup, our thanks to those who do so.

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Kathryn K.
Kathryn K.

Great offer! My husband farms on the side and the payment options to many ag-related companies are pretty limited. It kills me to write checks or do ACH transfers for large bills when I could be getting sign-up bonuses completed with them instead so definitely going to give this a try!


When I follow the link, I see all the info advertising $4k in FFDs, but when I submit the email address, the message I see is “Confirm your email in the next 15 minutes to get the Plastiq Fee waived on your first $50 in bills.”

Anyone else seeing this?


If I sign up for this, could I the FFD’s to apply for my wife’s biz card or do I have to use my own card?


Today 8/7/19 (a week after the expiration date) I was approved for the offer.

They said they’d do a phone call to verify, but they ended up just giving me the credit.

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