Posted by William Charles on September 20, 2018

Published on September 20th, 2018 | by William Charles


Recap: Free Southwest Messaging, SpaceX & Stolen Frequent Flyer Miles


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Wow that article about miles on the dark web is terrifying. Excuse me while I go change all of my passwords….

Seems easier and less work to just get a bunch of AA miles from Citi than hacking/stealing them lol

>United reduced the boarding lines to two from five, and is urging travelers to wait until their boarding group — numbered 1 through 5 — is called.

>wait until their boarding group is called.


Wait they’re serious? No one does this, unfortunately.

+1. Most airlines started adding check-in baggage fees. In response, passengers started to bring more carry-ons and now fill up the overhead bin space. So passengers want to board sooner within their boarding group. Thus issues with crowding around the gate area.

Haven’t had to pay to check a bag in a long time. Anyone know if they now charge you – when ‘they’ opt to gate check a bag for you? Remember a few times in the past if a connection was late and they held the plane or it was late but your one of the last to board near departure. More an issue if your sitting in bulkhead row or and exit row with no underseat storage and you board plane closer to departure.

The boarding with United is such a joke. On Southwest, there’s rarely, if ever, any issues with folks boarding according to their numbers. With the rest of the airlines, all you get is endless lines spanning who-knows-where.

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