Recap: Southwest Basic Economy, Qantas Partners With Flying Blue & More


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I don’t understand why they’re jumping to the conclusion that the new names are to implement Basic Economy.

All of the new fare names are above (not below) the current lowest name of WGA / Wanna Get Away (which all of the examples they show are keeping as is). This implies to me that the change may be something other than Basic Economy, for example the second level being Wanna Flex in one example implies that they simply may add a change fee to Wanna Get Away. (Change fees are not specific to Basic Economy at other airlines, they’re something that other airlines do on most of their fares, but Southwest to date has never done it on any of their fares.)

Or it could be the opposite, that Wanna Get Away is kept as is, and Wanna Flex adds some other kind of flexibility.


Let’s face it — business travellers still don’t go for Business Select — there’s company’s policies against that sort of thing.

If they introduce this new crappy tier with a weird name, it means an extra step for all business travellers to avoid, and then potentially still end up with a bad fare if the person procuring the fare didn’t get the memo. If they name it some creative name other than Basic Economy, that’ll be the more confusion.

Lack of Basic Economy and fully flexible fairs are why I require WN for all business travel. If they get rid of these, there’ll be far less incentive to go WN.