Posted by William Charles on November 7, 2017

Published on November 7th, 2017 | by William Charles


Recap: Uber Platinum Credit, Boston Market Deal & More

  • If you have issues receiving your Uber Platinum credit, make sure you complain! I’d recommend removing and readding the card first but if that doesn’t work then contact Uber. Reader Charles did that and received a $30 credit for the following month. To complain: Menu / Help / Additional topics / Account and Payment Options / Using Promos and credits / Amex Plat Card Benefit. Remember you’re paying a $550 annual fee for this card, don’t feel bad about complaining about a benefit not working properly.
  • Boston Market Amex Offer, Get $5 Off $25 by Danny Deal Guru. Might be useful to some readers.


  • If you applied for the Barclaycard Uber card, make sure you haven’t been charged an expedited fee. Quite a few people are reporting being charged this fee even if they have selected ‘no’ on the application.
  • The mistakes and lessons learned from yesterday’s H&M Erdem collab drop by Miles Per Day. As always, it’s fine to make mistakes just make sure you try to learn from them. That’s something MPD does really well and why I often link to him. Better is to try and learn from other people’s mistakes.

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MPD is great. Doc/Chuck, you should join his Slack group 🙂

Has anyone else had luck with complaining to Uber about the credit? They somehow moved all my account information to a different phone number which I didn’t have access to – I ended up losing a month’s worth of credit plus $50 in GCs that I had bought too

I have to complain every single month. Similar situation with card tied to another account that is no longer open and preceded the existence of the Uber benefit. I decided to claim a lost card to get a new number to see if that works.

I tried complaining and haven’t gotten very far yet. My receipts show a full charge for my ride on 11/1 with no credits, but on 11/2, it shows a credit for the remaining amount and a charge for the difference. Uber has thus far not agreed with me, but my last exchange was them asking me to send in screenshots showing my card being charged and no credits applied. Just very annoying because they can see the receipts also but refuse to look. To me just another example of lazy, awful customer service that is too prevalent today overall.

Doc, is there any way to redeem the Uber credit if you don’t have any need for Uber service whatsoever?

I don’t drink (e.g., never had any need to take Uber home), and not a big fan of takeout, either (e.g., UberEATS provides like a 25% value for dollar in my opinion), so, I’d be interested to see if there’s any way to redeem the 15$/mo credit for anything remotely close to like 5$/mo or something.

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