Posted by William Charles on February 12, 2018
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Published on February 12th, 2018 | by William Charles


[Rumor] New Benefits On The American Express Platinum

American Express made significant changes to their Platinum cards on March 30th, 2017 including a $200 annual Uber credit and an increase of $100 on the annual fee on the personal variations in response to the Chase Sapphire Reserve. According to an OMaaT reader who works at a property that participates in the Fine Hotels & Resorts program American Express plans to make the following changes in early 2018:

  • Fine hotels & resorts bookings will earn 5x points
  • You’ll be able to use Pay With Points on fine hotels & resorts. Keep in mind the business Platinum offers a 35% rebate on pay with points bookings

Obviously this is just a rumor and I have no idea how reliable this source is. It’s also possible they plan to add additional benefits that aren’t related to fine hotels & resorts and we wouldn’t be aware of these due to the nature of the source. One can only hope they don’t increase the annual fee again as well.

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is this called benefits?

they need a dining benefit!

It would be nice if the Uber credit would also alloy to Uber Eats. What do you know? An instant dining benefit with an existing partner!


Well at least it isn’t as offensive as the Uber crap they added, but it still falls in the mostly useless category

Offensive? How is getting free Uber credits offensive? Just because you don’t have a use for it doesn’t mean you should be offended by it. By that measure – are you offended that the card gives free TSA Pre-check, since you can only use it once and you likely have another card that offers it?
If you’re offended that it’s Uber and not Lyft, then just don’t use it.
And always remember that if you’re offended, you can always decide to stop paying the annual fee. No one is forcing your hand.

I’m sure he meant adding $100 to the annual fee for a credit that is pretty useless for those of us that don’t live in bigger cities. Offensive probably isn’t the right word but it was a pretty useless addition for some of us.

From my understand the benefits of the Amex Platinum is targeted to people who’s traveller, look at it 5x airline, Uber credit, Centurion lounge access, SPG Gold, Hilton Gold…… so adding travel related benefit is obvious benefits to most of their TARGETED customers.
If you can’t use those benefits perhap you should consider whether the card is right for you. .

A traveler don’t have to travel every month. If the credit is not split into 12 months I am sure there would be much less complaint.

I agree “offensive” is not the right word – “painful” is. For me (although the credit is useful) the fact that it is given by $15 every month makes it a pain… it looks like they wanted to give something without really giving it… Max it up at $200 – no problem, but allow it to be used all at once.

Again, I totally get why they do it (they want their card to be added as a main Uber card for the whole year), but that makes it more pain for me then the gain, and I know quite a few people think the same way.

They need to allow all travel to be redeemed for a minimum of 1 cent per point instead of just airfare. Hotels, cruises, etc are only worth .07 cents per point which is a joke. That’s why I’ll never use my Platinum and always use the CSR

are you being serious? either you have massive restrictions in your life or you dont know what youre talking about. do you even schwab? no? then try it.

I love this blog… but one thing I hate about it is when I see your name. You literally never have anything to say that isn’t in the sh#$tiest of tones.

For the love of all that is good, just take a rest man. Try being nice. It’s really fun!

I still think the uber credit is badly implemented, if it’s a yearly 200 credit it would be way more useful

Snooty contributor
Snooty contributor

It is a yearly $200 credit. It is just broken out over 12 months.

which makes it not useful

I personally don’t mind the monthly breakout like that. What gets me though is that for a travel card, the uber credits can only be redeemed nationally. that makes no sense at all.

The Uber credit is not a main reason for getting the card but for me will be a nice little perk when I visit a big city and am not renting a car.

Agree, most people aren’t using uber every month, only a few times a year when they travel. I was considering keeping my platinum past the first year, but when they added uber and upped the fee, that made the decision to drop it easy.

Yea so stupid splitting it up $15 each months. Why not just give us the $200 altogether?

Cause it makes it look good on paper, and does not cost them nearly that much…

And even for people who use Uber every month it forces them to keep their Amex as a main card on the account, hence more processing fees on the paid rides.


Not true. Does not have to be main card on Uber account.

Exactly, I use uber the couple times a year I travel and don’t get a rental car. Not every month. For me, this is a $15-$30 benefit I pay an extra $100 a year for.

What I meant was a 200 credit good for a year, not a monthly 15 credit.

Yeah it totally makes sense from Uber’s perspective. There aren’t many $15 rides but a $25 ride still nets them some money plus people likely won’t use it all 12 months. I would definitely do 4 x $50 rides a year and get the platinum for this benefit. Right now it’s just a $550 card that nets some MR points and the travel credit. Not terrible but not at the top of my list either. The Amex Green and several others offer more IMO than the 60K platinum.

You knew what ender meant, Snooty.

Wish they come up with a Dining benefit

Yeah right now there’s little reason to carry the plat card to pay for things. Stick it in a desk, buy air fare when you need it, write the number on an index card to carry in your car for roadside assistance… unless you’re heading to a Centurion lounge there’s little reason to bother carrying it.

Yawn. I still have no use for the card other than the sign up bonus, and with the $550 fee it needs to be north of 100k. YMMV and all.

They really need to step up their travel coverages before anything else. 5x on airline bookings is great but means nothing to me when I’d rather have the piece of mind that I don’t have to pay out of pocket for things when my flight is delayed or canceled.

yup. same. that’s one of the reason why i will continue to use CSR for airline booking. trip delay insurance is just too important than MR points

One really disappointing DP on FHR: Ritz Carlton (Bali) had a great offer on their Sayan property publicly available on the website – 4th night free; but the FHR website showed a rate that was higher ($150/nt more); I had the impression that FHR would always give you the best publicly available rate PLUS the FHR benefits. Called in to see if they can give me the better rate and they were very CLEAR – to get the FHR benefits, you need to book our rate. Whatever rate the Hotel offers is not something we are going to offer you – whatever our system shows is the best we can do. May not come as news to some but I always thought they give you the best public rate.

Is the 35% back when booking FHR with points on the bus plat part of the rumor because it is currently only for First or Business Class flights booked with points isn’t it?

It’s not part of the rumor. It is just speculation at this point.

If this is true then I might keep my business platinum which has annual fee due in April.

I changed my mind.

since AMEX RAT is reading all the blogs i hope they read this:


I agree. AmEx can’t rely on their elitist brand name forever. Chase and others are slowly chipping away. Soon, AmEx will have to reorganize their entire business model.

My renewal comes up in April, I’ll only renew if they give a nice bonus, what minimum would all of you suggest, 30,000 MR or higher?

If I have no plans to renew, there’s no reason to use up the $200 airline incidentals now right? Just wait until I see if they offer me anything. Thanks!

Why anyone high spending would use Amex Platinum anymore beyond getting the signup bonus just boggles my mind. I do about $300k in cc spending annually and use a 2% cashback card when not getting a signup bonus on a new card or doing hotel spend with an SPG card.

MR points offer such poor value these days vs straight forward 2% cash back. Even MR transfers to airline miles with all the accompanying fees for most tickets doesn’t make it worthwhile.. particularly as airline fares have fallen in real terms. The Uber credit as a benefit is laughable for most traditional Platinum card holders outside of NYC and a few big cities. Lounge access is the only real worthwhile benefit but other cards offer Priority Pass too for $100 less and equivalent concierge services and rental car upgrades.

I had Amex Plat for many years and gave it up. The cachet is nowhere what it was either… incidentally there are 1.3 MILLION platinum card holders in the US but the $100 AF jump and the smoke and mirrors game of the last few years with benefits are for sure making people wisen up gradually. I am sure there now trying to play catch up but this piecemeal “benefit” add on is probably not going to have smart people rushing to it!

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