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Published on July 27th, 2018 | by William Charles


[Rumor] SPG Luxury Launch Bonus Will Be 125,000 Points + Lesser Cards 75,000 Points & Stricter Anti Churn Language To Be Added

Small update: Rumored spend requirement is $5,000 for the Luxury and $3,000 for the other two cards.

American Express will be launching the SPG luxury card soon (not sure if it’s still launching on August 1st, or if that will be the 18th now. Update: According to VFTW it will be a few days after the 18th. I’m guessing it will be post 26th when new rules go into place). We’ve speculated on what the bonus on that card will be but we’ve now received word from a reliable source that it will be 125,000 points when launched and that will be a limited time offer. The sign up bonus on the lesser SPG cards will be 75,000 points.

It’s also worth remembering that it’s rumored American Express will be adding new restrictive anti churning language to this luxury card as well. I’m 90% confident that these rumors are accurate (I just like to get these percentages so readers have some idea how reliable each rumor is).

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any word on the ritz new signup bonus? I’ve been holding off on applying on ritz card just wanted to get more info on signup bonus on ritz

You better (try and) find a link with the existing bonus and apply for the Ritz now:

Not bad.. I don’t hold any chase ritz/marriott cards. Hopefully might be able to get this, then one or both of those.. As long as they don’t start to fall 5/24.

“Stricter Anti Churn Language”?!?!?! Bonus is already once in a lifetime.

Sorry for a dumb question: what is the “lesser card”?

It’s the existing SPG Amex, in its new form.

Oh I see! Somehow the 75000 number looks so large that I couldn’t make the connection, then I realize it’s Marriott points and not spg points. Thanks for clarifying!

Perhaps they will do that Chase Sapphire BS like if you’re currently holding any other SPG cards, you can’t get this one; or the Citi BS, where if you’ve recently opened or closed another SPG card, you can’t get this one. Who know haha.

FYI, the website used to say that existing members could upgrade to Luxury on 8/9. Now it just says August.

Is there going to be a SPG business version or any SPG business card changes? I don’t think I’ve heard of anything.

Hello DOC, if I currently have SPG Business card, do you think I can do a product change to SPG Luxury card and get all the bonus point without applying for a new card? I am over 6 American Express cards and concern that they won’t let me get another card.

ur joking right? biz and personal cards are totally different and u never get the bonus for PC and u dont even mention which 6 of credit and charge u have. the answer is no.

haha harsh but all true

Amex has several rules about product conversion. You can’t product convert between business and personal, you can’t product convert been charge cards and credit cards. And there are even ore or two more, but you have a business card and the SPG Luxury will be a personal card, so that is ruled out.

Ryan Thompson

Have we been given an idea of what the upgrade offer will be? I have the SPG personal and business open, but neither were opened in the past 2 years. Do not have ritz or either Marriott personal/biz cards with chase open or opened in the past 2 years. Wonder if I should close the SPG personal and get the SUB instead of just the upgrade offer.

Parts Unknown

Meh, I was expecting more I guess. I got my SPG Biz during the 35k Starpoints offer, was expecting something comparable for the new launch. I’ve been saving an Amex slot for the personal or luxury, will probably reconsider now.

125k MR > 35k Starpoints

Parts Unknown

125k Marriott points & $450 AF <35k starpoints & waived first year $95 AF

Maybe the spend threshold will be less? Lowest spend for 35k Starpoints was $7k, right? But you have a good point.

Francisco J Rios
Francisco J Rios

I think I got 35k starpoints for 4,000 in spend.

I got it for $5k ($3k for 25k and another $2k for 10k points)

That is fair; however, I thought you were explicitly calling out the bonus as not comparable. Overall For some it would be essentially a $150 effective after annual fee after a (presumably) easy to use $300 credit (if you already would be paying for said hotel stay regardless) + free night up to 50k, but then again the lounge access added extra value to business Amex… I just don’t think they are that far off overall and if I am eligible I will jump on this offer in a heartbeat.

Parts Unknown

Guess I’m just remembering back to the reports of a very generous sign up bonus. Don’t feel like these are anything more than ordinary. Add in all theses extra headaches about requirements if you’ve had whatever Marriott card in the past & it’s looking more and more like a pass for me. YMMV

Will, you mention in the linked post that you can’t get bonus if you had Marriott card in last 24 months. So do you interpret that once it’s been 25 months, you’re free to sign up for the Amex card for its bonus?

Pay $450 annual fee first year for the luxury card, get $300 in Marriott credit and a sign up bonus of 125k. Pay $450 annual fee second year for the luxury card, get $300 in Marriott credit plus anniversary night up to 50k point. IMHO I don’t know if it’s worth keeping after the first year.

You get a Priority Pass card and GE credit, plus AmEx offers, too. I think it could be worth keeping longterm for that reason. The GE credit isn’t the best, but I like giving them away as gifts to people who travel a decent amount now so I think it’s kind of a fun bonus. PP access is on a lot of cards, but personally I would prefer not to have more than one card with it at a time. I don’t think it’s worth keeping most of the PP access cards for more than a year, at which point this card fills a void there. The $300 Marriott credit annually cuts the cost down a lot. If you get one of the relatively common $60 off $300 at SPG hotels AmEx offers, which are usually only on the SPG cards or the AmEx MR cards, then you’re even better off. That’s if you stay at a Marriott hotel at all. Also depends how the credit works. If you can spend $300, get $300 back, and also trigger the AmEx offer for $60 back at the same time, that’s $60 on whatever instead of specifically at an SPG hotel. I don’t know how that’ll work. The annual free night of up to 50k points is valuable. If you use it for a 50k category hotel then that’s a minimum of $350 you’re saving. If you use your $300 credit to stay another night, that’s a nice weekend trip right there. You would have saved $650 for the $450 annual fee, which seems worth it to me on top of all the other benefits. Really depends on if you can make use of it, though. I’m also not sure how great a 2 day stay at a higher end hotel would be. My personal preference is to try and stay at least 5 days if I’m going somewhere far away, but I can see finding some nice, more local hotels for a weekend trip, too. I like to do this now, but usually I go for lower end hotels and in places that are closer. This may fall under the “spending more than you would have” heading, but personally I enjoy new experiences a lot and being able to do a fancy weekend trip for free in a place I usually wouldn’t go for a reduced price is high up there… Read more »

Is 120k new starpoints now worth 40k points when transferred to partners?

By partners I assume you mean airlines. If so, the rate is 60k Marriot -> 25k miles. So your 120k starpoints are 360k Marriot. 360/60=6*25=150k miles. If you meant 120k Marriot (not SPG) then it’s 50k miles.

I did a chat with an Amex agent last week, and he also mentioned the 8/9 date for upgrade to SPG luxury.

The Marriott Premier Plus page has the new anti-churning language on it, effective 8/26/2018:

“Please note effective 08/26/2018: You may not be eligible for the bonus if you hold, or have previously held, a Marriott International co-branded card issued by a United States credit card issuer.”

“Eligibility for this product: The product is not available to either:

– current cardmembers of the Marriott Rewards® Premier or Marriott Rewards® Premier Plus credit card, or
– previous cardmembers of the Marriott Rewards Premier or Marriott Rewards Premier Plus credit card who received a new cardmember bonus within the last 24 months.
If you are an existing Marriott Rewards Premier customer and would like this product, please call the number on the back of your card to see if you are eligible for an upgrade bonus.

Effective 08/26/2018:

Eligibility for the new cardmember bonus: The bonus is not available to you if you:

– are a current cardmember, or were a previous cardmember within the last 30 days, of the Starwood Preferred Guest® credit card;
– are a current or previous cardmember of either the Starwood Preferred Guest® Business or the Starwood Preferred Guest® Luxury credit card, and received a new cardmember bonus or upgrade bonus in the last 24 months; or
– applied and were approved for the Starwood Preferred Guest credit card, Starwood Preferred Guest Business credit card, or Starwood Preferred Guest Luxury credit card within the last 90 days.”

Well, thats really sad. Amex will copy the same language for all SPG cards

Not so bad. My last Marriott/SPG bonus was over 2 years ago anyway because of 5/24.

If you’re under 5/24, you’re hardly a churner.

He didn’t say he’s under 5/24. Just said his last bonus for Marriott was over 2 years ago. Sounds like he’s done plenty of churning.

link? trying to find it on the chase website.

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