Posted by William Charles on July 26, 2018
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Published on July 26th, 2018 | by William Charles


[Confirmed] American Express & Chase To Team Up & Limit Marriott/SPG Bonuses

Update: Full details here.

Updated post July 26, 2018: Chase has added the following language on the Premier Plus credit card:

Effective 08/26/2018:

Eligibility for the new cardmember bonus: The bonus is not available to you if you:

  • are a current cardmember, or were a previous cardmember within the last 30 days, of the Starwood Preferred Guest® credit card;
  • are a current or previous cardmember of either the Starwood Preferred Guest® Business or the Starwood Preferred Guest® Luxury credit card, and received a new cardmember bonus or upgrade bonus in the last 24 months; or
  • applied and were approved for the Starwood Preferred Guest credit card, Starwood Preferred Guest Business credit card, or Starwood Preferred Guest Luxury credit card within the last 90 days.

Hat tip to US Credit Card Guide

Original post on June 26th, 2018: American Express will launch the SPG Luxury card on August 1st, we don’t know what the sign up bonus will be (although we have made some educated guesses). Unfortunately it looks like most readers will be ineligible as American Express plans to exclude anybody who has received a sign up or upgrade bonus on any Ritz-Carlton/Marriott credit card in the past 24 months (including Marriott business). You will also be excluded if you currently hold or have recently held the Ritz-Carlton card.  Interestingly they won’t look at whether you’ve had an SPG personal/business card.  American Express already limits you to receiving the sign up bonus on each card once per lifetime and they recently added a new restriction where they can deny you the sign up bonus even if you’ve never received the bonus on that card before (although they do at least warn you before you apply) based on the cards you’ve opened/closed. What’s really interesting about this is that American Express plans to deny people the sign up bonus based on cards you have with another issuer and they are also using language that mentions 24 months, something that American Express doesn’t usually do but Chase does. This leads me to believe that Chase will introduce a similar rule on Marriott cards as well and this could actually be lead by Marriott (or something both card issuers pushed for in the new contract). At this stage this is just a rumor, but I’m 90% confident this will happen (that is on American Express’ end, no idea what Chase will do). The other possibility is that Marriott just passes American Express this information instead (Marriott shows points activity for 24 months as well). I imagine Chase would have to at least consent to this, but it also opens the possibility of Chase not being involved at all.  It’s really annoying that it includes upgrade bonuses, as lots of people will have recently done upgrade offers to the Marriott Premier Plus card.

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what the actual fuck

William Charles did you evaluate thT Marriott and SPG rewards are merging from August!!!

Any thought on wether this is limited to personal cards for the 24 month clock or are they somehow included as well?

If you were trying to ask if business cards are counted or just personal cards, the post says “American Express plans to exclude anybody who has received a sign up or upgrade bonus on any Ritz-Carlton/Marriott credit card in the past 24 months (including Marriott business).”

I knew it. Amex c.e.o is probably dating dimon’s daughter and will marry her to combine house of amex with house of chase like European aristocracy. When the bourgeoisie make love the peasants get crushed.

but gotta give him props for his choices tho. i wouldve done the same for insider info.

Does the rumor mention existing SPG cards?

very interesting. presumably they’ll have access to your MR/SPG point history, and can see if you got a 80K point bolus in the last 24mo?

I went for 40k + 200SC. SCORE!

Is it only if you got the bonus for SPG personal or biz in the last 24 months?

This sounds a LOT like monopolistic behavior the DOJ might not like.

It doesn’t sound monopolistic at all — what it sounds like is a conspiracy to commit price-fixing on #RewardsPoints bonuses. #MembersGetIt

I agree the word monopolistic is probably not accurate. I meant that two companies are colluding to control a product. It is still characteristic of behavior that have got companies sued in the past.

My question now is why does Marriott seem to think it’s so friggin’ great that everyone wants to bend over backwards to get their card? I barely have a reason to keep my 10+ year old SPG Amex in August, and now they’ll refuse to give me a bonus to upgrade to their Luxury card just because I might hold a Ritz Visa.

I think this play is on the banks more than Marriott. Marriott should feel good – they got two top banks to both bid and pay for their credit card portfolio. I would guess Amex will just look at credit history and look for the cards. If they see it in the last 24 months, bingo, no bonus. I’d also be surprised if they don’t exclude SPG cardholders from new bonuses also, since it’s 24 month language NOT lifetime language… not sure why they would want to include them, if they want to hit bonus hunters.

It doesn’t sound monopolistic at all — what it sounds like is a conspiracy to engage in collusion to price-fixing the bonus #RewardsPoints awards. #MembersGetIt

Without getting into the merits of your statement or making any comments about whether it’s right or wrong, keep in mind that the Trump administration’s DOJ is extremely anti-regulation and definitely not the kind to aggressively pursue any anti-regulation action.

I mean, they don’t like the Time Warner AT&T merger because CNN is involved.

So nobody will sign up for the SPG luxury card the .

Hadley V. Baxendale
Hadley V. Baxendale

Plenty of people will. Most people are not churners and that goes double for Marriott Rewards members who are a conservative lot — they likely have had their cards for ages.

Fortunately, I received my last bonus on the biz card on 7/21/16 and I did not take the upgrade offer for my Chase Marriott personal card as it was insufficient for my requirements and I also was 2 plus years past receiving my bonus on that, as well.

Given that the free night award will be a category higher than on the Marriott biz and personal cards, I expect this card to be very much in demand.

what the actual fuck.

Chase would never approve me for the ritz but maybe Amex will approve me for their version of it n

Wonder if there is a way to time this to get both. Currently meeting min spend on the Chase Marriott 100K personal, but I can potentially apply for the new AMEX card and time both cards to post the bonus around the same time. No idea if this would work, thoughts?

What the actual fuck. Why in the world does amex have the right to do that…Why don’t they just exclude everyone who has gotten some sort of bonus from any other issuer that they care about or compete with…

The way things are going we certainly are on our way…….
But eventually they will need us to run on the hamster wheel again 🙂 since they have to sell their product to make the numbers!

>> Why in the world does Amex have the right to do that…
Because they have the right to deny anyone from being their customer, and now from getting a bonus for any reason. Read their new language.

I have 185k Marriott points and need 240k for stay next year. Maybe I should get wife Marriott Business before August 2nd. Also I guess that means Marriott is one paying for sign up bonus.

So this doesn’t apply to who have had the SPG cards?

I appreciate the percentages. Thanks Will.

Is this what the privacy statements mean when they have permission to share information with “affiliates”? Too late to opt out now or still worth trying?

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