Posted by William Charles on October 25, 2018
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Published on October 25th, 2018 | by William Charles


[Rumor] Wyndham To Move To Tiered Rewards System: 7,500 or 15,000 or 30,000 Points Per Night

Currently Wyndham charges a flat 15,000 points per night for any standard room, this means it’s easy to get some outsized value at the higher end properties they offer. According to imnion Wyndham is planning on moving to a tiered rewards system, they shared with me how they know this information and I’d consider it reliable. There is always a chance somebody is just making up the information/information is incorrect but in my opinion this seems legit (I know some readers like a percentages of a rumor being true, I’d give this 70%).

We don’t know when this new tiered system would be introduced or if there will be a period after it’s announced allowing members to redeem points at the current flat 15,000 points per night price. If I had to guess I’d suspect there would be a grace period to book at this 15,000 price, but who knows. Personally I think this would likely kill the Wyndham program for my purposes unless a lot of properties were added to the 7,500 point price point, I don’t personally see that happening but who knows.

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My annual fee comes due for the cc in December (old card 2x on all purchases). If this happens that might be it for me and Wyndham.

Name of the game now. Hand out best ever offers i.e. 15k points with 2 stays than jack up the price of award redemption. There was very little out cry when Wyndham moved their points and cash rates to a percent of room rate like hyatt just did. This program had outsized redemptions all over with points and cash. Sitting on 90k points from multiple roach motel stays. I’ll miss you HoJo Anaheim.

Just spent three nights at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas for $132 resort fees using Wyndham Points. Will be spending three nights at the Mills House in Charleston, SC in ten days using Wyndham Points again. I’ll miss that program.

There goes the all inclusive Wyndham resorts for 15K a night.

wow, this is indeed really bad news….. if true.

I don’t think this is going to kill it entirely, but it may become a more budget option. Lets see

Relaxing Recommendation
Relaxing Recommendation

Stayed at Williamsburg, Virginia: Governors Green resort, before the severe hurricanes and storms. Very relaxing place, beautiful trees. Was on Time Share tour, NOT points.

Wow, two hotel programs with bad news. Hyatt and Wyndham. Bummer. Hoping for good 7,500 ones but I doubt it too.

I always figured it was a great sell to their potential lower end franchisees that so few of their rooms would come from non-revenue bookings.

FYI: Speaking to Wyndham rewards regarding a technical concern, during the authentication there was a new very odd question.

“Sir, I see here that you have over 50 thousand points. In this case, sir, I am required to ask you one more additional security question. How were your points earned, sir?”

This obviously was not a security question, and Wyndham is looking deeper at their reward program. So new and a revamp so soon?

I am getting married at a Wyndham in 3 weeks. Earned almost 200,000 points on this wedding .

Really hope this isn’t true…

Bummer. They are by far my favorite program right now. Sometimes I’m getting PAID to stay in their cheap hotels because of their various promotions and how much those points are worth to me. And anything under $100/night I’m basically always getting the best deal through them.

I happen to love a couple of their top tier hotels and stay in them often. If you don’t then it’s probably not as great for you.

This could make it worthwhile for me. I couldn’t care less about resorts or upscale hotels, I just need the cheapest place to sleep wherever I happen to be, and getting 2x the nights out of my points in some expensive city or remote national park is a huge upside.

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