Posted by William Charles on November 14, 2018
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Published on November 14th, 2018 | by William Charles


Share Your American Express Business Gold Referral Information Here

Comments now closed to prevent referral link abuse.

You can now generate referral links for a 50,000 point bonus on the Business Gold Rewards card.


Share Your Links

  • As per our new referral policy, we’ll have up this thread open to comments until sometime on November 15th and then close it to comments. We’ll also remove any comment not conforming to the rules (below).


Leave a comment below with your referral link Business Gold Rewards, nothing else. Don’t put your Twitter handle, your name, “thanks”, or anything else. Do not reply to another comment with your link – add it as a regular, new comment. Only comment once: the comment might not show immediately; give it time to go through moderation.
 The comment should look something like this:

We usually have to remove a large percentage of referrals for not following the rules. Do not post links for the other cards, comments containing those links will be removed

Pick A Referral

Try to pick a reader that makes regular useful contributions (you can see their comment history by clicking the ‘i’ next to their name). This encourages readers to help each other and actively contribute to our community. By taking a few moments to do this you ensure more high quality comments are posted that could potentially help you in the future. Remember you can also self refer.

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[link removed at request of reader]


This is a referral to a platinum card.

[link removed. Follow the rules]

Please remove my link, I was hammered & misunderstood the purpose of this post (I thought we were referring ppl for the Biz Gold). For penance I will not post my actual Biz Gold referral link. Much apologies to those personally offended by this drastic oversight on my part. Lesson learned, don’t drink & credit card kids. The More You Know.

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