Posted by William Charles on December 4, 2016
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Published on December 4th, 2016 | by William Charles


Simon Mall Waiving Fees On 5% Back Visa Gift Cards

The Offer

  • Simon Mall are offering fee free 5% Back Visa gift cards in denominations of $300 or more on Monday December, 5th through Sunday, December 11th.


The Fine Print

  • Valid on 5% back cards only

Our Verdict

Generally when they run these offers it’s not available at all their locations so YMMV.

The Five Back Visa gift cards earn 5% back at select retailers. They should function as ordinary Visa gift cards and can be used anywhere Visa is accepted. Keep in mind that other options such as Dining  might not function as ordinary Visa gift cards, and might only be usable at select locations. For example, the Dining card might only work at restaurants. I think it’s just the standard five back cards that Simon are selling as part of this promotion.

Generally no category bonuses on these purchases, so mostly useful for meeting minimum spend requirements or just racking up some base spend (best cards for every day purchases can be found here).

Hat tip to ID4TgIOBi on /r/churning via @telewatcr

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Simon Malls must be experiencing MS-withdrawal symptoms.

I’m pretty sure this is yet another different flavor of MetaBank’s / Blackhawk Network’s Five Back Everywhere / Dining Everywhere / etc. cards:


So since it was posted elsewhere, it’s OK?
All the News That’s Fit to Print.

what’s your point?

Can this card be loaded to Serve? Thanks.

Yes, it’s just like any other Metabank gift card.

which serve card is best to get to load GC’s? and is it fee free?


yes it is free to load at DG, FD and WM

HI Mimi,,Whats DG and FD mean? I got WalMart.

I’m guessing she meant Dollar General and Family Dollar.

Is the limit 300 or 500 on these 5% Back Visas sold at Simon?


Oh I noticed that the limit was $500 on each card on the website, sorry for repost and answered my own question.

PSA: this is NOT the normal 5% back VISA GC written about before in other blogs. everyone gets this confused. this is a VERY SPECIFIC SIMON MALL 5% VGC. atho valid at all Visa payment networks, the 5% eligibility is different.

basically just saying read the verdict section carefully. its all there…

I don’t think you’re right, what is different?

Yes, the “brand” is different, but if you look at the issuer of the card, as well as the sponsor of the 5% promotion (it’s in the screenshot above), they’re actually exactly the same as the 200$ fivebackgift. Even the list of the vendors seem identical (at least as far as the gift-card-selling-stores seem concerned)

Actually, I think this is a rather cool offer. You get a denomination of 500$, which you can then use at a couple of vendors that themselves sell gift cards — you can spend 2x 206,95 to purchase 400$, =413,90, x5% = 20,695, – 13,90 = 6,795, e.g., you end up with 3 cards — 200,00, 200,00, 106,79.

Or, if CVS still accepts credit, you can get a 500$ Vanilla there for 1%, yet still get 5% back — 25$, w/ 20$ being the profit.

It’s really crazy, if you think about it…

I think the 5% will be more than enough to offset your fees on using them at CVS on your way to the post office. Has this been posted? if not, Simon>CVS>USPS.



You can’t dump all of $500 or $300 at CVS to get 5% if you read the fine print. You have to deal with small remaining amounts.

Plus, some CVS are picky not having name on the GC. YMMV thing.

Why wouldn’t you, what are you referring to?

As John said, you have to have your name on a card you are using to buy GCs. You just have to find CVS/specific CVS employees that don’t check the name. Since these GCs are not chip, they will ask you for the last 4 digits of the card, so you must show them the GC.

I’ve recently bought a ton of GCs using AMEX GCs at CVS, no problem. It’s true they checked the last 4 digits on the card, but didn’t care that there was no name on it.

I didn’t mean that, I meant why wouldn’t you be able to dump all of $500? I haven’t done it, but I don’t see why not. Somebody else confirmed they did it.

you can totally buy a $500 Vanilla at CVS with one of these. Swipe as Credit, not Debit, and you’ll get the cashback

I’ve used these 5% cards at CVS on credit and debit transactions and received the full amount of the reload for both.

What’s the time for getting the cash back on credit v. debit transactions?

Bought 2 as a test – tried at several CVS and as soon as I tried to pay with a 5%Back card they all told me “can’t use gift card to buy another gift card”. My Walmarts long ago stopped accepting gift cards for MOs.

Stood in line at the Post Office. Miserable waits due to Xmas customers and USPS Lifers who don’t give a damn. Once was too many!

Yeah, I guess this deal depends on whether you have a use for the gift cards.
The 5% rewards could be useful, but many of the stores have their private-label credit cards that offer 5% or far more in rewards.

This offer is in-store inly?

Pedro NY please explain what the cvs step is. Thank you!

Ok I see cvs is in the list for 5% cash back, so you are buying a visa GCs at cvs?

Yes, if you can find the CVS that let you buy Vanilla VISA with Simon GC as I explained above (I think there is a way to get around it, but I haven’t tested it; so I’m not going to say).

I see that Simon Mall also sells these online. Will the discount be valid there too? Anyone ever tried buying online before- do they let you buy, say, $5,000 in one shot like you can do at the malls?

I have purchased online for the first time 2 weeks ago with the 5% back cards. Purchased 5 cards @$500 each. Went the cheap route and use USPS shipping, took 8 days to receive via regular mail. Online will allow you to purchase up to 10k in one transaction. I’m going to see if the fees are waived tomorrow.

Wow, that is amazing! That could be an incredible way to meet the minimum spend on, say, a shiny new Amex Business Plat, since that card gives 1.5 points on transactions of $5,000+. And all in my pajamas.

Do you remember what the purchase looked like on your statement? Was it just “Simon Mall” or did it have the word “gift” or “Gift Cards” in the merchant title? Could be a big difference since Amex has been a bit picky of clawbacks when the threshold is done with MS lately, but a large transaction at a mall doesn’t really look like MS.

Thanks for the DP!

Will these 5% Back VGCs work just like the regular Simon VGCs where I can take them to a Walmart and get a money order (using the last 4-digits of the card as the PIN?)



And use to load Bluebird?

Thank you.


I did that with the 5s I got at OD/OM, but I now kinda regret that I didn’t instead go to one of the participating stores to get some extra 5% back. 🙂

Will definitely try next time!

do these come with a pin to be cashed out for money orders?



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