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Published on August 6th, 2017 | by Chuck


Staples: Get $20 Visa Rebate with $300 Visa Gift Card Purchase [8/6-8/12]

This deal has expired and is no longer valid. Follow us on Twitter or sign up for notifications to never miss another deal.

Reposting as deal is now live.

The Offer

Direct Link

  • Buy $300 in Visa gift cards and get a $20 Visa prepaid rebate via Staples Easy Rebates

The Fine Print

  • Valid Sunday 8/6 through Saturday 8/12 (starts this coming Sunday)
  • In-store only
  • Limit one rebate per household

Our Verdict

This is the best of the Staples deals since it’s $20 back as a Visa prepaid card, not a Staples gift card.

You can learn more about Staples Easy Rebates in this post. As always, be sure to use a credit card that earns bonus points for office supply stores.

A lot of people buy two $200 Visa gift cards to rack up more INK points. You can alternatively buy one $200 and one $100 if liquidation is hard/costly for you.

Hat tip to Slickdeals

87 Responses to Staples: Get $20 Visa Rebate with $300 Visa Gift Card Purchase [8/6-8/12]

  1. Steven L says:

    I hope it’s not a false alarm. Looks like it’s going to be the real deal since the deal starts on Sunday. I will verify first before I buy.

  2. Yev says:

    It’s in their weekly ad for next week.

  3. shravan says:

    I bought these during March promotion, would I still get the rebate if I purchase these again?

  4. dgray says:

    Who is the issuing bank for Staples Visa Gift cards? Metabank? Sunrise? Other? Thanks.

  5. Dan says:

    Is it possible to split payment between 2 cards?

  6. Esther Fasten says:

    If u buy a visa gc u get a $20 uber credit? Sorry, I’m new here…

  7. User1234 says:

    Does anyone know if this promo works in Canada with a US address?

  8. Joshua Lapin says:

    Would it be worth it to get 600 in vgc with this offer? I understand the fees would be higher, but 5% off of my next $600 in purchases sounds really good.

    • CtownBin says:

      It may or not be worth it, but the truth is you don’t need to include that third VGC as part of this offer. All you’d really be doing is buying a $200 VGC for $206.95, which you can do in a separate transaction anytime you like. It wouldn’t help to do that together with this offer.

      Also, you should NOT be using these VGC for regular purchases. You lose the standard credit card protections on your purchases, as well as whatever rewards your credit card would earn you. Plus, what if you had to return something? Would be a royal pain. Instead, you should be cashing these VGC out via Bluebird/Serve or by buying a money order, and using a credit card for your everyday purchases.

  9. Joshua Lapin says:

    Ctownbin, you’ve inspired me to look into money orders. I’ve done some research, and I’m a bit afraid of getting accused of structuring and/or getting my bank account shut down due to regular money orders. Could you point me in the right direction?

    • calwatch says:

      For the occasional volume of money orders you would do from a Staples deal, don’t worry about structuring. Flyertalk has good threads on money orders. Unfortunately this being Metabank they won’t work at the post office but will work many other places. Personally, I’ve always dumped sub $500 VGC/MCGC into Kiva and had no issues.

      • Josh L says:

        Could I buy 2×300 gift cards and get a single $600 money order that was funded from two different vgc? Pardon my being completely new to MO.

        • calwatch says:

          There’s no $300 GC so you would have to buy two $200 VGC, but could split payment assuming your local money order vendor allows you to do so.

      • fiveoh says:

        Can you explain how this work with Kiva? Isnt this lending money and you have to wait to get your cash back?

        • calwatch says:

          Yes, and? You make a loan and you get money back. Pretty simple. If you want to play the MO game you can but I hate getting shut down and driving from store to store, since I haven’t found the holy grail yet of a place that will sell MO without giving problems eventually, and if I find one I would prefer to spent $500’s there rather than lower denomination. Frequent Miler has a great section on Kiva.

          • StopTheLove says:

            Dont do what Frequent Miler does. You’ll be one of the moronic sheep following his limited herd

  10. sonia says:

    i wasn’t aware you can use multiple addresses…. would the names, emails, computers, etc need to be different when claiming the rebate?

    • calwatch says:

      Names and emails, yes. Computers, no – I usually use the same browser for both submittals, although I don’t do them one after another. You could use a different browser if you wanted to be safe, though.

      • sonia says:

        do you do them like the day after or something? I’ve read that staples cancels the rebates even though it’s done same/different day because of the same computer, but now im not too sure

  11. Handul says:

    A cashier screwed it up and ran the same vgc twice making the second line item non activated (SKU number showed as some ineligible number).
    They voided the second line item and ran the correct vgc on a separate transaction.
    In this case, will mailing in both receipts and explaining situation work to get rebate?

    • Jon says:

      Probably safer to go back to the store and try to have them fix it so you get both on one receipt. I wouldn’t trust getting a rebate on 2 separate transactions. If you use a good card for office might just get buy more to be safe.

      • Handul says:

        They simply said that there is no way to correct it. No way to return GC and redo the transaction.
        Thanks for the tip. Buying new set can be a way.

    • RightNYer says:

      I had that happen a few months ago, even after I told the idiot cashier that what she was doing was wrong (I watched her scan the same one twice). I submitted the rebate, was declined as expected, and called up Parago. I gave her the number of the other receipt, and she validated it for me, so no issues.

  12. Curmudgeon says:

    I got my 4 sets of (2 x $200) today. Submitted all rebates online via easy rebates. Cashed out cards to Bluebird on the drive home from Staples.

    Made $6.10 cash per set (x 4 = $24.40), plus 8278 ultimate rewards points, good for $124 in travel on my Sapphire Reserve. $150 isn’t too bad for 30 minutes of work.

    I’ve done these offers multiple times, but the only place I find out about them is on this site, so as usual, thanks DoC!

  13. JD says:

    Off topic but there is a targeted Groupon offer out today for a $20 Uber GC for just $10

  14. chris p says:

    this will stack nicely with the 10% back bank of America amerideal that I got. 10% back at staples to a max of $12.00

    Click here to shop Staples and earn 10% cash back on your purchase!

    24 days left

    Ready to use

    Take advantage of all the ways to shop at Staples. From our easy ordering to our wide product assortment, you will find everything you need in-store and on

    Shop or find a location near you.

    Earn 10% cash back on your Staples purchase, with a $12.00 cash back maximum! Offer expires 8/31/2017. Offer valid one time only. Payment must be made on or before offer expiration date.

    Note: Offer is only valid when you pay with your eligible Bank of America® card

  15. SwellCindy says:

    OUCCHHH!! Trying to meet min spend on an Amex Gold, bought 6 $300 vgc @, now I see online that it lists as a vgc purchase under charge. Will they deduct points for this? Does Staples always list product type under purchase? I was under the impression it would show as office supplies/equipment or s/t general like that. Also, I bought them as one transaction but on my acct on ea. gc is charged as seperate purchase. Am I missing s/t here? New to the ms game…

    • It should be fine, but YMMV. Staples passes level three data.

    • NinjaX says:

      yes. u are missing something because you are new to the game. thats expected. but you should be reading way more before you do anything else. especially the FT shut down threads and Amex FR and clawbacks. i always recommend huge amounts of reading before doing anything because the risks are real.

      amex is probably one of the most generous w/ merchant CC fee discounts when it comes to Level 3 Processing. data mining consumer purchasing behavior is key for any business. u will never even guess how much info merchants give to amex in exchange for cheaper processing fees. Amex knows everything. way more than what your online activity log tells you. but the details that you see should be enough warning.

      you put $1800 on amex gold? which one? PRG? BRG? assume its the 75k MR bonus. either way, amex can see what you did and could clawback anytime if ur trying to hit MSR. you need to just be careful and put organic spend for MSR. especially for charge cards.

      • SwellCindy says:

        Ouch again. I put it on the BRG for 75k bonus. Need to reach 10k spend in 4 mo.Also, what does Amex FR mean?
        Thanks for the heads-up & warning… Thought I was all well-read already ;( , didn’t see anywhere (forum/comments) that details of purchase shows so specifically.

  16. fiveoh says:

    Whats considered a “Safe” amount of visa GC to buy monthly on an ink? I have some large bills coming up and was thinking of buying quite a few but don’t want to get shut down.

    • Chuck says:

      Keep away from banking with Chase and keep your payments clean and consistent (not too many per month), and hopefully all should be fine doing a few thousand each month.

      • calwatch says:

        When kiosks were a thing I did the full $50k on Ink once, over about six months. Now they aren’t but I still manage about $15k in office store and utility spending annually. Don’t deposit money orders in Chase and you should be good.

        • Eric says:

          Can you elaborate on what “When kiosks were a thing” means?

          • calwatch says:

            Kiosks were a way to liquidate Visa gift cards at Walmart without speaking to anyone. You could load Bluebird or Serve, or purchase money orders from them.

        • Wildwest says:

          I know that you should not deposit money orders in checking account. So, what I do is that after I make money orders at walmart, I use those money orders to make a payment to CHASE CREDIT card. What do you think about this method?

          • John S. says:

            I deposit the money orders into my Schwab checking account and pay Chase from that account. Just don’t deposit the money orders into your Chase checking.

    • Joe says:

      That’s always the question. I brought just over 5 transactions one day on my ink cash when they have $20 off with OfficeMax on vgcs. I have been with chase for nearly a decade. Got a call regarding my activity and wanting a call back. Never called them back.

  17. bob wiley says:

    If I want to buy 4 cards to get two rebates, do I need to do 2 separate transactions at Staples, or can I just buy 4 cards(4*200) to get two $20 vgc’s?

    • Chuck says:

      There’s a limit of one per household, so you can only do one. Two separate addresses/households would need two separate receipts (can’t be on the same receipt).

      • Tom says:

        Just got back from Staples to buy my Visa gift cards. While I was there, the cashier told me that I could buy 3 reams of paper for 25 cents after rebates. I bought them and used my Amex Business card for 5% back. Doesn’t that mean that I get paid to buy the reams of paper??

  18. Richard says:

    Got two of those rebates for the last period and it had an activation sticker where I needed to call in for the rebate card. Never seen this before. It asked to confirm my zip code or phone number or something. I luckily remembered which was which between the two addresses. Anyone else get this?

    • scott says:

      Yes, I got that on my last gift card as well. I forgot about that.

    • HarryTheFirstHarry says:

      Staples rebate cards were being hacked and several people their rebate cards were arriving already used by the hackers. After lot of complaining, the rebate processor is now sending them deactivated requiring the additional step for you to call in to activate. Though a minor inconvenience, this is better than having to grapple with hacked cards. With the new activation required the hacking appears to be lesser if not completely dead.

  19. Raj says:

    Is there any couch method to liquidate these VISA cards? If there is nothing, I don’t mind going to WM. How to find the zip code for these cards to be used online?

  20. Sonia says:

    Bought three sets of two cards each. Submitted three different rebates back to back using different names, addresses, and emails and all of them got flagged for exceeding household limit. Can I call in or something about this or chat with them on their website?

  21. captainsave says:

    Anybody submitted the rebate today not get an email or not able to search it?

    • Tom says:

      I submitted 3 different rebates for different items this past week. One is verified. One is pending verification and the other one is showing as “submitted.”

  22. Tom says:

    Well, I just checked my rebate online and discovered I was being denied without a clear explanation why. So, I am going to re-do the submission and submit it via the mail and see what happens.

  23. bob wiley says:

    Anyone receive their rebate card in the mail yet? I haven’t

  24. Curmudgeon says:

    Submitted four rebates on 8/7, as of today status tracker showing all four rewards have been mailed.

    • Tom says:

      I just checked and one of my rebates has been sent. My paper rebate is still listed as “validation in progress.” I am not sure what that means.

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