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[Expired] [Now Live] Staples: Get $20 Visa Rebate with $300 in Visa Gift Cards Purchase [1/14-1/20]

This deal has expired and is unfortunately no longer available. Never miss another deal again by signing up for free and instant notifications of new posts.

The Offer

Direct Link to offer

  • Staples is offering a $20 prepaid Visa rebate when buying $300 in Visa gift cards from a Staples store from 1/14 – 1/20

The Fine Print

  • Valid 1/14 – 1/20 [starts Sunday]
  • In-store only
  • Limit one per household

Our Verdict

Time to pull out the trusty INK cards. You can also use mobile payments on the Freedom card for 5x. (The $20 off $100 Amex offer won’t work since that’s online only.) To maximize, buy two $200 Visa cards or one $200 + one $100.

Here’s more information on Staples Easy Rebates.

Hat tip to SD

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Is it quality for $500 vgc too?

Staples does not sell $500 VGCs.. Max $200 in Store and $300 Online..

So best option is buying two $200 VGCs.

Should I buy $500 if there is $500 VGC available ?

Well, sure, but that would be gigantic news if it existed as well.

I don’t think you will find any $500 VGCs, but if you do I would think it should work..

If you found $500 VGC, that might be a fake Staples store. Be cautious.

Yes, that is what everyone is doing with all these Staples and OD/OM deals..

Good for Q1 Freedom Mobile payments too

Does that require Chase Pay? I have the old online interface so I heard Chase Pay won’t work for me.

Staples takes Apple Pay.

Does anyone know if you can fund your PayPal or Venmo account with these cards for the $0.25 fee?

wow, please confirm if you were able to fund PayPal or Venmo using some Gift Cards (which one) by paying only $0.25 fee? thanks

I have been able to add the rebate visa cards to venmo, transfer the money to my roommate and then he sends it back to me.

There is a limit of 5 or 6 cards that can be linked to a Venmo account in a 6 month period.

When was the last time you are able to do this?
It stopped for me around September last year.

August was the last time I did it

A few weeks ago.

No, you can not. I just confirmed with visa gift card customer support that Venmo has been “temporary” suspended since mid last year.

So only one offer per day or only one rebate per house hold for the entire period of the offer?

one per household (read: email and address for each submission must be different)

only one rebate per offer per name/address/emailaddy. If you have several addresses you can use, it is best to use different computers with different IP addy so they will not reject submissions as duplicates from the same person.

Does accept chase pay at checkout?

Apple pay

Why not put something in your cart and find out? You don’t have to complete the transaction.

Good idea on max out the 1st quarter Chase freedom card 5% on chase pay!

It may be a good deal if you don’t have Ink, but if you do I would save Chase Freedom 5% on Rite Aid or other drug stores that take Apple Pay/Samsung Pay.

Rite aid doesn’t accept credit card payment for buying gift card, that I know about. But I don’t know whether they take mobile apps payment. It wouldn’t make sense to me if they do since mobile apps payment most likely linked a credit card and use the apps as a portal to pay. Wouldn’t that be disable as well? Can you clarify that on use on Rite Aid? Have you tried using Chase pay/Apple pay on Rite Aid recently?

+1 Jason, I went to 5 Rite Aids (NYC) they don’t accept credit cards. And as I would assume they wouldn’t accept apple pay/Samsung pay to buy Gift Cards. The policy I think: Cash or actual physical Debit Card. As always you might get lucky with new employee who doesn’t know much and don’t want to bother manager/ or just lazy, or employee who doesn’t care losing the job, and the employee who about to quit…..

So there’s no related whether luck would help you find someone work it out for you at Rite Aid. It’s just not working at all since long time ago.

That’s enforced since July 2016. Their machine is just hard coded such that no credit card payment accepted. There’s no way. But please try CVS though. It’s still YMMV on locations and even on individuals at the same store location.

It may be area dependent, I haven’t done Rite Aid recently. Try Walgreens or your favorite grocery store that accepts mobile payments.

Some Duane Reade and Walgreens now accept credit cards for GCs purchases only with physical ID. Few employees refused to sell me the GCs if I use Apple Pay because they are not sure whose card it is, maybe stolen card under different name, but one girl a month ago let me used Apple Pay only as a favor after I show her my ID though, I guess I owe her now…

I don’t know the exact dates, but Rite Aid used to accept credit cards for every type of gift card. At this time, they also accepted a Rite Aid GC to purchase a third party gift card. Then at some point, it got hard-coded in the register to not allow the Rite Aid GC and only allow credit cards for third party gift cards or stored value cards with a static amount (i.e. $50 / $100). Then I heard around Christmas that they started accepting credit cards again for a variable-load card. I tried it and it worked. So it appears that Rite Aid is once again accepting credit cards for variable load gift cards. Walgreeen’s has always accepted them. Never had any issue there.

Same, i was able to buy recently with credit card however my store only has max $200 cards now (+6.95 fee). I scoured the rack and found a single $500+4.95 card remaining but they were unable to activate it at the register – said the card issuer recalled all the $500 cards

This deal is in-store only, isn’t it?

Read the post, please.

Thanks for the advice, but I read the post. I was responding to the person asking about

It’s in store only.

Does Staple store accept Apple pay?


Are there fees for the visa gift card?

Of course. Always for staples.

Maybe silly, but did anybody try to bring a blank $500 VGC from a grocery store and “activate” it at Staples? 🙂

Elena, why would you do this? Am I missing something?
1. Most Staples stored don’t carry $500 GCs
2. And if they do, then their system might accept it or not, it’s all based on store location and state.
3. Is the card stolen? How would you get sealed blank non-activated card with no balance?

My thinking is that one can save on an activation fee by only purchasing 1 VG to get to $300. And i’m pretty sure if I walk up to a register at a grocery store and ask an associate if I can have a blank $500 VGC, they’d let me. After all, in most people’s eyes those GCs have no value before they’re loaded.

Elena, Grocery store will let you to get FREE VGC card? If not, then you gonna spent at least $4 to buy it, then to activate it and add $300 at Staples with additional $5 cost. Can you please elaborate with the math to support your theory, I’m very curious.

I’d think they would, don’t see a reason why not.
But if they wouldn’t the math would make no sense, you’re right.

So you would do this just to save $4 ? That’s why I asked in curiosity, thinking maybe there is something else behind this scheme 😉

lol, i’m lost with comments from both of u folks! other than some savings on the fee, what else is there? to gain more info & knowledge about this deal, read up on flyertalk

Oh, I see where you’re going.
$4 is still $4, so I just might! :p

Elena’s plan is pretty simple provided the variable $500 Meta GC she takes from the grocery store scans at Staples. This is a big IF and possible cause of embarrassment when the clerk or store manager notices they do NOT sell this variable GC. For the sake of discussion that the GC scans and she loads $300 into it, she only pays one $5.95 fee vs two $6.95 fees for the GCs they sell. Getting the rebate though is another story since the SKU of grocery stores VGCs will NOT qualify for the rebate since there are only specific SKUs that qualify and I’m 100% sure the $20 to $500 variable GCs won’t qualify.

Ma Barker, now I see, I didn’t know Staples don’t carry $300 cards, that’s why I was confused about this scheme, so Elena is doing so instead buying 2 cards ($200) she will get one with $300…. now I understood – saving money on activation! And if she gets free card at her grocery store then it all make some sense! I would never waste my time for this. So one card is $5.95 and two cards are $6.95 for each at Staples?

the $300 VGCs are sold exclusively ONLINE by Staples, the highest load at b&m stores is $200 that’s why for offers like this, it is best to buy 2 $200’s to qualify for rebate. IINM, the fee for the $100 VGCs are just a dollar off so best to buy two of the $200’s.

If only $300’s were sold in-store even with $8.95 fee, that would be great since we earn1544.75 UR with Ink+/cash/AXPsimplycash plus $11.05 profit from the rebate.

Ma Barker, I see.
“she only pays one $5.95 fee vs two $6.95 fees for the GCs they sell.”
so you meant one $6.95 fees vs two $6.95 ?

grocery store Meta GCs usually have $5.95 fees so IF, for purposes of discussion someone can “make it work” at Staples/OSS, loading the required amount which in this case is $300 means paying only $305.95 BUT for sure, this will NOT qualify for rebate because of the SKU.

for Staples rebates which requires buying at least $300, one must buy either a $200 plus fees and $100 plus fee GC paying two fees or outright two $200’s paying $13.90 for fees. The SKUs of these VGCs are likely on the list of qualified items.

$300 VGCs sold by Staples online have $8.95 fees so we will just pay one fee instead of two IF they also allowed online purchase, but sadly they don’t : (

I am also pretty sure they will NOT scan at Staples because the max load of Meta V/MC GCs they sell is $200.

In the past OD/OM sold vanilla variables up to $500 before they removed them all and I found one remaining on their shelf. I tried to see if they will scan and twas a no go even for an item they previously sold.

never see a $500 vgc there, and even if they have it while a different gc wasn’t registered there, the system will reject it or can’t process

Exactly! and even if it goes through, rebate will not be paid because SKU won’t qualify.

A very bad idea. It is called theft.

for anyone who is curious, this will not work.

the idea is to steal a non-activated $300 or $500 VGC from another store, and bring it to the register to activate at staples. attempting to buy it will result in an “item not found” or similar error because staples stores do not sell them so they aren’t in the inventory.

pressing the issue will get you a manager who knows exactly what you’re trying to do. not a wise move.

elena is hilarious. even more sad are the people thinking this plan may work. i thot OP was a joke then the truth came out. its the epitome of who plays this game now. so you think you can jack a VGC that staples doesnt even sell and try to activate it? anything you have thought of and will think of has already been done or attempted many years ago.

how about when staples is OOS and you jack the exact same VGC and try to activate that? or what if best buy is selling something cheaper so you jack it from staples and bring it to best buy to actually purchase since its already sold out? fukn hilarious.

and i love how you think you can ask for a “free” VGC because its not “valid” until activated so you “dont see why not”? BAHAHAHA. so you think its just a worthless piece of plastic so the grocery store will just hand it out? ok. go try that please and report back. be the DP i wanna see.

NinjaX, you made my day, to get Free VGC you have to look very very sexy and even though it doesn’t work most of the time. LOL.
And I assume grocery stores paying some little fees for this “black” non yet activated cards or paying for delivery, they are their inventory… or maybe they got these cards at no cost for them, which make these cards “free” for a grocery store, why not share “free” cards with hot girl who asks for them? 🙂

Not “Maybe silly” but utterly ridiculous. I forbid anyone from doing this.

finally, they offer vgc rebate instead of their own gc for around $15 on the last 3 times

So does anybody know of a way to dodge the “limit 1 per household” rule?

You can only “dodge” the one-household limit by using more than one household.

So technically, i can have the rebate processed for each of my non MS friends address, right?.
If i do that, does it matter if the VGC was paid with the same card?.

It doesn’t matter whether you pay with the same card or not. Their rebate system does not know that.

Just make sure to enter different email addresses for each submission as multiple rebates with the same email will bounce. I enter dummy phone numbers as well just to be safe.

Thanks for the info.

Try “Change of Address” service by USPS.

Honestly I can’t believe Staples doesn’t do this online. I mean aren’t we moving towards digital/online sales anyways? Enough of the B&M only deals…

I’m assuming they want more foot traffic into their stores… Everytime I walk into a Staples (rarely), it’s pretty dead.. even during back to school season…

True; this is aside the fact that so many b&m branches have closed in a lot of areas so people can’t buy them in-store.

They use this to drive traffic in store as well

What are the fees on a $200 and $100 card? I am pretty sure it is worth it, even if I can’t convert it to MO… but just doing the math out first

for the $200s it’s $6.95, for the $100’s, I don’t buy them but IINM, it’s $5.95. If you have INK+/INKcash/AmexSimply cash CCs, they’re the best CCs to use which earns 5x at office supply stores.

Thanks.. a bit more than OVs… sadly no Ink for me.. was planning a 2.5% CB card.. which would yield about $6 profit with the rebate.. prob not worth it for me then

Penny, what is OVs ? thanks!

Onevanilla. $500 load for 4.95 fee 🙂 6.95 is a bit much for a $200 IMO.. I’ll prob do it since i can easy liquidate for the $6 profit.

Penny, I got you, “easy liquidate” how you usually liquidate GCs for cash?

question: what do you actually do with these giftcards ? how to you liquidate it to get your money back ? I presume thats what most people would do..many thanks

Just spend them organically.

buy MO with face value up to $400 while doing two swipes IF store allows and you know how to do it; otherwise, you can buy up to two $200 MO and pay the fee in cash. This is the quickest way to change it back to cash to your bank.

MA Barker
Most stores nowadays don’t allow to buy MOs with Gift Cards. I don’t even know now which one still allow you… all stores around here (NYC) are dead (no longer accept Gift Card to pay for MOs) as I know. I think it’s based on the law, for money laundering and thief, one employee told me – they need card with my name on it (has to be attached to the bank) in order to accept it, so they can track me if anything happen and they also check IDs….

Has anyone tried this offer today? I’m hoping its properly loaded at the stores and in the online rebate center. For some reason, these deals have been having issues lately.

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