Posted by William Charles on November 12, 2017
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Published on November 12th, 2017 | by William Charles


[Targeted] American Express Transfer Bonus: 20% To Aeroplan

The Offer

Direct link to offer (targeted offer, not available to everybody)

  • Receive a 20% bonus when you transfer your American Express membership rewards points to Aeroplan. For example, transfer 1,000 American Express membership rewards and receive 1,200 Aeroplan miles. Normally you’d only receive 1,000

The Fine Print

  • Valid until December 10th, 2017

Our Verdict

American Express has offered transfer bonuses for Air Canada’s Aeroplan, but not for some time:

  • November 21st – December 16th, 2011: Up to 25%/25,000 miles (Conversion based on how many miles you transfer. Lowest level transferring 5,000 miles gets 1,000 mile bonus. Highest level 100,000 mile transfer earns 25,0000 mile bonus. More information here)
  • November 22nd – December 5th, 2010: Up to 25%/5,000 mile bonus (1,000 mile bonus if you transfer 5,000 to 9,999 miles, 2,000 mile bonus if you transfer 10,000 to 19,999 miles, 5,000 mile bonus if you transfer 20,000 miles or more). Maximum of one bonus per.

Keep in mind that Air Canada will launch it’s own loyalty program in 2020, effectively competing with Aeroplan (which is a spun off program). I’d only transfer if you have an immediate need/plan for Aeroplan miles. TD Bank also offers a credit card that offers 25,000 Aeroplan miles and it’s frequently possible to get transfer bonuses from transferring hotel points to Aeroplan. American Express also have two other transfer bonuses currently available:

You can view a complete history of each programs transfer bonuses here.

Hat tip to Mommy Points

4 Responses to [Targeted] American Express Transfer Bonus: 20% To Aeroplan

  1. Lantean says:

    If one is certain to use before 2020 this is a great deal, provided the award rates do not change

  2. Matt P says:

    Just after I transfered to redeem a flight. Oh well. Got a good deal regardless. SEA-IAD-PTY-CLO 2 paxs for 75k in business. Good for South America that is.

  3. ktenorman says:

    Didn’t get this one, but was planning an imminent Aeroplan transfer. Oh well.

  4. Nemme says:

    Didn’t get on either of my cards

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