Posted by William Charles on April 8, 2017
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Published on April 8th, 2017 | by William Charles


[Targeted] Citi Sears Offering Bonus 10x/10% Back On Gas, Grocery & Restaurants

The Offer

  • Select Citi Sears cardholders have been sent out a targeted spending bonus of 10x Citi ThankYou Points or 10% cash back on the following categories:
    • Gas stations
    • Grocery stores
    • Restaurants

sears 11x deal

The Fine Print

  • Limit of $100/10,000 bonus points each month
  • Valid until 6/30/2017

Our Verdict

Previous deals required you to spend a minimum of $300 per month to be eligible, that no longer seems to be the case. It’s nice to see these promotions coming in even though they added 5%/3%/2%/1% categories to the card. It’s promotions like these that make this card the #1 store card available. Shopping cart trick does not work on this card, as it’s issued by Citi.

Update: Some people are seeing higher caps of $150/$200.

Hat tip to reader DanV

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i got for 15000 points offer each month.

Same. 15k offer. Love love this card.

Likewise. But minimum is $1000 spend per month, or you get no bonus.

I went from 10000 offer in Q4 to 8000 in Q1, now 15000 in this quarter. Weird, but I won’t complain, 10x on dining is outstanding.

Possible to obtain this card without hard pull?

im also curious about this…anyone know if the shopping cart trick works for this card?

One of my friends got this offer, 10% cash up to $200 cash back each month.

Can you product change to this card?

Would love this answer

Apparently signup is only for a version of the card that gives you SYWP – I’m not really interested in that, but I do want the TYP or cashback version..

My store card was converted after about a year.

How do you get the TYP or cashback version of this card?

I don’t know, I also want to know that!

I just called to ask if I could product change from the Citi Premier Card, and was told no. The agent read off a list of ~20 cards, none of which were the citi sears card.

I got a similar offer yesterday–$100 minimum to $1,000 maximum, straight 10 percent cash back every month for three months.

keith hoffman

Does this card offer only TYP points only?

I got this card specifically because of these offers but never got one except the 5% off on certain Sears products everyone gets. I changed SYWR to TYP still nothing… Do I need to perhaps enable promotional messages for this card somewhere, or it should show when I log in into my account? Is there a generic link I can try to see if I can apply some of these offers? Is it worth chatting with reps and see if they can throw me a bone like everyone else?

I’m confused, does this card earn Citi ThankYou points, Shop Your Way points, or both depending on the promotion?

How do you get this card?

I think the writing needs to be changed in this write-up. This number one store card is not available, only in syw version.

I got a version of this promo for Oct, Nov, Dec and a slightly different version for Jan, Feb, Mar but I did not get this one.

My Sears SYW Mastercard was automatically changed to TYP about a year ago. Only some people were switched, not everyone. Not sure if anyone could ever sign up for the TYP version directly.

I cannot login to my TYP account — problem has been going on for a few weeks. Citi said there is an issue with recent Windows 10 update.

What does everybody use these points for? I have like 24k thank you points but I don’t have a premier or prestige card.

Thank you

Crappy gift cards. I have the Preferred T/Y Citi card. I get a couple GC’s just before Christmas and actually gift them to others, or use them myself. I don’t sell them, as I hate taking the “loss”. Rather gift them and be 100% loss and make someone happy. Every once in awhile they will offer a “sale” for 5% off certain GC’s.

I was thinking I might PC to the Double Cash… but never seem to get around to doing it. Just not a priority.

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