Posted by Chuck on August 1, 2018

Published on August 1st, 2018 | by Chuck


The Amex Offers Multi-Tab Trick is Dead, There’s Now a Hard Limit of One Offer per Person

Well, it finally happened, stick a fork in it: the Amex Offer multi-tab trick died today, August 1, 2018.

Amex Offer Death

Until a month ago, it was possible to save the same Amex Offer on multiple cards in two ways:

  1. Cards in separate logins were all fair game, so if you made a separate login for each card, you could save the offer on every single card separately.
  2. Cards in the same login, the trick was to open a separate tab for each card, then proceed to save the offer on each one. This was known as the multi-tab trick.

The first approach died a few weeks ago when Amex created a block whereby once an offer is saved on a card, it gets removed from showing on cards in other logins with the same name/SSN (we don’t know the exact criteria, but something to do with name/SSN/address).

This did not hinder the saving of offers on multiple cards within the same login using the multi-tab trick: even cards with the same name/SSN could be saved using this trick.

Today, Amex apparently updated something whereby only the first cards gets saved when using the multi-tab trick. While the system will appear to save the other tabs, in practice those offers will not be saved on the account, as evident from refreshing the page and looking at your saved offers.

Presumably the multi-tab death is all based on the earlier demise which limits us to one offer per name/SSN thus blocking us from saving the same offer on two cards with the same name/SSN. If you have two cards in the same login with different names (if that’s possible), it should still be possible to do the multi-tab trick and save the offer on both of those cards.

Existing offers which were added remain on your card and won’t be removed. Some of the older offers can continue to be added using the multi-tab trick. The issue here is for adding newly-released offers and all future offers.

End of an era: you can now only have one Amex Offer saved per name/SSN. It was s a nice run. I imagine some people will be closing out some Amex cards with annual fees which are no longer worth their keep.


A few updates:

  • It looks like you can add one statement credit offer and one membership rewards point offer (e.g these are treated as separate offers). 
  • In a seemingly unrelated development, they system is sometimes showing the MR offer and the cash back offer on the same card, so it should be possible, for example, to get $100 and 10,000 MR points with a single $500 purchase at Peninsula Hotels if you find both of those offers on a card. Image below.
  • Some readers mention the idea of saving an offer on your phone and computer simultaneously and that might help them both get saved. YMMV
  • On 8/3/18 they killed off the old Amex interface link which some people used to use for various reasons – it now simply directs to the standard login. Update 08/05/18: Old interface link is working again. Update 08/19/18: Stopped working again.
  • A Frequentmiler reader points out that if you add an offer to an AU card, that person will then lose their own Amex Offer deal on their own primary card (as well as on any other AU cards).
  • Amex has also now added an eligibility checker within the Amex Offers interface to show whether you have any uses left for the offer.
  • 8/27/18: For the new Marriott Amex Offer deal the multi-tab trick is working; it’s possible there’ll be others in the future that work as well. 10/10/18: The Lyft offer works too.

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Wow this makes some cards much less valuable. With multiple offers, I was able to offset fees and come out ahead. Going to have to evaluate them all again soon now.

For sure. It will make my keep it / kill it evals on Amex cards a lot easier.

Yeah. I was just charged 2 annual fees (SPG and BCP) I am gonna close both. I was gonna close them but I was thinking of not doing it becase I always came ahead with amex offers. But now they are garbage cards. I am probably going to only leave my amex platinum and close all my other amex.

How is BCP a “garbage” card?

I dont shop at supermarkets anymore. Mostly costco. I dont need to buy gift cards to get 6% on stuff as I use costco gas which is cheaper and have the amazon 5% credit card. I also dont think it is a good MS card as 6% in supermarkets with a $6k cap paying a $95 AF is not worth the effort.

Because you can no longer ABUSE & CHEAT the systems. Glad Amex is doing something about abusers/cheaters. More offers and better offers for true customers.

Easy, Eric. Rough day?

Elias isn’t abusing or cheating the system. He simply said that BCP with limited AmEx Offfers isn’t worth $95/year with a $6k cap on grocery stores. AmEx knows that many people use the BCP to buy giftcards especially since they get Level 3 data from many retailers. They have determined giving 6% up to 6k enables them to still make money.

Remember, the card used to be uncapped for supermarket purchases and they changed it to 6k a few years’ back to eliminate those very same abusers you referred to.

Thanks, Elias, for your opinion about why not to renew BCP. I have the exact same decision to make in the next 30 days.

Yes, I’m sure Amex would’ve preferred to lose out on the swipe & annual fees on the $40k of spend I’ve done with them this year across multiple cards. Better to make less money from the true customers with their terrible Delta Gold cards or something. I’ll be canceling my Plat, both PRG’s, & Green. I’ll hang onto the ED b/c free & my MB blue until 3x MR on gas goes away next year. SPG Biz… I don’t know, will evaluate after the merger finally plays out. Delta Plat, that companion certificate not really worth the AF anymore with the amount of points I have banked.

This wasn’t cheating or abusing the system. The terms of every Amex offer clearly state that it is one per online account. And it was perfectly permissible to setup one online account per card.

BCP is +$85/ year over BC or any other 3% grocery card. You have to make sure you hit $6k because you lose value if you don’t. You have double check every store, possibly having to do small test transactions to confirm it’ll categorize as grocery. Lastly, make sure you’re not overspending on everyday groceries because you subconsciously know you need/have the $6k capacity and maybe you’re a bit behind at this point of the year. Then there’s losing out on $150-$250 BC upgrade offers, which I’ve had every year over the last 3 years since downgrading my BCP after they bumped the AF an extra $20/year.

Is it a garbage card? No. It’s a pretty niche card though when you really analyze the value proposition and whether or not the yearly $85 is worth the time and energy to maximize every penny of that 6% cashback.

yearly $95!

Why would you get rid of SPG? The annual free night should more than offset the annual fee.

Too many other Amex cards out there with good sign-up bonuses to free up Amex slots. Plus SPG>Marriott Gold was nuked (no more lounge/breakfast)

Well it was great until it lasted. I think they need to bring in easy way to delete offer I don;t want to see. There are so many junk offers that I have to scan to see whats new.

And also ones I have already used. Should have a tick mark or memo pad for each offer.

if you already used it, it should said redeemed and go to the bottom of the list

I just add everything so that new offers will be the only ones showing up in available

Very sad day 🙁

Will have to seriously consider whether or not some cards are worth keeping now. What’s next – taking the offers away from an AUs?

I just did this with Safari and Chrome for two different offers and they all were added.

Check back–I did the same but now only one is there

+1 on that. System let me add the offers to the other cards, but when I checked back, only the first add was left.

Definitely following this….let us know…

+1 – added the Staples $5 off $25 offer this morning to 4 cards. It’s only on one now. 🙁

Is it on the first one or the last one you added to?

Pour one out

I wonder how this would go in business amex vs personal or a person that has multiple business amex’s…I already note I don’t see many of the good offers on my business amex but occasionally could add them via twitter etc.

Dude the twitter thing died months ago.

I’m also interested in any DPs around this, i.e. duplicate offers on Personal and Business (as sole proprietorship using SSN as TIN) cards

Just checked a couple of times. Still works fine for me in the new interface. Logged in and logged out multiple times. All the offers are still on all the added cards

The AU offers also died (Not sure if it has been so for a while). Couple days ago when I tried to add the same offer for both my primary card and AU card, one of them failed even though I add them at exactly the same time with different browser. Then I tested for many other offers with even different laptops to make sure it is within the same second, none of them succeeded. Once you click the “save”, there is a processing/loading period and it will show “the offer is no longer available” on the AU card if it shows success on the primary card, vice versa.

Just to add a little detail: I only have one AU which has the same address. So my conclusion of “AU is dead” should be better concluded as “AU at the same address is dead”. I don’t have any AU of different addresses so I am not sure. Maybe someone can contribute some DPs.

I haven’t experienced this issue. All my AUs have the same address but I was able to add the staples offer to one card for each AU. I think it’s by SSN

Interesting… I will try again… I wasn’t able to do any offer on that day for both cards, maybe it was only for that day.

Same experience here – was able to add the same QT & Staples offers to multiple Blue Cash Preferred AUs (different SSNs, separate logins)

now I feel lucky that back in June I booked a cruise on Carnival Horizon and saved $700 using 7 different cards…

Princess cruise savings = $1700 🙂
Good old times 🙁


At least I was able to load BBB, BuyBuyBaby, and Best Buy before the shutdown on 23 cards. I actually am using them to buy Uber and Disney gift cards at 20% off for an upcoming trip to Disneyland. I don’t think I’ll cancel any solely based on this change as I still have 3 AU’s per card. Only AMEX AF cards I hold are BCP and SPG

Why were people paying annual fees for this benefit? Why didnt they just add another AU to a no AF card?

because most of the time you come out ahead even after the af

So you maxed out the 99 AU on your no AF card?

Lots of people didn’t want to risk 99 AU

My question is naive, but how do I add more than 2 AUs if there are only 2 people in my family?

I think only new added amex offers die. Some amex offers can still be able to successfully add to multiple cards.

This looks to be true. I can add the Ebags offer to all my cards using the multi-tab method but it did not occur for the QuickTrip offer.

Not all dead, I was able to add McAfee offer to all my cards but nothing else… Maybe because McAfee is truly desperate to sell their shitty product and gave a lot sponsoring money.

haha good point! let me go add mcafee to all my cards so i can take advantage of it multiple times….said no one ever. (just being lighthearted in a bad situation)

DOC I have been testing these new changes. I’m in multi player mode and I’m leaning on concluding that it is one offer per address. I would not call it a DP yet, I will be doing more testing.

I have one AU with a different name but same address. They were able to add Staples offer to one card. Just like me. So at least in my limited testing same address was not an issue there.

Interesting, thanks for your DP, proves i shouldn’t conclude yet. And i hope you are right, since it helps my game.

Maybe the existing offers aren’t restricted but new offers after the changes will be affected

Agree, i added some old offer like Pier 1, and the new staples offer, QT offer, all on this morning using the multiple tab trick. But now when I checked the saved offer, Pier 1 stays for multiple cards, Staples only on one cards, and QT all disappear somehow

It seems one offer per address is not the case. I have one primary and one AU under same address, but have successfully added Staples offer on both. I guess SSN is the criteria here.

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