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Published on January 10th, 2017 | by William Charles


Chase Southwest Business Premier 60,000 Point Bonus – Easily Get Companion Pass

The Offer

Direct link to offer

  • Chase Southwest Business Premier is currently offering 60,000 points after $3,000 in purchases within the first three months


Card Details

  • Chase 5/24 rule does apply to this card
  • Annual fee of $99 is not waived
  • Card earns at the following rates:
    • 2x points per $1 spent on Southwest and Rapid Rewards Hotel and Car Rental Partner purchases
    • 1x points per $1 spent on all other purchases

Our Verdict

You can also get a 50,000 bonus on the personal premier or plus cards, but use a readers referral link so they get 10,000 points as well. You need a total of 110,000 points for the Southwest companion pass (means a companion can travel with you for free, including award flights) so getting this business card and one of the personal cards is enough points.

This is a pretty incredible offer for those under 5/24, we’ve seen a 60,000 point bonus on this card before (and targeted 70,000 points) but never this early in the calendar year (and that makes it much more valuable as a companion pass is valid for the remaining calendar year and then the following calendar year). As always read through these things you should know about Chase before applying or asking basic questions in the comments.

49 Responses to Chase Southwest Business Premier 60,000 Point Bonus – Easily Get Companion Pass

  1. Andrew says:

    If I received the personal Premier in November ( with my Final statement to recieve the 50,000 point bonus closing this month ) should I/can I apply for the business premier? Or would it be better to apply for the Southwest plus personal?

    I’m at 4/24 so I was hoping to apply for another southwest card and the CSR or on the same day

    • Jonathan S says:

      If you are sitting at 4/24 and the 50,000 rapid rewards from the personal premier will post in 2017, then I would apply for this 60,000 southwest business card as your next move.

      There are plenty of data points (including my own) that Chase’s business cards will not count toward 5/24, though Chase likely won’t approve you for any business cards once you are over 5/24. (Example: if you are at 4/24, if you were to apply for this southwest business card, the ink preferred, the united explorer business card, etc. over the next 2-3 months, you would still be sitting at 4/24 and could snatch up the CSR 100k bonus before it disappears in branch. If you apply for the southwest business card and CSR today, you would get bumped up to 5/24, which would make you ineligible for all those Chase business cards that you could have had.)

      If you are near a Chase branch, I would delay your application for the CSR until the 100,000 point bonus is nearing its death in branch. This way you could continue to apply for Chase business cards that won’t add to 5/24.

      • Andrew says:

        Very interesting on it potentially not counting as a 5/24 card. Went ahead and applied but got a “you will receive card in 7days if approved” and “notified in writing writhing 30 days” using automated phone message. Crossing my fingers!
        If denied I may have to go with the SW personal plus card since I’m trying to get the CP this year.

  2. escott says:

    Thanks for the news. One devil lurking, perhaps. From the fine print in T&C:

    “Chase cardmembers who currently have or have had a Chase credit card in any Rewards Program associated with this offer, may not be eligible for a second Chase credit card in the same Rewards Program”

    Any clarification what this means. Is this different from the past? “May not be..?” Not seeing the two-year rule? Had this card several years ago (long ago closed). Am I not eligible for the promo again?

  3. John says:

    I was approved and I’m well over 5/24. Is this card excluded I’m guessing?

    • Chuck says:

      John, that is quite surprising. Can you give some more details: did you just apply today with this link shown in the post? Did you apply online?

  4. michael smith says:

    Haven’t finished spend on my current card I got back in November. Does Chase usually bump offers?

  5. michael smith says:

    And how’s Chase about applying for a card if you don’t have a business but are now considering one (not doing this just to get the companion pass! 🙂 )? So it’ll be like 0 revenue and 0 months in business. This is for a friend who doesn’t have a business.

  6. Logan says:

    Doc, do you get referral bonus for this? I am going to sign up my dad for this card and help him and my mom get companion pass. Would love to give back by doing this.

  7. Master Allan says:

    I have been sitting here at work for over an hour thinking about this. Would this scenario work?
    My wife is going to score 100k Chase UR points from the CSR card in the next month. Transfer to Hyatt and then two transfer of 50k to Southwest gives 60k southwest miles (24k + 6k bonus + 24k + 6k bonus)

    She’s at 4/24 or 5/24. If 5/24 try to snag that business card for 60k miles and hit 120k miles in her account. If at 4/24 get the SW plus card for 50k bonus miles (she currently has an active SW premier card). Either way I see 110k+ southwest miles in her account and the companion pass.

    I think it would work perfectly but sometimes there is small print that could derail my idea. Second, being early 2017 I know other DoC readers are looking to cash in on their big CSR bonuses, CP, and taking action before the March hotel rule transfer change.

    • Alex says:

      Master Allen, if I’m not mistaken, the points transferred via the CSR card do not count towards the Companion Pass.

      • Master Allan says:

        You are correct. Transferring UR points directly to Southwest does not count towards the CP. However, until March 2017 transferring to hotel partners and then to Southwest does count. I think this will work perfectly as long as I determine Hyatt hotel or UR points are personally worth less to me compared to the value of a CP.

        • Lin says:

          Master Allan, I wondered the same about transferring UR points to Hyatt and then to Southwest. May I ask where you got the 24k+6k bonus numbers from? I hope you are right, but the only information I found is that Hyatt points don’t transfer 1:1 to Southwest. 5k Hyatt points only gives you only 2,400 Southwest miles. Or if you transfer 50k Hyatt points you’ll get a bonus of 5k miles, so 29k. I found that info here:

          • Master Allan says:

            Hey Lin,
            This should answer your question and other reader’s too.
            “When you convert 50,000 Hyatt Gold Passport points to Southwest Airlines® Rapid Rewards points, you will receive 24,000 points plus a 6,000 point bonus for a total of 30,000 Rapid Rewards points.”
            Copied from here:

            I know this might not be the all around best value for Chase UR points but for me it could be.

    • Beth says:

      If your wife is 4/24, apply for the business card first, then after that apply for the personal card. The business card will not count in the tally towards approving her personal card) . this will get her 116,000 (you’ll have to charge 6,000 to get the bonus miles) Charge the extra 4,000 you need for the companion pass. Save your 100,000 UR points for something else.

  8. Marty says:

    Is this a targeted offer? I got this card just over a month ago, still haven’t met the spend, sent in a SM asking to be matched, got this response

    “We appreciate you writing to us about the enrollment bonus
    on your Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards® credit card.

    Unfortunately, we are unable to match this offer as it is
    only available through direct invitation. “

  9. Walter T. says:

    Applied for myself and my wife – using 2 separate businesses. Both legitimate established profitable businesses. Way over 5/24 for both of us, but had to try as the Southwest companion pass window is closing and I am short a bit on a second pass. Throwing some hail marys to try to get there before 3/31. Was given some hope by a previous post noting approval despite being over 5/24.

    I fully expect a pair of denial letters to arrive shortly as per usual with us and Chase.

  10. Joe says:

    I am at 8/24 and was approved in-branch, so I guess the 5/24 doesn’t apply to this card?

  11. Alli says:

    Is there a link to Plus Business anymore? I have the non-business Plus and Premier. I need to get both business cards to get CP again.

  12. Becky Blaine says:

    I applied, way over 5/24, got the decision pending notification. Should I call reconsideration or wait it out? I do have multiple Chase cards I could move credit from to go towards this card. Thanks for any help/advice you can give me.

  13. Seth says:

    A newb question I’m sure so my apologies. I got a Personal Premier and Business Premier card back in 2014 and got the Companion Pass for 2014/2015. It’s been over two years since I got the cards which I’m pretty sure means I’m eligible to get the signup bonuses again right? If so, what are the recommended steps to do that? Do I need to cancel both cards first? Any help would be appreciated!

  14. Suzy says:

    Applied in mid November for both personal and business Southwest… way over 5/24. Sent secure message to be matched for 60,000 offer.

    Thank you for contacting us about the enrollment offer on
    your Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards® Premier business
    card ending in xxxx.

    Upon review I find that the enrollment offer for this
    account is to receive 50,000 Rapid Reward Points after
    spending $2,000.00 within the first 3 months the account
    is open.

    We have received your request for an enrollment bonus
    Offer of 60,000 Reward Points after spending $3,000.00
    within the first 3 months the account is open. I see that
    you have met the required spend of $3,000.00 and I will be
    happy to match this new offer.
    Suzy, the initial 50,000 Reward Points have been issued
    and reflects on your January 02, 2017 statement. I have
    added the additional 10,000 Reward points to your account
    and this will reflect on your February 02, 2017 statement.
    We appreciate your business and thank you for being a
    Chase customer.

  15. MarcoPolo says:

    Applying for Business Card has become harder now.
    Few years ago all you have to do is to mention “Sole Proprietor” but now there are three more categories you have to fill up:

    Select a business category

    Select a business type

    Select a business subtype

    Also there is no option to put “zero” in the number of years in business for business startup like me 🙂
    I really don’t want to lie on my application so I didn’t apply.

  16. MarcoPolo says:

    Very odd. I had my pop up blocker and ad blocker disabled.
    I was trying to apply for this card and reached the last page.
    When I clicked “Submit” nothing happened?
    I clicked again and a popup appeared for a millionth of a second.
    I clicked again and again but same result.
    In the end I just had to give up.
    I did check the “Application status” in the hope that somehow my application got through but nothing there.
    What gives?

  17. MarcoPolo says:

    Just wanted to add that the popup was not readable except “Verifying…….” since it appeared for such a short time.

  18. Alli says:

    “We are unable to approve your application for credit at this time. Our decision was based on these specific reason: You earned a new cardmember bonus on the same product in the last 24 months.”

    Does this mean this is 5/24 or just this card I have to wait longer on again before applying? I got charged my new card member bonus in January, so I cancelled Feb 1st. I applied Feb 8th for the Plus card. I had this card for 2 years.

    • When did you last have the Chase Southwest Business Premier? You can’t get the bonus again if you’ve received the bonus on the card within the last 24 months, this is a separate rule to Chase 5/24.

  19. MarcoPolo says:

    Chase Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier Credit Card 50,000 Points $99 AF after $2000 spend/ 3 months is now available.

  20. Kieran says:

    Is there a hard pull for business cards? Or is it strictly based on ein?

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