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JB (@guest_887153)
January 24, 2020 14:34

This is no longer available at my local bank. I presume the same is true company-wide.

mcafeeee (@guest_575861)
March 30, 2018 13:10

Opened the express checking account in branch today. No credit card funding. The $50 initial bonus is immediate if you deposit at least $100 at opening. The CSR said I could convert the account in the future to the 4% interest checking option once I get the bonus for the express checking account. Easy, thanks DoC!

mcafeeee (@guest_581530)
April 14, 2018 00:21

Just to follow up on this, I had a legit $500 DD hit the account today and the additional $200 was credited to my account same day. It looks like it is a manual process with a CSR seeing a DD hit a report and manually depositing $200 at the branch. Small town banking!

Charles DoC Fan
Charles DoC Fan (@guest_566581)
March 4, 2018 16:10

FYI: I looked at the map on their website and it looks like all the locations are in the greater Nashville area, So Northern TN.

Jan B
Jan B (@guest_566778)
March 5, 2018 10:28

As is seen, I posted before on this. Initially, this bank was very caring in the opening of the account for my disabled sister. For an account opening representative, I think we can all agree, that’s probably appropriate.

However. And, I say it again, however, when my daughter arrived at the bank weeks later to try to assist my sister while I was out of town, she happened to be a bit early and my sister had not arrived by the local transit bus (quite yet. We thought she would be there eventually). One of the TELLERS actually came out and questioned my daughter rudely about her presence there. She didn’t have a beat up car, she was just waiting. It was so unnecessary.

My point: the staff members, can be QUITE judgmental. My disabled sister is teller centric, so this behavior witnessed was more than I was willing to tolerate. If one expects actual appropriate service after the initial opening, I would not recommend.

Sorry, I didn’t update before about soft pull. After ALTRA (same TN city) advised soft but did an HP, I couldn’t be sure it was the same with F+M.

Sandy (@guest_164086)
August 26, 2015 13:50

Hi Will,
Opened the E-Smart Checking yesterday at F&M Bank. It was a soft pull.
The $250 bonus has been extended for a “limited time”. The CSR didn’t know when it would expire.

Jan B
Jan B (@guest_132096)
June 10, 2015 10:59

PS. Two down, one to go.

And, I am looking into having to having the DD receive an allotment as a direct deposit so we can go for another bonus.

Jan B
Jan B (@guest_132093)
June 10, 2015 10:55

Next update.

The $100 was put in the same date the gov’t DD hit (6/3). They keep their word!!!! I am so happy. 🙂

Jan B
Jan B (@guest_123238)
May 21, 2015 14:04

Follow up report

Yes, I did this. But, not for me alone but with a joint holder (a disabled sister).

They could not have been nicer. Even handled the gov’t DD request over the phone with the agency. That was superior service!!! Set it up to have the free checks mailed to the branch to lessen the chance of ID theft with an unsecured mailbox.

The $50 was put in immediately when I handed over my $200 opening deposit.

I fully expect the second bonus payment to go into the account as soon as the first direct deposit hits. WIll try to remember to post again in June with a report.

SO far, SO good.

Jan B
Jan B (@guest_110253)
April 28, 2015 13:37

Finally one that I can do quite easily. Because there is a military town connection at one of the branches shown, I can ask directly if an allotment will meet the DD requirement. This will be be very helpful for my travel.