Posted by William Charles on April 24, 2018

Published on April 24th, 2018 | by William Charles


UberEats: $2 In SYWR Points Per Order

The Offer

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  • Shop Your Way Rewards has been offering points for Uber rides, they are now also offering points for UberEats orders as well. Currently you’ll get $2 back in points for each ride or UberEats order you make.

The Fine Print

  • Offer Valid 01/08/2018 – 02/02/2019
  • Points expire two months after they are issued

Our Verdict

We’ve seen SYWR offer up to $5 on rides before, fingers crossed they also extend these types of promotions to UberEats offers. You might also be able to get an additional $1 cash back per ride with Ibotta. You can stack both of these offers with your American Express Platinum Uber credit and the ride portion also works if you have an Uber Plus pass. SYWR frequently offers other deals you can combine this with as well, so keep an eye out for those.

Hat tip to No Mas Coach

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Sounds good! Though sadly my points have not been posting for normal Uber rides since mid-April. Anyone else having this issue? Used to post pretty quick now larger gaps and latest gap is almost 2 weeks.


Same here. I haven’t seen any points post in a while from my uber rides. Might be a good thing though since if i didn’t use it, i had points expire. If they are now coming in bunches, you have more time to use up a bigger amount of points



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