UberEats: Promo Codes, Discounts & Other Savings (TAKE40OFF)

Update 6/13/21: TAKE40OFF 40% off delivery, $20 max discount, exp 6/13

Update 6/8/21: Get $15 off next 2 orders with 15OFF30. Another offer is for $20 off 2 orders of $40+ with 20OFF40. Delivery only. Expires on 06/10. Hat tip San_K

Update 6/6/21: Promo code WEEKENDFOOD for 50% off (up to $20 discount) next two orders. Valid through June 6th only. Hat tip to reader Kyle. YMMV, might be targeted to Northeast USA area.

Update 5/27/21: Many people are getting an email offer (no promo code) for $20 off $20 or for $20 off $30 on convenience store orders through May 31. See also this comment.

Update 5/26/21: TAKE40MAY for 40% off next two orders. Valid through 5/30. Hat tip reader codebro

Update 5/24/21: $10 off your next two orders ($25+ minimum order) through 5/27/21. Should work on delivery or pickup. Use promo code MAYYUM or FOODFORME in certain areas. (Previous deal FOODLOVE4YA is still valid as well.)

Update 5/20/21: $20 off $25+, Delivery only with FOODLOVE4YA. Valid until 5/27/21

Update 5/13/21: $20 off $25+, Delivery only foodlovexxu. Valid until 5/20/21

Update 5/10/21: 30% (up to $15) off two orders this week with promo code GET30MAY. Hat tip to reader MattG

Update 5/8/21: $10 off of $40+ with UberEats code MOMDESERVES

Update 4/27/21: New code APRIL30NOW for 30% off up to $15 on your next two orders. Through 5/2. Delivery only.

Update 4/20/21 New code APRIL8 for $8 off order of $20+. Expires April 22. Hat tip to reader Art

Update 4/12/21: New code FIVEOFFPICKUP. $5 off a $20 pickup order. Expires 5/17/21. (ht reader db) There’s also FOODLOVEG3R for $20 off $25 through April 15th, but that one may be highly targeted.

Update 4/7/21: New code 50OFFPICKUP. 50% off pickup (up to $10) expires 4/16/21

Update 4/3/21: new code TRYNOW50 works for 50% off on pickup orders, seems to be widely available.

Update 3/30/21: New code $8 off $20 with promo code HANGRY8.

Update 3/25/21: New code 5PICKUP for $5 off pickup, expires May 17 2021. Hat tip to reader Alexander

Update 3/23/21: New code OMG40, 40% off. Valid in Los Angeles, orange county, boston, washington DC

Update 3/21/21: New code: GET10NOW for $10 off delivery orders. Expires 3/21 11:59PM EDT. NY/NJ only. Hat tip to Crusher-ip7

Update 3/20/21: New code is LUCKY40.

Update 3/19/21: New code: GET5 for $5 off pickup orders. Expires 3/21 at 9pm PDT. Another code is GET10NOW. Hat tip to changmander

Update 3/17/21: New code is YUMMY_YA6, $20 off $25 or $12 off $20 with promo code YUMMY_TDZ.

Update 3/15/21: New codes:

  • LUCKY40 40% off next two orders of $10+ expires March 21
  • 30% off with code LUCKYEATS21 expires March 21

Update 3/11/21: New code EAT20B6J28LQ gets $20 off $25 for select users in New York, New Jersey, and Texas only seems to be working in other states as well, YMMV. It’s supposed to be for new UberEats customers, but currently working for some existing UberEats customers too.

Update 3/10/21: New code is GET10MARCH, works for $10 off $20.

Update 3/9/21: New code is 8OFF25 and works for $8 off $25. and 8OFF20 works for $8 off $20

Update 3/6/21: Latest code is 30OFFNOW for 30% off.

Update 3/1/21: Get 30% off one order, up to $15, delivery only, through until 3/4. CODE: MARCH30NOW. Hat tip to adamk5

Update 2/25/21: New code ORDERNOWVF $10 off $20 &  ORDERNOWMJ for 50% off three orders, up to $15. Delivery only. $20 off $25 with code ORDERNOWH0.

General Promo Codes

Current active codes:

  • New code ORDERNOWVF $10 off $20
  • New code GET40FEB: Get 40% off, expires 2/28, $15 max discount. Location: Boston, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Connecticut, Harrisburg, Delaware, Lehigh Valley, Reading, PA, Lancaster, PA, York-Gettysburg, Greater Maine, Portland, ME, Vermont, New Hampshire, Pittsburgh, Greater Williamsport, Wilkes-Barre Scranton, Erie, Johnstown-Altoona, State College, DuBois, Richmond, Western WV, Hampton Roads, Roanoke-Blacksburg, Charlottesville-Harrisonburg, Eastern WV, Baltimore-Maryland, Eastern Shore, Rhode Island, Worcester, Western MA
  • New code FEB30OFF,  Get 30% off your next order, up to $15
  • New code TRYPICKUP2021. 20% off, capped at $10 off. Can be used three times, works on pick up orders
  • FEBHAPPYDAYS for 15% off up to $10 exp 2/16
  • FOODLOVEIX $12 off $20, exp 2/25

Free Delivery Promo Codes

Current active codes:

  • None

Other Discounts & Savings

Final Thoughts

If we are missing any promo codes or ways to save, please let us know in the comments below. Please do not share your referral codes that only work for new users in the comments, this page is only for codes that work for existing and new users.

Expired Promo Codes

  • FOODLOVEHE, $20 off $25. Offer expires at 11:55pm PT on 02/24/2021. Possibly Ohio only?
  • FOODLOVEYT, 30% off your next three orders.
  • FOODLOVEF3 50% off your next 3 orders with $15 max per order
  • FOODLOVEBQ is $12 off $20 expire 2/24
  • Take 30% off your next 2 orders when you enter FOODLOVEAG at checkout
  • FOODLOVENG which is $7 off $20
  • code 21EATSUS10 works for $30 off. Valid until 02/14/2021
  • DELISH12, works for $12 off $20
  • FEBHAPPYDAYS for 15% off up to $10 exp 2/16
  • Use promo code  EATAGAIN15 for $15 off your next two orders. There is also an offer for $10 off $20+ no code required
  • YUM21 $21 off $25+ 2x use until Feb 7
  • YUM17 works for $17 off $15+
  • GIMMEFOOD15 works for $15 off $20
  • IMHUNGRY7 works for $7 off $20
  • GO15 works for $15 off $20
  • IMHUNGRY50 works for 50% off, $15 max discount. Works for three orders and good through 02/20/2021
  • GET12, get $12 off your next two orders of $20 or more. Valid until 1/31/2021.
  • GET40NOW, works for 40% off your next three delivery orders. $15 maximum discount per order, good through 1/31/21.
  • TAKE10 works for $10 off $25+. Can be used twice.
  • TACO123 works for $10 off $25 or $12 off $25 with TACO456
  • GO15JAN, $15 off $25+. Can be used twice. GOTENJAN works for $10 off $20+, can be used twice. Both YMMV
  • Two new codes: NEWYEAR20 for $20 off $25. NEWYEAR15 for $15 off $20. Valid on delivery orders only, valid until 1/27/21.
  • 15OFF2021 works for $15 off $20+. Can be used twice, good through 1/22/2021.
  • 8JAN for $8 off $25. Valid until 1/17/21
  • TACOS30OFF works for 30% off, 1/12 only
  • TREAT for $0 delivery fee through November 1
  • DELIVERYPLS works for $5 off $20. Valid until 12/14
  • FOODTOME7 works for $7 off $20
  • DELISH30 for 30% off your two next orders. Valid until 10/18/20
  • 20% off next five orders of $25+ with YUMEATSOCT. Valid until 10/11/20
  • 25% off $30+ with promo code FALLTREAT. Valid until 10/11, only for UberEats Pass members
  • 20% off with promo code FALLEATS. Works for two orders, unsure on end date
  • 50% off with promo code DELICIOUS50. YMMV as always. Hat tip to reader Justin
  • $20 off with promo code CHECKOUTEATS. This one seems highly targeted and valid through 10/5/20.
  • 50% off up to $25 off with promo code TASTYEATS50. Valid until 10/5/20. Limit one use
  • $10 off $20+ with promo code ISITFRIDAY. Valid until 10/2. Can be used up to four times, valid on pick up orders only.
  • 30% off with BIGEATS30, 50% off with BIGEATS50. Minimum order of $50+. Valid until 10/2/20
  • $10 off with promo code TOMAYTO or TOMAHTO. Valid until 9/28

Update 9/18/20: Get 30% off your next two orders with promo code YUM30. Expires 9/21/20. Hat tip to reader LC and to xosotypical

Update 9/14/20: Get $5 off pick up orders of $10+ with code Morning5. Ends 9/1/9/20. hat tip to winar (update: some mention that this promo code gives $5 off the next 5 orders)

Update 9/10/20: 75% off with promo code HELLOAGAIN. Maximum $25 discount, valid until 9/20. YMMV as always. Hat tip to Dans Deals

Update 9/3/20: 10% off $25+ up to $10 via email, code is YUMEATSEPT

Update 9/3/20: Labor Day Offer from UberEats – Get 30% off 2 orders of $50+. Code is LDW30; others are seeing LDW25 for 25%; others are seeing LDW20 for 20% off. Expires on 9/7/20. Hat tip to San_K and Slytherin23

Update 9/2/20: Check your accounts for 50% off pick up orders. Today only, no promo code it’s automatically attached to accounts. $15 maximum discount.

Update 8/27/20: $10 off $30+ with promo code NEIGHBOR. Works in NYC & Washington D.C. only. Valid until 9/3/20

Update 8/24/20: $10 off $35+ with promo code 10offaug. Valid until 8/31.

Update 8/21/20: Check your account for 30% off your next 4 pickup orders. $10 maximum discount, $10 minimum spend. Valid until 8/23/20.

Update 8/18/20: EATSYUM for 10% off orders of $25 or more. Ends 8/31, YMMV as always.

Update 8/18/20: Check your apps for 10% off your next 10 orders. No promo code. Ends 8/24

Update 8/11/20: $10 off $30 with promo code NEWRESTO. Valid until 8/18/20, YMMV as normal. Hat tip to DDG

Update 7/23/20: $10 off $25+ with promo code PICKUPTREAT. Valid until 7/30/20

Update 7/20/20: Yummyjuly is working for some users for 10% off orders of $25+.

Update 7/13/20: SUMMER25 or SUMMERHEAT is working for Eats Pass users to get 25% your next order. Expires July 19th. Hat tip Alan and Anameofaguy

Update 7/6/20: SUMMERTREAT is working for (some?) Eats Pass users to get 25% off your next order. Expires 7/12/20. Hat tip to San_K

Update 7/5/20: FAMSUMMER works for some people to get 30% off your next order of $35+, valid through 7/19/20. Hat tip DDG

Update 7/2/20: Some people being offered $5 off $20+ with code NOSTALGIC5OFF. Expires at 11:55 PT on 7/17/2020. Valid in LA and NYC

Update 7/1/20: Some people are also being offered 50% off a future order when they make an order by 11:55pm PT on July 3, 2020

Update 7/1/20: REDWHITEBLUE or PARTYSTARTER is working for some people for 20% off your next two orders of $30+. Max $15 discount. Expires July 5th. Hat tip to reader Crandilya

Update 6/30/20: Chick-fil-A is offering Eats Pass Members a free chicken sandwich and a lemonade on 6/30/20. (This also stacks with the $20 off deal, below). Hat tip to reader Carlos

Update 6/30/20: Three highly targeted codes, all expire on July 1st at 3 am EST (ht San):

  • EATSPASS20 – $20 off
  • EATSPASS15 – $15 off
  • EATSPASS10 – $10 off

Update 6/28/20: PICKITUP is working for $10 off pickup orders with no minimum. Expires July 13th. Seems to be working for everyone or at least broadly targeted, from what I’m hearing. Hat tip to readers Jay and Val

Update 6/24/20: JUNEDEAL is working for some to get $20 off $30+ order, valid through 6/30. Hat tip to boston4th

Update 6/17/20: CELEBRATEDADS working for some people to get 50% off on orders $40+. Max discount is $20. Expires 6/22/20. Hat tip to reader zubair (also try FATHERSDAY2020 for a similar deal)

Update 6/16/20: SOYUMMY working for 50% off, maximum discount of $10. Single use and valid until June 21, 2020.

Update 6/14/20: EATSTREAT20 working for a lot of people for $20 off $25+ through June 30th. Valid for two uses. Hat tip reader Alex

Update 6/2/20: 25JUNE20 works for 25% off $20+ or more. Maximum discount of $25. Deal is YMMV as usual.

Update 5/22/20: Two targeted offers which expire on May 25th at 11:55PM PT and are valid up to $15 in discounts (ht San_K and Dansdeals):

  • MEMORIALDAY25 for 25% off your next order of $25+
  • MEMORIALDAY30 for 30% off your next order of $25+
  • 30MEMORIALDAY for 30% off your next order of $35+

Update 5/13/20: EATS5OFF5 works for $5 off 5 orders. Code is highly YMMV.

Update 5/11/20: Code FEASTFAV works for 20% off. Need Uber Eats Pass and only works on select ‘feast favorite’ restaurants. Hat tip to reader Andrew D

Update 5/9/20: 30% off $50+ with code 4MOM. YMMV and valid through 5/10

Update 5/3/20: GET5OFF5 works for $5 off your next 5 orders until 5/30. Probably YMMV

Update 5/2/20: New code 50OFFNOW might work for 50% off. Valid until 11:00 am PT on May 3, 2020. Code is obviously YMMV. 30% off with code FAMILIARFAVES.

Update 4/19/20: Readers showing a 15% off code when opening the app, no e-mail or app notification sent out so worth checking your app. Valid until 4/20

Update 4/2/20: Check your account to see if you’ve been targeted for 30% off your next five orders. You should have received an e-mail, but if you log into your account it’ll show if you’re eligible as well. No promo code unfortunately.

Update 3/22/20: $25 off your next order in various states, some of these might be used up already (ht SD):

Eligible States:

  • California use code CATOGETHER
  • Connecticut use code CTTOGETHER
  • Florida use code FLTOGETHER
  • Georgia use code GATOGETHER
  • Illinois use code ILTOGETHER
  • Kansas use code KSTOGETHER
  • Kentucky use code KYTOGETHER
  • Massachusetts use code MATOGETHER
  • Missouri use code MOTOGETHER
  • New Jersey use code NJTOGETHER
  • New York use code NYTOGETHER
  • Ohio use code OHTOGETHER
  • Texas use code TXTOGETHER
  • Washington use code WATOGETHER

Update 3/20/20: $10 off $20+ with promo code TACONOW.

Update 3/11/20: UberEats is offering $5 off $20+ on pick up orders in NYC with promo code NOLINENOFEE. 

Update 3/9/20: UberEats is offering buy one, get one free at some restaurants. No code needed, just check your app to see what restaurants are participating. Valid until 3/14

Update 3/6/20: NJDRINKS to get 25% off first two orders (NJ only)

Update 3/5/20: EATSFORLIFE works for 25% off your next 3 orders. $15 maximum discount, YMMV.

Update 2/22/20: MEALTIME50X3 works for 50% off your next 3 orders through 3/5/20. Max $15 discount each use. YMMV as always. Hat tip to DDG

Update 2/13/20: VALENTINESDF works for free delivery through 2/16/20. YMMV as always. Hat tip to Dansdeals

Update 2/10/20: TASTYFOOD works for $5 off your next order until 2/11/20. YMMV as always.

Update 1/26/20: NEWYEAROFEATS works for 25% off your next 3 orders. Valid until 1/31/20. YMMV as always

Update 1/25/20: TASTY30EATS works for 30% off your next 5 0rders. Valid until February 7th, 2020. Hat tip to reader thomasthorn85

Update 1/21/20: HELLOCOFFEE works for 25% off Starbucks for some users in the following locations:


Update 1/18/20: JANEAT50 works for 50% off, $10 maximum. Code is YMMV

Update 1/17/20: Some new codes, these all expire on 1/31 and are good for your next three orders. All of them are YMMV:

  • EATSNEWYEAR for 15% off ($10 maximum)
  • HAPPYNEWEATS for 25% off ($15 maximum)
  • NEWYEARNEWEATS for 25% off ($15 maximum)
  • NEWYEAREATS for 25% off ($15 maximum)

Update 1/9/2020: Promo code SWEETWINTER works for a free item at Sweetgreens (still need to pay delivery and fees unfortunately). (Buffalo Chicken or Miso Bowl, or craving a fresh Winter Squash Salad)

Update 12/27/19: CHEERSTOME works for 20% off, valid until 12/31 and will only work for some people.

Update 12/20/19: Two codes for NYC, NYC Suburbs, Connecticut, and New Jersey:

  • PICKYOURLUNCH works for $5 off $15 on pick up orders. Valid until 12/31
  • LOVEBREAKFAST works for $2 off your next 5 pick up orders. Valid until 12/31

Hat tip to Dans Deals

Update 12/17/19: TAKEFIFTY works for 50% Off Your Next Two Orders (thru 12/31). Max $15 per order. Valid in: New York City, NYC Suburbs, Connecticut, and New Jersey.

Update 12/16/19: GIFT50X2 will work for 50% off your next two orders (code is YMMV so might not work), $10 maximum discount. GIFT10X2  also works for $10 off $20+

Update 12/13/19: TREATYOURSELFDALLAS works for $5 off in Dallas thru 12/13. Not sure if replacing Dallas with other cities will work or not.

Update 12/4/19: 50% Off Your Next Two Orders With Promo Code FIFTYFIFTY (thru 12/31). Max $15 per order. (Our Original Post)

Update 12/2/19:

  • HOLIDAYFEAST 30% off your next 10 orders. This deal is YMMV and only works on the website and not on the app. Valid until 12/30/19.
  • TRYPANERA 20% off your next 5 Panera bread orders. Valid until 12/22/19

Update 11/23/19:

  • GIVETHANKS 50% off your next order, $10 maximum discount. Valid until November 27th, 2019. Hat tip to reader @Vorsha1514

Update 11/19/19:

  • Code GOBBLEZ 20% off your next 5 orders. Valid until December 3rd
  • Code GOBBLEUP works for 30% off your next 3 orders.
  • Code newforyou2019 works for 75% off your next 2 orders. Valid until December 9th
  • Code NOMZ/NOMNOM works for 25%/20% off your next 5 orders. Valid until December 4th, 2019

Update 11/12/19: Seems to be highly YMMV but SPICEOFLIFE works for some people for 30% off until December 7th, 2019.

Update 11/7/19: APPLEPAY5 works for $5 off $10, must pay using Apple Pay. Valid until 11/11. Hat tip to Dans Deals

Update 10/18/19: Code 5OFFPICKUP works for $5 off your first pick up order.

Update 10/14/19: Code FALLFLAVORS is good for 20% off your next 5 orders, YMMV.

Update 10/14/19: Code FEASTINFALL is good for 20% off your next 10 orders. Most likely YMMV.

Update 9/24/19: Some people are being offered $10 off $30+ off the next 5 orders. Valid until October 13th, 2019. There is no promo coded, but the discount is applied to your account already. Hat tip to DDG

Update 9/30/19: EATPANERA can be used for free delivery on Panera Bread orders, seems to be YMMV

Update 9/24/19: Some people are being offered $10 off $20+ off the next 5 orders. Valid until September 29th, 2019. There is no promo coded, but the discount is applied to your account already. Hat tip to DDG

Update 9/19/19: FALLTREAT19 is working for 20% off your next five orders. Valid until 10/3 and YMMV.

Update 9/18/19: Two codes to try, both YMMV and valid through 10/16/19:

  • WHATSNEW0DF for free delivery
  • WHATSNEW50 for 50% off, $10 maximum

Update 9/16/19: $5 off your first 5 McDonald’s orders when you use promo code MCDSUE5. Gotta start the order through the McDonald’s app for it to work (promo code field will be available during check out). Valid until 10/27/19

Update  9/12/19: SEPTEATS19 works for free delivery on orders of $20+. Might be YMMV and not the best code as usually delivery fees are relatively low anyway.

Update 8/23/19:  SUMMERFRIDAY195 works for 50% off on Fridays in August. This one is YMMV with a maximum discount of $10. You can also get the discount for scheduled orders as long as the order is made today.

Update 8/23/19:  SUMMERFRIDAY194 works for 50% off on Fridays in August. This one is YMMV with a maximum discount of $10.

Update 8/21/19: Get $5 off your next five orders by entering FIVEOFF5 in the Promos tab in the UberEATS app. Expires 8/27/19 at 11:55 pm. While supplies last. (Valid only for these locations: New York City, San Diego, Chicago, NYC Suburbs, Phoenix, San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Miami, Houston, Philadelphia, Denver, Austin, Las Vegas, Portland, Baltimore-Maryland, San Antonio, New Orleans, Columbus, Cleveland, Detroit, Tacoma, Memphis, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Salt Lake City, Fresno, Richmond, Milwaukee, Upstate NY, Minneapolis – St. Paul, Indianapolis, Charlotte, Fort Myers-Naples, land In Empire, Kansas City, Palm Springs, St Louis, Spokane, Grand Rapids, Honolulu, Boise, Eastern Washington, Savannah-Hilton Head, Tucson, Sarasota, Reno, Willamette Valley, Central Atlantic Coast, FL, Oklahoma City, Louisville, Piedmont Triad.)

Update 8/16/19: SUMMERFRIDAY193 works for 50% off on Fridays in August. This one is YMMV with a maximum discount of $10.

Update 8/14/19: Get $5 off your next 5 orders with promo code NEXT5EATS. This one is YMMV

Update 8/14/19: Get $20 off at Sweetgreen with promo code SWEETGREEN20. Valid until 8/31/19

Update 8/10/19: EATSTONIGHT20 works for 20% off your next 5 orders. Valid until 8/14/19.

Update 8/2/19: SUMMERFRIDAY192 works for 50% off on Fridays in August. This one is YMMV with a maximum discount of $10. (ht to dansdeals)

Update 8/2/19: SUMMERFRIDAY19 works for 50% off on Fridays in August. This one is YMMV with a maximum discount of $10.

Update 7/31/19: EATSTONIGHT20 works for 20% off next 5 orders. Valid through 8/14/19.

Update 7/30/19: VENMO5 works for $5 off your next 5 orders when Venmo is used as the payment method. Valid until 8/20/19

Update 7/30/19: Promo code 1MILLIONSLIDERS gets you 10 free sliders from White Castle. Small order and delivery fee still applies but might still be useful, especially if you have some sort of UberEats pass that waives those fees.

Update 7/25/19: New code GETFED322 gets 22% off your next three orders. Valid until 8/1/19

Update 7/23/19: New code: EATSSUMMERTREAT19, $5 off next five orders. Valid through 7/28/19.

Update 7/15/19: Looks like the GETFED5 is not working anymore and has now expired (meaning even if you added it, it won’t work for future orders). There is another code ‘SUMMERFUN19’ and this works for $5 off your next 5 orders as well, but it’s targeted.

Update 7/14/19: GETFED5 works for $5 off your next 5 orders until July 28th,2019.

Update 5/24/19: 5EATS24 is $5 off your next 30 orders, but looks to be YMMV.

Update 5/20/19: WOKTIME is free shipping for P.F. Chang’s. Update: Looks like it works for free delivery on any restaurant

Update 4/30/19: Try codes ENJOY52019 or ENJOY102019

Update 4/24/19: Try code ENJOY202019 for 20% off your next order. This is YMMV.

Update 4/24/19: Try code 3X15SBX for $3 off $15+ at Starbucks. Valid through 4/30/19, valid in Miami, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, New York City and Washington, D.C. Hat tip to DDG

Update 4/24/19: Try code ENJOY22019 for $2 off your next order. This is YMMV

UberEats has started to offer a lot of promo codes that work for existing users, I thought it would be helpful to create a dedicated page that includes all current promotional codes as well as other discounts and ways to save money.

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Lots of “Delivery only” orders now. Kills the discount by a lot when you include the fee and then the tip.


“Oops, you’re not eligible for this promotion”
90% of the promotions are not working.


There is a rise in Delivery only codes for some reason.

Steven Chen
Steven Chen

Given that placing an order at $25 with $20 OFF $25 delivery comes out to be about $21 after tipping says it all. if it’s delivery only and it’s not $25 off $25, you rather pick up the phone and your car key.


“Some reason”. Are you really struggling to figure out why?


Even tho Uber is scum of the earth and I only use them to abuse their offers.

The current 15 off 30 promo is good when stacked with Amex 5 off (when u order $15+)

Even with a 5 to 6 dollar tip, you’re getting delivery and about 8 to 9 dollars off your food after taxes and fees.


think you missed the /s; either way unimpressive offers and only use uber for my obligation to amex/schwab for the cash out and annual fee offset.


William Charles Uber Eats – Get $15 off next 2 orders with 15OFF30. $30 minimum order. Expires on 06/10.
Also an email offer for Take $20 off 2 orders of $40+ with 20OFF40.
Delivery only.


Not eligible. Fk this


This is discrimination and should be criminal to geo target.


lol why?


Because it offends their entitlement


50% off next 2 orders, $20max. US50OFF2


“Promotion code is not valid”


pretty sure that’s a door dash, not ue code



Darth Sloth
Darth Sloth

Just received this one. WEEKENDFOOD

Take 50% (up to $20) off 2 orders this weekend


Applied the code, but it says up to $2. Anyone else with same glitch?

Darth Sloth
Darth Sloth

Yep, fixed itself a few hours later. Expiration date of june 10th


FYI deliver only


Did this disappear for anyone else? It’s saying oops you already applied this promo now.


FREEGUAC for free guacamole from chipotle
50OFF4LA 50% off next two orders in LA area. Up to $10

Expires at 11:55PM PST on 06/06/2021. Limited to two orders per customer. Taxes and fees still apply. Maximum discount $10. Non-transferable. Cannot be combined. Must apply the promo code in-app before completing order. Pickup excluded. Restaurants with limited tracking excluded. Exclusions may apply.


FOODLOVES8N – 50% off next 3 orders, up to $15 each time Offer expires at Jun 10, 2021 8:00AM. Delivery only, as usual.