View Your Bank of America Pre-Approved Credit Cards

BoA Pre-Approval Site

To access your pre-approved credit card offers you need to go to:

If you’re not comfortable using that link directly you can follow these instructions:

  • Click “Bank” in the header, then click “Credit Cards”
  • Click “Prequalified credit card offers” in left sidebar at the bottom


This page is about Bank of America pre-approval credit card offers.

It does not contain information on mortgage pre-approvals. In the future we will create a separate page for this.


Once you fill out the form with the request information you’ll be taken to a second results page. You’re looking for the following words “You’re Pre-Qualified!”

In general Bank of America doesn’t offer increased sign up bonuses on this page, it’s only really for pre-approved offers rather than customized or targeted offers.

Make sure you always double check to ensure they are showing you the best offer, I’d recommend doing your own research on sites such as flyertalk, myfico, fatwallet, creditboards & slickdeals. I also try to keep this page updated with the best publicly available offer for each card.


Is Using This Tool A Soft Or Hard Credit Pull?

Using this tool is a soft credit pull. You can tell this by the wording on the offer page itself

I understand that this is not a credit card application, and that this search will not impact my credit score. 

If you apply for a card then a hard credit pull will be done.

If I See An offer How Likely Am I To Be Approved?

It’s important to remember that just because you see “You’re Pre-Qualified” it does not mean that you are guaranteed approval. If your credit has changed significantly between when they pulled your credit report and when you apply you might be denied.

[Read: What does “Pre-Qualified” actually mean?]

Will This Work If I Have Opted Out Of Pre-Approval Letters?

If you have opted out of receiving pre-approval letters then the BoA site will not show any pre-qualified offers unfortunately. You’ll need to opt back in before you see any offers.

If I Don’t See Any Offers, Can I Still Be Approved For A Bank of America Card?

Yes, not receiving a pre-approval offer does not mean that you’ll automatically be denied for a card.

How Can I See Pre-Approved/Targeted Offers From Other Card Issuers?

We created this page to list all pre-approval/targeted/pre-qualified offers that different card issuers offer. If you know of any that we are missing then please let us know in the comments section below.

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The wording on the page is extremely unfortunate as it makes you think that you are pre-approved and not pre-qualified. I saw that I had offers for every single card they had, so I thought I would do a BT card and work out some utilization. Offered the BT card, took the offer, applied, and then was denied. Waiting on the letter now. Is it worth a recon?


I’m getting offers, but it doesn’t say anything about being pre-qualified. I’m a little hesitant since I got denied for BOA Premium Rewards 60 days ago.


Has anyone gotten this to work recently? It loads for me, and lets me put in all my info, but once I submit, I just get a spinning wheel forever. The same happens when I log in to my BoA account instead of putting in my info. This was done in a private browsing session, so cookies are not the issue.

Jill B
Jill B

Same with me, Bob…will just kept spinning and nothing appeared.


Me too. I just tried it, and the wheel is spinning as I type. Has been for a few minutes now.

Credit Chaser
Credit Chaser

Same here, nothing happened. I think this may be a bad link. Does anyone know of another BOA pre-approval site?