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Published on July 9th, 2014 | by William Charles


View Your Citi Pre-Qualified Credit Card Offers

Citi has a way for consumers to check what credit card offers they have been pre-qualified for. You can view this page by clicking here. You can also view it from the homepage by following these simple instructions:

  • Click “Credit Cards” in the header
  • Click “See If You’re Pre-Qualified For An Offer”

citi bank offers


The results page will say one of two things:

  • Offer (this is an actual pre-qualification)
  • Recommendation (this is just an advertisement)


Is Using This Tool A Soft Or Hard Credit Pull?

There is no hard pull done by Citi to check for pre-approved offers. This is stated on the page itself (emphasis mine):

This information matches you with credit card offers. Your credit score won’t be affected.

If you apply for one of the cards that is shown as pre-qualified then a hard pull will be done on your credit report.

If I See An offer How Likely Am I To Be Approved?

In general as long as your credit profile hasn’t changed significantly between the time they did a soft pull of  your credit report for the pre-qualification and the time you apply you should be fine.

It’s important to note that they won’t always do a new pull when you use the pre-qualification tool. If they have a relatively recent report of yours on file they will use this instead.

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Will This Work If I Have Opted Out Of Pre-Approval Letters?

No, like with all pre-approval/pre-qualification sites you must be opted in (you’re opted in by default) to receive these offers. If you have opted out you will not receive them. Read more on opting out here.

If I Don’t See Any Offers, Can I Still Be Approved For A Citibank Card?

Yes, just because you don’t see any pre-qualified offers doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be denied if you apply for one of their cards.

How Can I See Pre-Approved/Targeted Offers From Other Card Issuers?

For ease of use we created this list of other pre-approval sites.

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