Posted by William Charles on September 21, 2017

Published on September 21st, 2017 | by William Charles


[Sold Out] Walmart: 10% Off Uber Giftcards

Deal has expired and is no longer available.

The Offer

Direct link to offers (note this link and those below are our affiliate links. Thanks for supporting the site)

The Fine Print

  • Limit of two per denomination

Our Verdict

Hopefully these are still around on October 1st so you can earn 5% on the Chase Freedom. Walmart is known for cancelling online gift card orders, you can find some tips about avoiding this here. Not sure if Honey is still offering a $5 bonus for spending on Walmart or not, but worth checking. Shouldn’t be an issue using these with UberEats either. As far as I know no portals earn any cashback on Walmart gift card purchases, but happy to be proven wrong. Walmart has done this a few times before and stock doesn’t last long (first time, second time).

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I used my $50 Walmart GC from the AMEX offer a few months back. Awesome all around deal. Thanks for highlighting this opportunity.

Well my order was just cancelled

“Thanks for your recent order. We’re sorry, but we’ve had to cancel the items listed below because we can’t accept gift cards as payment for other gift cards.”

Very poor website design IMHO

Same message – why show the option at checkout if it’s not allowed??

Seems like lazy coding to me, guessing it only checks your payment method when it starts processing the GC on the backend.

Interesting. Used a Walmart gift card and got code for $100 Uber card.

Interesting! Details please.
Did you use 1 WMGC or several?
Was it a physical WMGC or email WMGC?
What were the denominations of the WMGCs?
Did your order include anything other than the UGC?
How long did it take to get our UGC after the order when through?
Anything else you might think helped get your order to go through.

My details:
Attempted to buy Single $50 UGC (only item in order)
Attempted to use a $50 Physical WMGC (purchased through
Both the order and cancellation email came within a minute of each other.

Just 1 Physical gift card that had $100 balance. Nothing else in order.
I’ve had plenty of other walmart orders cancelled, but never got that message.

Quite often I find Lyft to be >10% less than Uber so I’ll pass on these GC<

Where did you find Lyft offer ?

$100 denomination is sold out. Just had to reduce quantity from 2 to 1 to get the last one.

$100 cards now out of stock. $50 and $25 still available.

Everything’s now dead. FML

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