Wells Fargo Not Allowing Product Changes Currently

Wells Fargo is currently not allowing product changes, this is due to the team that handles these requests being repurposed due to increasing call volume due to COVID-19. It’s unclear if/when this department will be reopen, but it looks to have been closed since at least July 2020.

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Alex (@guest_1162739)
March 18, 2021 11:44

Just called to convert my Propel World to fee-free card and they told me WF discontinued all conversion options.

Eric (@guest_1084336)
November 3, 2020 18:28

Add Barclays to the list.
Called Barclays yesterday re PC from AAdvantage Aviator Red WEMC (got this card 3 yrs ago) to either: AAdvantage Aviator Mastercard (no annual fee) *or* AAdvantage Aviator Blue Mastercard ($49 annual fee). No trips this year so far due to COVID. Was told that wasn’t an option. However, fancier version with “a lot”of benefits – AAdvantage Aviator SILVER World Elite Mastercard was/is available. Two different reps went on and on and on about its benefits. Didn’t even mention higher annual fee ($199) till I asked. WTF? So I closed the card.

Son (@guest_1084264)
November 3, 2020 16:23

My AF just hit also. I have 43k points. I wonder if I should just use the 100.00 airline credit. use my points for AMZN gc, then close the account. (they do reimburse the AF right?).

Steven (@guest_1084858)
November 4, 2020 22:59

I just did this, except I cashed out for apple gc’s as you get 10% extra. I bought sw gc for travel credit,credit posted, gc’s, then closed.

D (@guest_1084210)
November 3, 2020 15:13

I called April 17 and this department was closed. I’ve tried back every 2 weeks since and they have remained closed through the duration.

zzz (@guest_1084301)
November 3, 2020 17:14

Could you please share the direct line?

SamSamSam123 (@guest_1084190)
November 3, 2020 14:51

This has been my experience since April. The team was off for the period of pandemic now they saying call after few months. I asked to waive fees and they do not entertain. So i cancelled the card

astro (@guest_1084172)
November 3, 2020 14:27

I have a Wells Fargo Propel world, for which the 1st annual fee just hit today. I tried calling them and they said the same thing. Call us after 6 months. I am planning to get the $100 travel incidental credit, and hopefully get some Amex offers to be net zero on the annual fee, and close it next year. Anyone else holding onto this card for more than a year? What are you using it for?

John (@guest_1084997)
November 5, 2020 10:28

Hi Astro. I opened a World Propel three years ago and cancelled it before the first annual fee hit. I wanted to do a PC but the agent explained that Wells Fargo has never done those — not in the sense we would mean here. You can see a discussion of that if you scroll down to the bottom of this thread.

John (@guest_1085001)
November 5, 2020 10:37

I saw no value in the card after getting the SUB given the huge annual fee. And now, given the dangers of flying in the era of the pandemic, the card seems even less attractive.

Raymond (@guest_1084162)
November 3, 2020 14:19

Massive layoffs incoming at WF btw. Sorry WF employees and please take your business elsewhere.

Guy who buys stuff
Guy who buys stuff (@guest_1084138)
November 3, 2020 13:44

Don’t worry. They’ll probably change up your products without you asking.

rich (@guest_1084127)
November 3, 2020 13:29

Why are they having increased call volume? It seems like everyone I’ve called the robovoice starts with “Due to increased call volume from covid” but why are banks seeing increased calls? Doctors/hospitals sure but banks?

Many of the bank jobs (customer service) can be done from home. Is everyone trying to weasel out of paying bills?

Jay (@guest_1084093)
November 3, 2020 12:34

Not much of a loss anyway, considering that WF’s fake ‘product changes’ simply consisted of closing the old card and opening a new one without transferring history or even backdating. Rarely should any reader of this site find it worth having a new account opened for no SUB (though I concede that ‘fake-PCing’ one card to the Visa Sig may occasionally be a reasonable choice).

LakeMich87 (@guest_1084112)
November 3, 2020 13:04

Then how did I successfully product change my Cash Wise to a Visa Signature and kept my account number and credit history? I am not sure how many DP’s there are for a World Propel to Propel without closing/opening though. There are DP’s that they do so without a hard pull at least.

Jay (@guest_1084121)
November 3, 2020 13:12

Correct, the fake PC definitely does not require a HP if done correctly, because the new account application is done internally via a different process. However, there have been zero reputable DPs (as far as I know) on myfico, FT, /r/churning, /r/creditcards and DoC for changing Propels/Propel Worlds to different products while preserving account history, and indeed WF representatives tend to agree with that phenomenon.

John (@guest_1084338)
November 3, 2020 18:32

I agree with Jay 100%. When I attempted to PC my Wells Fargo Propel World a couple years ago, the WF agent explained in a friendly way that WF does not do that, not in the sense that I was expecting. What I would see on my report, the agent said, is two accounts: one opened for 12 months (the PW) and then a new Wells Fargo card opened as of that day (i.e. 0 months old).

Tony (@guest_1084149)
November 3, 2020 14:02

This would be new implementation. When i did the PC a couple years ago, they closed old account and open a brand new account on my credit report (no hard pull).

Iks (@guest_1084183)
November 3, 2020 14:43

this was also the case for me. PCed a WF Amex to a Visa a while back. no HP, but other lenders definitely view the Visa card, at least initially, as a new account. however, when you explain to them, they have been accommodating (i.e., Barclays removed this card from the count when i recon’d and denial >> approval for JB+).