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Bank Account Bonuses

Published on June 12th, 2018 | by William Charles


[WV, PA, OH, IN, KY, In Branch Only] WesBanco $200 Checking Promotion + $50 For Referring Friend

Deal is back, thanks to reader ChurningFastyoungestofallthebuck

Offer at a glance

  • Maximum bonus amount: $200
  • Availability: WV, PA, OH, IN, KY Only. Must open in branch [Branch locator]
  • Direct deposit required: Optional, two direct deposits of at least $200 each (+$50)
  • Additional requirements: See below
  • Hard/soft pull: Soft
  • Credit card funding: Unsure
  • Monthly fees: $4, waivable
  • Early account termination fee: Unsure
  • Expiration date: December 31st, 2016 None mentioned
  • Household Restriction: None listed

The Offer

Direct link to offer

  • Get up to $200 when you open a new Wesbanco checking account. Note that the webpage doesn’t specifically mention the bonuses for each requirement, but according to this comment it is as follows:
    • Receive $100 for mobile banking & completing 20 debit card transactions for activating eStatement
    • Receive $100 for making two direct deposits of at least $200 each
    • Receive $50 for referring a friend via the refer a friend form (not sure if the friend being referred can get this bonus as well or not)



The Fine Print

  • Customers with a current checking account, or who transfer funds from an existing WesBanco deposit account, are not eligible for any of the bonuses.
  • The minimum balance to open an account and receive a bonus is $50.
  • All qualifying activity must occur and post to the account within 90 days of the date of account opening.
  • Please allow up to five business days after 90-day period for bonus credit.
  • Mobile Banking and Debit Card Use Bonus: Enroll in Mobile Banking, open and activate a new debit card, and complete 20 debit card purchase transactions.
  • Direct deposit Bonus: Make two direct deposits of at least $200.
  • Refer a Friend Bonus:
  • Friend must open a qualified checking account with a Refer a Friend form and be a new WesBanco checking account customer. B
  • onus will be credited to the account after the referred friend opens a checking account.
  • Bonuses may not be used in combination with other offers, are subject to change without notice and limited to one per account.
  • Customers that have received a new account opening or debit card usage bonus on any previous WesBanco checking account are not eligible for this offer.
  • No bonus will be paid if the account is in overdraft at the time the bonus is to be credited.
  • Businesses and employees are not eligible for bonuses. Program subject to change without notice.

Avoiding Fees

Their basic checking account has a $4 monthly service charge, this is waived if you receive eStatements or maintain a monthly balance of $500. I couldn’t find their fee schedule, so I’m unsure if they charge an early account termination fee or not.

Our Verdict

They offered the same bonus of $200 back in 2014, so if you’re interested I’d probably pick up the account now as there is no guarantee it’ll be back anytime soon. The account needs to be opened in branch by the looks of things, quite a few requirements to get the full bonus – I’d be interested to see if you can fund with a credit card or not.

Will most likely add it to our list of the best bank bonuses if we can get some more data points.

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I had account before and got bonus. The acct was closed. Am I eligible for this promotion?
The banker said NO PROBLEM. Banker do not read the fine print. I lost $300 bonus with Key bank because banker did not know the rule. Please someone answer this IMPORTANT question!

Most reader of this site are expert of open/close/open again. You know what I mean.

I opened up an account on the 9th. I didn’t inquire about funding with a credit card, sorry. Of note is that the refer a friend form is a physical piece of paper. Also I tried triggering a DD with Paypal and Ally and both coded as P2P, so I’ve decided to use my actual payroll to trigger it. Still waiting on one payroll DD to land and then we’ll see when any of the bonuses post.

12/09/2016 – Open account
12/12/2016 – 10 debit card transactions via Amazon
12/14/2016 – $15 bill pay to CC #1
12/14/2016 – $15 bill pay to CC #2
12/15/2016 – $201 DD from employer
12/30/2016 – $201 DD from employer
03/10/2017 – $25 StatementReward0000
03/10/2017 – $25 DebitCardUsageReward0000
03/10/2017 – $50 BillPayReward0000
03/10/2017 – $50 DirectDepositReward0000

I did not attempt a referral. I will probably just wait six months from opening to close the account for the sake of appearances.

How do you use debit card transactions on amazon for this

How long does it take for he bonus to post?

Just wanted to help update this offer. It’s ongoing in branch, but the bonus is now a bit better (possible to earn $250):

$150 for mobile banking and 20 debit card purchases
$50 for direct deposits (at least two of $200 or more)
$50 for referring a friend

Just to note — I’ve opened 15+ accounts over last year and this is the only one that rejected me for too many Chex inquiries

I’m probably going to hit up a branch this weekend, anyone want to make an easy $50 and give me a referral? I’ll ask about credit card funding. I’m at 7 new bank accounts this year so it’s possible I’ll be denied for Chex. Will report my DP later.

I’ll be checking back for your DP. If you get it, let me know, and I’ll use your referral. I’m out of town this week, but plan to apply next week.

Finally reporting in, sorry about the wait. Signup was the easiest in-branch experience I’ve ever had. Regarding referrals, They didn’t care that the referral form I had was printed out. They gave me the official ones (which are in color and printed on cardstock) so I’ll just need your first and last name sent to Print out the picture, cut it out, and I’ll be in your debt! I’d also be open to mailing you the referral card, but obviously that would take a couple days.

Banker gave me Account Number, Routing Number, printed out my debit card, and helped me to get online access. Pretty awesome new customer experience compared to a place like KeyBank. I was approved even with 7 new accounts on my social in the past 5 months, and it definitely went through ChexSystems (they even had a little placard proudly stating that). The part of the terms that states “Enroll in Mobile Banking” literally just means download their app and login, that’s it. Debit and online banking are not active until a few days after you first sign up. You do NOT need to make an initial deposit at the time of sign up, but the banker said that I would have to within the first week.

All in all, great experience, and I almost am reconsidering taking the money and running, but I’ll make that judgement after I see how well their online banking works.

I can give you my referral, could you send me your name to my email address?

Thanks! Signed up today and they accepted your referral. Enjoy your $50! 🙂

Thank you. I see the $50 in my account now.

Just opened one in the branch 30 mins ago. Just need your DL, social and some basic info. Here is something I heard from the banker

1.Each account could receive 2 referral bonus each year, so that’s really $300 max for a new account
2.Referrals would get their own full bonus, as long as they are new to Wesbanco
3.CC funding will be cash advance
4.This offer would likely to last till the end of year

I also got the fine print of the offer and their fee schedule, will send them to Docs.

If anyone would be so kind to use my referral, please email me with your name to

OK, now my 2 spots for referrals is now taken. I encourage you find referrals elsewhere.

Anyone signing up for this account that would be kind enough to use my referral, please email me at with your name. I helped update the offer in April, sending the info to Doc. Thanks!

Hey Alex,
Sent you an email for referral. Please reply back when you can. I am thinking to visit branch sometime in evening today. Thank you.

Thank you! Emailed you back with the referral.

Thank you, Alex!
Signed up using your referral. You should be seeing $50 in your account 🙂 Let me know otherwise.

Well, the sign up process was one of the easiest and to the point. No known non-sense talks. This seems one of the underrated promotion, I don’t know why.

I also have a referral available, send an email to if you’d like one- I’d sure appreciate it!

Just wanted to add a data point here as I believe this offer is still ongoing. Not sure why this bonus doesn’t get more love. Can get up to $300 on this one (using two referrals).

20 amazon reloads (I made sure to change the processing as credit on and mobile banking (deposited a few checks) triggered the $150 bonus exactly at the end of my third month

Direct deposits: 2 from paypal, 1 chase UR redemption (I know I know not suppose to redeem for cash.. I travel maybe once every three years), and 1 cap one 360 triggered the $50 DD bonus (not sure what exactly triggered it) exactly at the end of my third month

Referral from Klad above (Thank you again!) posted instantly as it looks like the teller at their bank did a deposit to my account by hand. I still have one more referral spot for the year in case anyone is going to do this bonus. Can email me at I would be very grateful!

Thank you, Alex for the DPs.. May be DoC was waiting for DPs like this to move it to best banking bonus page.. I agree, this is one of the easy bank bonuses if one leaves in targetted states.

Are they Chexsystems sensitive? I’ve opened several M&T accounts so far this year.

I think I had 7-8 in last 12 months and they approved me.. but if you scroll up in this thread andrew was rejected with 15+.

I’ll be heading to a WesBanco branch today to go for this bonus. How does the referral work exactly? Do I get the bonus as well as the “friend” or do I need to have 2 people refer me?

Either way I will use someones referral info from here if anyone has spots left.

It’s a piece of paper which has names of both the parties.. you hand over the paper or a print out of the scanned paper to banker while opening the account and the person who referred gets the $50 bonus immediately as soon as you are approved. You do not get anything, but once approved you can refer max 2 people per calendar year. Hope this helps.

If you need to use my referral please share your first and last name along with your email address and I will send you the referral card.. Else you may use Alex’s or Tony’s referral from this thread if they still have spots left. Thanks.

I think you can add it to best bonuses cause its really easy and fee free.
Must be done in branch, but banker told me you can live in any state.
Not all too chex sensitive either, as I got a ton.
Early termination fee (within 90 days) is $25.

I was just going to mention the Reddit post I saw about this. Wish I drove into this in-branch bonus instead of KeyBank(inquiry sensitive) that denied me. Don’t know when I will be in those states again.

Not having a detailed webpage with the terms, and if it was required to be referred; those are the the turn-offs with this deal. If they had the e-mail “coupon” button, I would have pursued.

I was the reddit post about this.
If you’re ever back again, you don’t have to be referred. The details are basically as DoC has it broken down above. Good luck

Do you mind if I ask what a ‘ton’ of Chex Inquiries are? I was a bit shaken by Andrew’s report (above) since he has 15+ and was denied. I’m at 20ish myself, and recently had an embarrassing experience with another bank that denied me for too many Chex Inquiries.

Thanks in advance if you’re able to respond!

Sure, I haven’t ordered a chex report, as I’ve yet to need it. Within the past year, I’ve opened 13 accounts before this, but not sure which get reported to chex. Is it really all that bad to get denied in branch? Can’t you just say I needed an account for when I visit this area? I don’t think the banker can see how many other accounts you have, whether denied or not. Good luck!

I have a referral spot left if someone else wants to go for this bonus! Just opened an account here myself…smooth procedure, email me at to get the referral! Will be very thankful!

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