[YMMV] American Express Blue Business Plus 40,000 Points Signup Bonus With $5,000 Spend

Update 4/14/22: More people targeted with this link.

Update 3/10/22: New link here. No lifetime language. Hat tip to Parts_Unknown-

Update 11/15/21: More people targeted for this, showing up under amex offers. Hat tip to Traveling For Miles

Update 6/15/21: New link for this 30,000 offer. Updated below, YMMV. This time there’s an added 10,000 points for adding an employee card within 3 months. There’s also an end date showing of 12/31/21. Keep in mind, there’s a better 50,000 offer which some are getting; that one has $15,000 spend requirement. Hat tip to dannydealguru

The Offer

New link | Direct link to offer (keep in mind, these won’t work for everyone)

  • Some people are getting a pre-approval offer on the American Express Blue Business Plus card with a signup bonus of 30,000 points after $5,000 in spend within the first three months of card ownership.


Card Details

  • 2x Membership Rewards points on all purchases for the first $50,000 per calendar year
  • 1x Membership Rewards points on all other purchases
  • No annual fee
  • No lifetime language
  • 0% APR for first 15 months

Our Verdict

Not sure how widely available this offer is, likely very targeted. Lately they had a weird $300-credits signup bonus, but the standard has been either zero or 10,000 points since launch. We have seen targeted offers as high as 25,000 before, but never 30,000.

It’s not necessarily the best offer as you can technically get a referral from someone who will earn up to 30,000 points, in addition to the 10,000 points signup offer the new cardmember gets. That said, this is quite a good deal given the potential tax implications of referral bonuses whereas signup bonuses are not taxable. 

If you have any questions about American Express cards, read this first as it addresses the common questions.

Hat tip to manageroftheyear

Post history:

  • Update 2/9/21: More people targeted. Hat tip to MtM
  • Update 12/9/20: More targeted. Hat tip to reader Bob
  • Update 11/17/20: More people targeted

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As of 11:20pm PST Jun 7 2023, the Amex BBP 50k MR points for $15k spend in 12 months does not work for me anymore. I just got approved for the personal Gold with the the 90k MR points plus $200 statement credit offers and wanted to get the BBP right after but that 55k offer did not exist anymore. Anyone has a different elevated offer for the BBP?


is this a soft or hard pull? looks like i was targeted for 40k signup bonus


How does adding an Employee card work? If I add an employee, can that employee later get his own BBP card and get SUB?


If I have 5 Amex credit cards, do I need to close one to apply for BBP? if so, how long to wait between closing and application?


Got an email offer:

You’re pre-approved to apply for either:
The Blue Business® Plus Card
The Blue Business Cash™ Card
Earn up to 60,000 Membership Rewards® points1,2 or up to $600 in statement credits,3,4 then add Employee Cards to complete your bundle.

Feels like a no brainer.

Alex - big_deals🔗

“This offer is no longer available. If you’d still like to apply for a Business Card from American Express click here.”


Targeted, oh well maybe next year. Do referrals for this have a higher offer like the cash version?


My BBP is at 15k for referrals instead of the usual 10k, but it’s worse than Biz Plat referring at 20k and vanilla Plat at 30k. Although with the limit, your first Plat referral is 30k, and the second/last one is 25k.


Letter in the mail $250 back after 5k, additional $250 after 10k. 2% back up to 50k.


The link has an apply button, but it makes you log into your Amex profile to apply and when I log in it says the offer is unavailable.


No dice here….