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Published on April 24th, 2017 | by William Charles


[YMMV] American Express Personal Platinum 100,000 Points After $5,000 In Spend

The Offer

No direct link, see below

  • Earn 100,000 Membership Rewards points after $5,000 in spend on the American Express Personal Platinum card

platinum 100,000 offer

How To Get The Offer

This offer isn’t available to everybody and is a bit difficult to do. Try to follow these instructions and hope for the best:

  1. Clear browsing history/open a new incognito window
  2. Go to & search for American Express
  3. Click cards > Charge and Credit Card Offers > Check for offers

You want it to show you the offers without having to log in (let me know if it shows when you log in as well). If you see the 60,000 link then keep trying, people have gotten it to work even after initially seeing that the first time. This comment is also insanely helpful.

Card Details

  • Annual fee of $550 is not waived the first year
    • Authorized Platinum cards are $175 for three user (then $175 per Platinum)
    • Authorized Gold cards are free
    • Full details here
  • Card earns at the following rates:
    • 5x points per $1 spent on purchases made with airlines or with American Express Travel
    • 5x points per $1 spent on hotel bookings made directly from the American Express travel website
    • 1x points on all other purchases
  • $200 airline incidental credit per calendar year
  • $200 Uber credit ($15 per month and additional $20 in December)
  • Lounge access:
    • Centurion lounge access
    • International American Express lounge access
    • Delta SkyClub lounge access
    • Priority pass select membership
    • Airspace lounge access
  • Internet Access:
    • Unlimited Boingo internet access
  • SPG gold status (this will also give you Marriott Gold status)
  • Hilton gold status
  • Fee Credit for Global Entry or TSA Pre✓
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • View these other hidden benefits
  • You can only get the sign up bonus on American Express cards once per lifetime.

Our Verdict

Will this be treated like the leaked Platinum links and accounts frozen? I don’t see why it would be, but you never know with American Express these days. This offer also does include the once per lifetime language unfortunately. American Express is currently offering all types of incentives to sign up/keep the Platinum card. We’ve seen 50,000 retention bonuses, 60,000 point upgrade offers and targeted 60,000 point offers with no lifetime language.

This offer is basically as good as it gets for the American Express Platinum card and if you can get it to show, I’d sign up as long as you’re comfortable with the annual fee. As always read through these things everybody should know about American Express cards first.

Hat tip to m_b_b_1027 on /r/churning

140 Responses to [YMMV] American Express Personal Platinum 100,000 Points After $5,000 In Spend

  1. R says:

    60000 for me

  2. ktenorman says:

    couldn’t see anything before logging in, after login saw 60k

  3. Michael says:

    This is night and day different than a leaked link

  4. Josh Grenier says:

    60000 for me.

  5. J.M. says:

    60K in both google chrome incognito and Firefox private window

  6. Jeremy says:

    Does this have once per lifetime language?

  7. Tyler says:

    Not having any luck. Tried a few times. Anyone successful?

    • Shaun says:

      same here. only 60,000 – whether not logged in, logged in, or submitting partial personal info to solicit offers.

  8. T says:

    Any chance AMEX will “match” this offer like they have with the SPG and hilton. Those were public offers though.

  9. Dan says:

    Try VPN into china

  10. Zack says:

    after i go to the “Charge and Credit Card Offers” link, I don’t see “Check for offers” link anywhere

  11. jackie says:

    Using Chrome incognito mode, I can see “Earn up to 75,000 Membership Rewards® points Earn 50,000 Membership Rewards® points after you spend $10,000 and an extra 25,000 points after you spend an additional $10,000 all on qualifying purchases on the Business Platinum Card within your first 3 months of Card Membership.”

    How/where is once in a lifetime worded? In Terms and Conditions?

  12. jackie says:

    Oops, this is business platinum card.

  13. Dave C says:

    Ummm Baidu method’s been around right? Just got the 75k for $5k, but locked in the $450 AF, so I feel ok about it.

  14. Anna says:

    I got the 60,000 point after $5000 spend.
    However, I also got the 50,000 point after $2000 spend on Amex PRG.
    Got approved in one Click since I was already logged in.
    Easiest application ever !!!
    Thanks DoC.

  15. Patrick says:

    How do I check these offers without it asking me to log in if I’m already a member?


  16. Andrey says:

    How can you see a personalized offer without logging in, if you have an Amex account?

  17. Joey Sung says:

    tried 3 different iOS phones multiple browsers on my personal and work computers. Finally was able to get the 100,000 one after about 20 tries on work computer on IE in Private browsing mode. You know you have bypassed the log-in screen it takes longer than normal to load after you type in your information

  18. Travmom says:

    Looks like this is for pre-qualified folks only??? (Looking at the snapshot)

  19. Brad H says:

    I don’t understand how to bypass the pre-qualified bit. As soon as I click check for offers, it requests info (SSN#, etc). Is there a way around that?

  20. David says:

    Finally got it. Tried it for about 30 minutes.At one point, got the offer to show up, but the application loaded wonky. Finally got it again, applied and was approved instantly. Thanks for the tip.

    For the record, it was only after I filled out the part with the last four digits of my social security.

  21. Anna says:

    I got the 75,000/5000/450 offer but I am not sure if it is worth getting this card even if you don’t travel much?
    I am not seeing much benefit of getting this card.

    • Ben O. says:

      If you don’t travel, you won’t get much use out of this card, and won’t be able to take advantage of the travel credit, which helps to offset the annual fee.

      There are other cards out there that would be better and cheaper – like the Chase Sapphire Preferred or Amex Premier Rewards Gold. You can redeem the points for cash at least, but will get much more value from using them towards travel.

  22. Tom says:

    We got the 100k mile offer to show but then it disappeared, now it only shows gold premier for 50k miles, but no annual fee first year & $1k minimum spend…

  23. zen says:

    fill only the house number with no street info can bypass the login, worked for me

  24. Abey says:

    I received an amex offer in the mail to upgrade from gold business to platinum for 25K points after 2K spend.

    • Ben O. says:

      If you take that, keep in mind you won’t be eligible for any future bonuses on a Business Platinum card. The better bet would be to take the 100k or 75k from opening a new account as long as you’re comfortable with the higher spend required (and it is quite a bit higher – $10,000).

      Business Plat has that 50% MR rebate, which makes that kind of enticing even at the lower bonus.

  25. Don says:

    I’m targeted for the 60K for 5K spend offer. Hope that doesn’t mean I’m SOL. I’ll keep trying though

  26. Chris says:

    Used this method and got PRG 50K $2K/3mo and Plat 75K $5K/3mo ($550 fee).

    Not sure which one to jump on…….but I’m below 5/24 🙁

  27. Mark says:

    I did the prequalified offer and got 100,000 points offer on this card. I applied and was approved. Called new accounts and they confirmed my points bonus

  28. Jay says:

    The results of my experiments agree with zen’s DP above.
    Before I start, let’s clear up some confusion by making this clear: this 100k Plat offer is a ‘pre-qualified’ offer, not a random ‘incognito’ offer. It requires a valid soft pull of your credit.

    1. The whole Baidu thing/process is *NOT* necessary, and I don’t believe that it will increase your chances here either (since it is a pre-qualified offer, after all).
    2. You can simply open up a fresh incognito tab and proceed to this URL directly without doing anything else:
    Note that incognito mode is not required if you have never logged into any Amex account before using this browser, or if you clear all Amex-related cookies in advance.
    3. I inputted the requested personal information correctly, with the following exceptions:
    3a. I did not use capitalization for any words (including names, address etc.).
    3a. First name had one wrong letter (a ‘typo’).
    3b. Last name had one letter missing from the end.

    I did not ‘Select an Interest’ in the drop-down menu.

    Result: 100k/$5k Plat, 25k/$2k ED, $250/$1k BCE.

    You will know that you succeeded in viewing your best pre-qualified offers (at this time, that is) if:
    1. You are not asked to login. If this occurs, you need to fudge your personal information more (preferably your name) such that the Amex system is unable to match your info to an existing Amex account.
    2. You are immediately shown with the following message in the blue banner on top: “[insert first name here], we have found the following Pre-Qualified Card offers for you. These offers are only available here. We invite you to apply for one today.”
    If you instead see the following message in the blue banner: “we could not find Pre-Qualified Offers for you at this time. Based on your interests, we recommend the following Cards for you.”
    That indicates that you have fudged your name too much, and as a result the Amex system was unable to locate your credit file for the soft pull.

    If you still don’t see the 100k Plat after ‘succeeding’, then you’re probably out of luck for now.
    I saw the exact same offers with the same SSN (Plat, ED, BCE) on different browsers and IP addresses, so I know that this behavior is very consistent and reproducible.
    I also tried varying my name slightly while still following the ‘intentional mistake’ rules that I mentioned above, and still ended up with the exact same offers every time. For example, the hypothetical names ‘joha smit’, ‘johz smit’ and ‘johh smit’ would all result in the same pre-qualified offers on the same SSN and address.

    • Jay says:

      Ok, just confirmed that capitalization has absolutely no influence on the results either. Well, I suspected as much…but at least that means you can be lazy while trying different combinations of your name/address 🙂

    • R says:

      used my old address and missing letters from first and last name to show up the offer again. ty

    • Kim says:

      your link got me $100K. interchanged two letters in my first name and dropped off a letter in last name. The application went through with that info and I got it approved.

    • Arthur says:

      WOW thank you so much! I spent ~30 mins trying the Baidu system without any luck. I followed your instructions word for word and it worked on the first try.

      To confirm: I switched one letter in my first name (i instead of u) and left the last letter of my last name off. Filled out address accurately and SSN, didn’t pick an “interest” category.

      Thank you for the thorough and easy-to-follow step by step!

    • P says:

      This worked but I already have the Plat, so only the other two are showing up.

    • Alex says:

      Just got approved for 100k, thanks a lot!

    • Helen says:

      THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I thought this offer might be dead, but I did exactly what you described & got the 100K offer. I am already an authorized user on my husband’s Amex Plat. For my first name, I added a letter and took out a letter in my last name. Everything else was correct.

    • Louie says:

      Thank you soooo much!
      I spent a whole afternoon on calling AMEX and doing research but couldn’t get rid of the 60K offer. Your comment gave me the 100k offer and saved my day.

    • Ivan X says:

      Thanks for this. Alas, many incognito windows later, no sale. I’m either always asked to log into my account, or “We could not find pre-qualified offers for you.” I’m guessing that because my full name is not common, it’s pretty easy for them to get a match, and ask me to log in, or if I screw it up enough, they just can’t find me; but there’s no ambiguity regarding other possible accounts.

      And when it comes to address fudging, Amex was my very first card, so I don’t think I’ve ever *not* had one, and so therefore they’ve got every address I’ve ever had.

      Congrats to all the winners here, though!

    • Eric says:

      OMG!!!! It worked!! After trying for about an hour!! I changed my first name and last name when inputting information but I didn’t have a luck.
      But I changed 1 letter from my first name, 2 letters from last name and input last address and got an 100k offer! Thank you sooooo much Bro!!

    • kerrigjl says:

      Using this method, the offer I see does not include the no lifetime language; anyone successfully get the MR bonus if you’ve had it before?

    • sunny says:

      i suppose that this is already patched? can anyone please confirm

  29. James Eastwood says:

    I tried several times following the clear cookies/incognito/baidu method and starting with a new incognito window from scratch each round. This is my path to eventual success.

    Round 1 – Proper name, address, SSN. Asked to log-in, log-in, errors out the website completely.
    Round 2 – Put in a different address but same name and last 4 of SSN, asked to log-in, log-in, 60k offer only
    Round 3 – Put in the wife’s name, address, and last 4 of SSN, she doesn’t have any Amex cards and therefore no log-in, shown 100k offer, but decided against applying for reasons irrelevant to this post.

    Round 4, Finally Success – Put in proper name, address, SSN and put TRAVEL REWARDS in the optional interests box, asked to log-in, log-in with my PRG username/password, get 100K offer, screenshot, apply, approved, screenshot, setup account and the rest is history.

    Now maybe the TRAVEL REWARDS made the difference or maybe round 4 was just lucky BUT, I do think it shows that you can still get the 100K offer even if you log-in and I don’t think putting TRAVEL REWARDS necessarily hurts your chances of getting the offer to show up. Another take-away is that I didn’t have to fake an address or SSN and used all my actual credentials and was able to get the 100K offer to show, so try try try legitimately for as many times as you can and only use less legitimate methods as a last resort.

    • Jay says:

      Interesting, I believe that’s the first DP I’ve seen of seeing the 100k offer after logging in! In that case, it looks like both avenues are worth a try (with and without logging in). And no, I don’t believe that selecting “Travel Rewards” is important (unless you accidentally select “Cash Back”, which I would presume eliminates the Plat).

      However, note that the “Check for Offers” form in this method is entirely redundant if you want to see your pre-qualified offers after logging in.
      Instead, simply log into your Amex account, then navigate to
      directly. You should see some pre-qualified offers for cards that have never been added to that account. Obviously, if you already have a Plat on that account, it will not show you any offers for another Plat.

      Note that the post-login and non-login pre-qualified offers appear to be entirely different offers, and that the non-login ones seem to be much better (at least in my case)…but now that you’ve hit the jackpot post-login, it’s definitely worth a try!

      • Patrick says:

        The problem with this is that if you have a PRG you can’t “apply” for the Plat, but only “upgrade” with no offer. I’m not clear how James got the Plat 100k offer if he had a PRG attached to his login.

  30. Greg says:

    Hi Jay thank you so much it worked and I got the 100k offer!! I did your exact instructions and had a typo in my first and last name. After submitting the app it says this: “Thanks, Gregg. We’ve received your application, but we can’t give you a decision right now.

    We’ll process your application as soon as possible and send you a decision within 14 days.
    While we’re reviewing your application, please don’t submit another application for The Platinum Card® from American Express.”

    My real name is Greg, should I call them or just wait it out?

    • Jay says:

      I suspect that if your DOB and address all match perfectly to the credit file tied to your SSN, and the name on the application isn’t too far away from what your credit file shows, a typo or two on your name probably wouldn’t affect the application process. That’s just my hunch though, since I’ve never gone through the whole process with a myself.

      Though if that is true, then the potential ‘downside’ of waiting it out is that if you do get approved, you’d probably get a new name (and name ID) added to your credit reports. You can dispute that name away if you wanted to, but that would be extra hassle. I’m not actually sure about whether having a ton of ‘typo’ names on your credit reports would have any effect on credit decisions, though. My impression was that they’re mainly for informational/anti-identity theft purposes–I myself currently have about 6 different (but similar) names on my credit reports because of CSRs mishearing my name over the phone and different name reporting conventions…

      You might be able to avoid that by calling in to let them know that there was a ‘typo’ on your application, but I’ve never tried or seen any DPs on this so I can’t say that for sure.

  31. Superchurn says:


    Was just approved using the instructions above! Woohoo!

    One key thing I did though, after being required to login the first time and seeing the 60k offer… I changed my address on the Amex page that asked for your basic info to check for cards.

    I did NOT use the same address Amex has on file for me already….and apparently that got past the silly login part. On the actual application, I used the same address Amex already has, and it was smooth sailing…until I hit the dreaded “We’ve received your application, but we can’t give you a decision right now.”

    I called in to recon and they just wanted to verify my phone number and address…they insisted on calling me back on my phone number and then re-verified my address.

    But then approved!

  32. Unlucky in brooklyn says:

    Have been able to skip log-in numerous times but only get Blue Cash Everyday, Amex Everyday and PRG offers. Anybody else having this problem?

  33. Greg says:

    Thanks Jay. They emailed me a reference number so I called (sounds like India call center) & she corrected my name, my app is still being reviewed. Hopefully all goes well 🙂

  34. R says:

    my experience here as I have seen the offer thrice now
    change the address only, dont change the name as second step wouldnt let you change the name and that can lead to hassle

    • R says:

      i can add approved to this now

    • Jay says:

      Interesting, thanks for that DP too!
      The problem in my experience was that I spent hours trying to bypass the login by fudging the address in a multitude of different ways while leaving my real name intact, and it was either still sending me to login (indicating that I didn’t fudge ‘enough’) or not finding any pre-qualified offers at all (indicating that I fudged ‘too much’).
      Whereas I was able to bypass the login to get the pre-qualified offers within minutes of playing around with my name instead of my address. But if it worked for you, I’m sure it’ll work for some others as well 🙂 It probably doesn’t help that my real address does not have an Address 2 (unit/ste/apt etc.).

      I did briefly mention in a previous comment what might happen if you went ahead and applied under a name that contains a typo. TL;DR: likely no negative consequences, but if you don’t want a new name to clutter up your credit reports, you can quickly call in to correct that as in Greg’s DP. If address-fudging doesn’t seem to be working out for you, it might save you more time by going with just name-fudging instead and calling in to change the name on the app later.

    • Jay says:

      In case you can help others here, what kind of changes did you make to just your address such that it was able to bypass the login and still see the pre-qualified offers?

      I’d also like to know out of academic curiosity. I don’t even know why I spent so long researching this (other than for the sake of curiosity)…I personally can’t even use my 100k offer since I already jumped on last year’s Thanksgiving 100k leak, but the other offers are decent as well.

      • R says:

        when I got to work it second time i used my previous address, 3rd time i used my previous to previous address 🙂

        I have had 4 address in 5 years

        • Jay says:

          That’s a good idea, though it’s probably quite YMMV because that was one of the first things I tried before posting my first comment 🙁

          I’ve had four addresses in the past two years, but trying to use any of my old addresses still results in being prompted to login.

          Actually, you gave me an idea/hypothesis about why some old non-typo addresses might work, but not others. It’s highly likely that all of your previous addresses are reported in your credit file. Therefore, if your credit file contains addresses that Amex does not already know about in their online system (i.e. you have never used those addresses as a billing or mailing address for any of your Amex cards), it is very likely that you would be able to use your real name together with such an address in order to bypass the login but still successfully initiate the soft pull for pre-qualified offers.

          Unfortunately I can’t test this out because all of the addresses on my credit reports have been a billing address for Amex at some point or another, but I’m sure there are those who are in a position to test this 🙂

      • Superchurn says:

        I just used an entirely different address, an old address that is on my credit file.

        when the actual application page came up, it let me edit the address to my current address no problem

        • linglingfool says:

          This is exactly how I was able to pull mine up — was able to match my credit report but not my account at AMEX. Thanks for the tip!

          • Superchurn says:

            that’s great it worked for you too. maybe it’s a good way to bypass the login in general for new Amex offers in the future.

  35. Kelly says:

    Is this offer valid for people who do NOT own any AMEX cards? I have no login and it is not showing up the platinum card as an offer.

    • lingua says:

      this was my first amex card and got the 100k using the “past address” method described above…

      Initially tried just misppelled name and current address and I did not get it to show

  36. Jay says:

    I log in and I get apply for an Upgrade because I have the PRG card already. Does this mean they will not show me the point offer while I have this card.

    • R says:

      i dont think so, why dont try and let group know

      • Jay says:

        I don’t see any point offer all I see is the upgrade. It won’t show me without logging in either.

        • R says:

          try try again as this is very ymmv, i wanted the card so kept trying and finally go it, check out DOC’s post on hidden benefits of the card as well. one very relevant to me lounge in a mall near to me

  37. Patrick says:

    I got this to work by putting my apartment number in address field 1, and leaving out my street address.

    That got past the Amex existing user check, but matched my credit file.

  38. Aubrey says:

    After a zillion tries, I finally altered my name address in just the right combo to bypass the log in and get the coveted blue banner.
    And all my offers are lame!!!

  39. Will says:

    I used my middle name as my first name and my parents address (this way I could say I autofilled on Chrome). Showed me offers, including the 100k plat! I applied, changing everything to the correct stuff except my name which was locked in. Upon submission I was told to call them. I called them, had a nice CSR who asked me questions to confirm my identity. He also changed my name to my legal first name, submitted the application, and I was approved! Got him to read back the bonus before I got off the phone, 100k points for $5k spend in 3 months for people new to the product!

    • chroomba says:

      Hi Will,
      My name was also locked in through pre-qualified offers. However, when I tried to submit, there was an error message that says “Your First Name is required to process the application. Your Last Name is required to process the application”. But since my name has been locked in, I couldn’t fill in anything in the Full Name box.
      Did it happen to you? Thx!

      • Will says:

        Nope, didn’t have any trouble on the application..but when I selected the 100k offer the first time it got stuck loading. I was able to resubmit my info and get the 100k offer to show a second time, this time everything worked.

      • Austin Hill says:

        I was all excited– got the 100K offer, but when I apply it grey’s out the FULL NAME and shows a LOCK in the far right. I can’t fill it in, but it says its a required fill when I click submit. Anyone else experience this?

        • James Hawkins says:

          I’m experiencing the same thing — I can consistently get the 100k offer to show up, but in any browser (incognito or not, Chrome or Safari), I can’t fill in my name. When I try to submit the form, I get the same error:

          “Your First Name is required to process the application”
          “Your Last Name is required to process the application”


          • Jay says:

            Exactly same problem here…like above 3 people.

            Full name field is locked with empty box even though I provided full first and last name.

            Anyone know how to get around this?????

  40. Stas says:

    I just got the 100k to show after clearing all of my browser history (since day one option). The only AMEX card I have is the SPG business.

  41. Greg says:

    Exact same thing that Will wrote applied to me. I called Recon 1-866-314-0237, had a nice CSR, he said there’s a technical glitch with my app. I said please verify the spelling of my name, I corrected it, submitted & approved! Had him verify the bonus and he said 100k 🙂 Big Thanks to Jay, Doc, & everyone else here!

  42. Eric says:

    Does this offer have the one bonus per lifetime language?

  43. Alex says:

    Just got approved for 100k points. Thanks a lot!

  44. greg says:

    its asking me for a 14 digit rsvp code at bottom of page, it says respong to your mail offer

  45. Andrew says:

    I got the login screen several times, and I was set to give up as I didn’t want to mess with typos, but I decided to try one experiment. My street address begins with the direction West. I usually type it as W. followed by the street name. But this time I simply left off the period after the W – I didn’t expect it to work after so many failed attempts, but sure enough it gave me three offers, including the ED for 25k which was exactly what I was looking for.

    • Eric says:

      Thanks for the idea. I put all of my real information except I wrote out “Street” instead of “St” like I always put. This allowed me to bypass the login screen and I was just approved for the 25K ED offer also.

  46. YoLaViajera says:

    Site keeps giving me this message:
    Sorry, an error occurred. The service you requested is currently not available. Please try again later.
    Is anyone else having this problem??
    Using Incognito on Chrome.

  47. sam says:

    I tried and it will not let me select a state outside of what the drop down shows as the first 9 or so options

  48. Mark says:

    AmEx is notorious with clawbacks. I can’t spend that amount organically. The AF is quite high. Therefore would pass this. If there was no AF I would take a chance.

  49. Tony says:

    My offer is for 60K like everybody else.

  50. Kroozer says:

    Thanks to Jay for the simplified method on April 25th.
    I could not get the offer to show up with fudging the address, so I had to fudge the first name and last name as suggested and unlocked my offers. Two cards instantly approved and allowed me to setup new cards in my existing online account. Both new cards showed the modified name in Account Services -> Personal Details.
    I didn’t want the modified name to be reported to credit bureaus, so I contacted customer service via online chat. They verified identity using my older AmEx card (4 digit front code and 3 digit back code) and updated the name on both new cards immediately. Name corrected within 30 minutes of new account applications.

  51. Dillan says:

    Has anyone tried this in the last day or two? I’ve attempted all the above changes and got nothing. Either its too close and I get asked to log in or its too far off and it says “we have no pre-qualified offers for you” and gives me no platinum offers.

    • ajpl says:

      If you’re getting those two results then you’re not succeeding—keep trying different typos.

      For my part, I finally found a combination of typos and got the blue banner with “we have found the following Pre-Qualified Card offers for you. These offers are only available here. We invite you to apply for one today.”

      …aaaand it’s nothing but the regular public offers for ED and BCE. No Plat in sight. >:( But it sounds like you haven’t gotten through yet, and it’s still possible.

    • rob says:

      Just got to pull today…. but opened different card and I can’t spend over 5k in 3 months for 2 different cards.
      Earn 100,000
      Membership Rewards® points
      after you use your new Card to make $5,000 in purchases in your first 3 months.†
      Annual fee of $ 550.¤

    • j says:

      I never got the platinum offer using my first name.

      But if I use my brother’s name or the first letter of his first name, I see the platinum offer every time. So try using the first letter of your parents or sibling’s first name.

      – don’t need to use real SS #
      – real address

  52. barterback says:

    I am not interested in Amex Platinum 100k offer but want to grab Green (or Gold) 25k offer. What’s the best way to pull up that offer?

  53. lingua says:

    Just got the 100k approved.

    I’m new to Amex and understand this is a charge card correct? If so, I might as well get a Amex credit card today and the pull should be combined…Which Amex credit card offer is best right now?

    Part of the confusion for me is not seeing any verbiage as to charge vs. credit on type of card in posts or on Amex.

    • lingua says:

      Ok, still interested in responses, but found this page to help guide what cards were credit vs. charge:

      And fishing around got the Amex Everyday w/ a 25k bonus offer which according to this post seems like a solid deal:

      So I should be able to transfer my bank of points from Platinum to Everyday when it comes time to close Platinum (before second AF) right?

      These points were looking especially attractive to me since beyond the 200 yearly uber credit they get a 1:1 exchange for paying Uber rides as well (I uber a lot). At least this was the case with the Plat and I am assuming with the Everyday…

      Thanks to Chuck, Sirtheta, and Will for the awesome posts!

      • Eric says:

        You won’t need to transfer from Plat to ED. Your points will automatically be merged by Amex before the closure.

        Are you saying that 10K MR would equal $100 Uber credit? I don’t use Uber but I’m just curious.

        • lingua says:

          Saw this on another site but confirmed it here:

          where under Using the Program it states:

          “When you choose to use points for your ride, you will redeem 100 points for every $1 in Uber services in the program. For example, if your ride costs $23.50, you will redeem 2,350 points.”

          The spouse and I share a car so being able to put these to Uber is fantastic for us; hopefully it stays an option. That and after exhausting Chase and Merrill+ cards, we’ve got plent of miles for travel 🙂

      • sirtheta says:

        American Express ties MR to an overarching MR account, not to your individual charge or credit cards. So long as you have one charge or credit card that is linked to the overarching account, your MR are safe. (Do note that some cards have limitations on what they allow MR to be used for if they are the only card tied to your overarching account — such as the Blue for Business. The EveryDay does not have this problem, though.)

        And you’re welcome 🙂

  54. Dan says:

    Didn’t get any qualified offers despite trying everything.

  55. wz says:

    After many tries following Jay’s post, i got the 100K Plat offer. After triple checking it, i don’t see the once in life time term . (I have had in the past and used my info with the name and previous address trick).

    So is it safe to apply or should i let my SO apply using it?

    • Bruce says:

      I’ve tried many different times with the name trick and using current and previous addresses. I cannot get the 100k offer to show up, or any pre-approved platinum offer.

      Any suggestions?

  56. Wong says:

    If you have a co-branded amex plat such as the Charles Schwab version, can you still qualify for the regular plat 100k bonus? Datapoints on reddit claim that co-branded cards are considered separate products.

  57. CL says:

    Would I be eligible for the bonus since I had the Ameriprise plat card slightly more than 2 years ago? Isn’t it a different product?

    • Dee says:

      It IS a different product and me and several others have confirmed that having the Schwab/Ameriprise/Mercedes-Benz/Morgan Stanley won’t affect your eligibility for the regular personal or business platinum. There are DPs of people having the different versions simulataneously and still being eligible for the individual sign up bonuses.

  58. Peter says:

    Thank you so much! I got 100k offer for $5k spend on personal. After trying multiple times, I finally got it!! I got approved as well. I just mispelled my first and last name.

  59. Prashanth says:

    this worked great and got approved. thanks for posting. last letter of both my first and last name were removed.

  60. J says:

    got the 100k by misspelling my first name! Thanks for the tip! Was I supposed to correct the name on the actual card to the real spelling?

    Question: i tried to add this card to my existing AMEX online login account, but was unable. if my first name doesn’t match my original name on the account, do i have to create a separate AMEX login, in which case, do the points get merged with my main AMEX account?

    thanks again!

  61. J says:

    I can’t find the lifetime language in my offer. Where would it be? Here’s a screenshot:

  62. ElJefe says:

    Sigh, I am the data point I didn’t really want to be. Lots of variations, dropped letters in first name, last name, old address, bad numbers in address. Only variation of offers were login (if address was wrong state or zip), or unremarkable offers with or without the blue banner.

  63. J says:

    When I entered my info, I didn’t even the platinum card offer. But when I used my brother’s name, see the platinum and100k offer. Damn

  64. tim says:

    To provide another DP, I log in w/ normal name, current or previous address, apt # in 1 or 2, and name variations.

    I do not have an Amex, but may have had one 15 years ago (Can’t remember), and regularly receive mailings.

    They typically found me, wasn’t asked to log in, but never get the 100k.

  65. sunny says:

    the only charge card is showing is PRG with 50k after 1k in spend after 3 months
    thats with not my correct information like the first name and the last name

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