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Citi $100/10,000 Points Referral Bonus on Double Cash, ThankYou, and American Airlines Cards [Links Now Working]

Update 11/3/18: The links are now being sent out via e-mail. The e-mail itself mentions the 24 month language, but the application links don’t. I’d be surprised if 24 month language doesn’t apply, but you never know when it comes to Citi. The offers are:

Update 11/1/18: Offer is now being sent out via email (via Reddit). You click the link in the email and input the referral information.

The Offer

When logging into Citicards, many people are seeing a referral bonus page pop up with offers such as:

  • Get $100 when referring a friend to Citi Double Cash. Max 5 referrals over the next 12 months.
  • Get 10,000 ThankYou points when referring a friend to Citi ThankYou Premier card. Max 5 referrals over the next 12 months.
  • Get 10,000 American Airlines miles when referring a friend to Citi AA Platinum Select card. Max 5 referrals over the next 12 months.

They do have odd/interesting terms whereby you first enroll, then YOU – the referrer – spends $500, and then you can get the bonus for each referral.

The Fine Print

  • After you spend $500 in a 12-month period beginning from date of enrollment, you will receive a bonus Cash Back award of $100 for each friend you refer through this Refer-a-friend offer.
  • Bonus Cash Back will post to your account within 1-2 billing cycles.
  • You are limited to a maximum of 20 referrals and 5 bonus awards per 12 month period beginning from your enrollment date. (I interpret this to mean that you can send up to 20 referrals, after which point the system won’t allow you to send any more. But you can only earn a bonus on up to 5 who actually use the referral.)

Our Verdict

I see this offer for Double Cash when logging in and others have seen it for various ThankYou and American Airlines cards. It’s only showing on the website, not in the app. Update 11/1/18: it’s now being sent out via email as well.

Keep in mind is that we don’t yet know what the signup bonus offer will be for the new member. If there is no bonus for new member, it’s pretty useless. It could get interesting if referrals have different language in the terms than regular signups.

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If we’re waiting for Citi to get their IT together we might be waiting a long, long time…


Am I missing something? My husband has the Double Cash referral offer but doesn’t have the Double Cash card. How does that work??

I saw this when I logged into my Citi account and the only card I have with them is the Simplicity. Weird.

Just a note, when applying for the citi double cash card thru their website, it shows no sign up bonus. While I know there is a special link with the $150 bonus floating around right now. This promo was probably launched just to confuse ppl, I highly doubt the person who is doing the applying can both receive a $150 bonus and give a $100 referral.

I think the $150 expired in sept. If there is a hidden link that is it out there please post it here

Here’s the direct link to create a referral link for this offer:

That link somehow brings me to the Citibank Philippines? Oo

I noticed the mention of the Philippines on this website after I posted the link. I was given the direct link in an online chat with a Citi representative and told it was for this specific referral offer. Like you, I’m skeptical that’s the case.

It cannot be right. The website is .ph one, not US site.

Christopher Smith

And this thing is horribly insecure; your referral code includes most of your phone number and the last 4 digits of your card number.

Good move – have been referring my friends for this over CSP (its a lot easier to get) and maybe I will make some profit 🙂

Sent myself the referral mail, let me see when the link arrives.

Received my enrollment confirmation email, but still haven’t received the actual referral mail.

Can you send me a referral email for Citi Premier 60k please?

Mine requires a spend of $600. I don’t get it.

same for me. AA card

Does this apply to the AA BIZ version? I can’t see it at my end

Just got an email from Citi for TYP premier.
1. Invite using friends email
2. spend $500 in the next 12 month
3.10k points for each approved friend.

Got the same email.

dr william, is there a way I can refer myself from my ascend to apply for the amex hilton ascend business and get your offer of 125k plus 100 statement credit? when I use my refferall link only it takes me to the standard offer page without the 100 dollars link that you have is it possible to get voth? thank you and i hope I dont sound selfish

This referral is only via email and if you’re interested to apply for this card, shoot me an email to [removed] and I will send an invite to you.

Thank you!

i want to know if it is possible to stack both

Is there a sign up bonus on double cash with referral link?

Yes, $125 on $625 spend.

The spend makes sense. They don’t want people who never use their cards getting referral bonuses.

A friend of mine got this from his AA card so of course I asked him to send me both the email he got and a referral. He did and Citi then sent him a message letting him know I’d been referred. I have received no email 🙁

Super curious to see a) what the offer is, especially since there are several AA offers floating around recently, and b) to see if there is 1/24 language.

I invited my daughter to apply for a Citi Double Cash Back card so I could get a $100 bonus and she could get my favorite 2% cash back card. The offer she received today from my invitation said she would get a “$125 Cash Back Bonus after $625 in purchases within the first 3 months of account opening” by using my invitation link. I would be happy to invite others if they want to receive an invitation.

I also can confirm that the person who is being referred will receive $125 cash back in 1-2 billing cycles after the $625 spending hurdle is met within first 3 months of account opening.

I invited my girlfriend to the Citi Double Cash. She received her email a few hours ago and plans to sign up with the referral link. If anyone else is looking for a referral, let me know. Have a great weekend everyone 🙂

I’m considering applying since I missed the $150/500 offer so I certainly could use a referral (if that’s within the site’s rules of course)

Please go to my blog and leave a comment on the post and I can send you a referral. Thank you.

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