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Current Savings Account Sign Up Bonuses

Published on June 7th, 2017 | by Chuck


Discover Savings $100 Bonus with $15,000 Deposit

Bonus is back again.

Offer at a glance

  • Maximum bonus amount: $100
  • Availability: Nationwide
  • Direct deposit required: None
  • Additional requirements: Deposit $15,000
  • APY: 1.10%
  • Initial Deposit: None
  • Hard/soft pull: Soft
  • ChexSystemsChecking does have Chex inquiry
  • Credit card funding: None
  • Monthly fees: None
  • Early account termination fee: None mentioned
  • Expiration date: May 15, 2017 July 17th, 2017
  • Insured: FDIC

The Offer

Direct link to offer

There’s no landing page for this offer, but on the third page of the application there’ll be a promo code box. After inputting the promo code, you’ll see the terms of the offer. APY on this account is now 1.10%

The Fine Print

  • Account must be opened by July 17th, 2017.
  • $15,000 deposit requirement must be met by July 17th 31st, 2017.
  • Not available to existing or previous Discover savings customers.
  • Bank account bonuses are treated as interest and you’re required to pay taxes on them.

Avoiding Fees

There are no fees to with this account.

Discover does not have any minimum balance requirement, and you can withdraw all the funds after opening the account and fulfilling the $15,000 deposit requirement.

Early Termination Fee

There’s no mention of a fee for closing the account at any time. Note that you need to leave the account open until March 31st or whenever the bonus posts.

Our Verdict

This bonus is very often available, but usually it requires an affiliate link which we don’t use on our site; this current offer is a public one. We’ve been trying to get Discover to do a DoC only deal, but limited progress has been made.

This deal is pretty good if you can float $15,000. It doesn’t look like there is any deposit requirement length, so you should be able to deposit $15,000 and then immediately withdraw it. In the past bonus has posted around 5-15 days after the $15,000 requirement has been met.

Lots of people like the Discover bonuses since they are so easy to do, and the interest rate offered on the account is decent too (though not the best around). We will be adding this bonus to our list of the best saving account promotions.

Hat tip to Mehuk

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73 Responses to Discover Savings $100 Bonus with $15,000 Deposit

  1. lingua says:

    Did the last one in January and the bonus posted 8 days after deposit. Pulled most the money and have kept open as a DD option since it’s once per lifetime anyways and the interest is ok.

  2. Ritesh says:

    dumb question, how do you deposit 15k at once since they dont have a branch

  3. Nab says:

    @Chuck – Do you have to have a Discover card to be eligible?

  4. Mark O says:

    Could you cycle through the money – deposit 5k pull it and then redeposit it etc. or do you need to have a 15k balance all at one time?

  5. Jan says:

    Would the bonus work if I have the discover checking already?

  6. kk says:

    About a week ago I received a letter from Discover bank that they will close my checking account. This was sudden and out of no where. Wonder if anyone else had a similar experience? I opened the account about 4 years ago and never used it that much except for a couple of transactions a month on average.

    • Might just be due to inactivity. Did you try calling them?

      • kk says:

        I ‘ve used this account more frequently than ever in the last month or 2 wtih debitize and few DD for Raise. Those would be around 5-6 transactions per month in total, if not less.

        I did and they weren’t willing to tell me more than it was just a “business” decisions. I didn’t fight, but it was sure frustrating and uneasy to think that banks can close your accounts just like that.

        I opened only 2 other checking and their Savings accounts last year (totally 4)

    • Chuck says:

      They said because of now balance, right? I once got the same. Just leave $1 in there.

    • Albrecht says:

      They have a dedicated department called “Account Protection” or some such important name which has unlimited powers to slice and dice. Our entire extended family had accounts with the bank, but because we linked them for occasional transfers from one to another, the said department nuked all of them, including any accumulated bonuses & remaining balances (thankfully < $10).

    • Ven says:

      I recently received a similar letter but not saying as closing the account, but to warn me saying exceeded more then federal regulated withdrawal transaction limit, which is maximum 6 transaction per a calendar month. since I am not aware of this rule, from this month I am using it as my primary bank to pay my rent/CC bills. hence crossed 12 transactions. Even trail deposit and withdraw from other bank also counted as one tran.

      When I called CSR, she said there would be $15 transaction charge on each transaction (have 6 more trns then allowed limit). If this is repeated more than once in a calendar year, Discover will close your account.

      since this is first time, I am not sure whether they can forgive me with out a $15*6 charge, but CSR told to call back once statement is generated.

      hope this info helps few more folks around.

      • Albrecht says:

        Any Savings account has a limit of 6 withdrawals / month. Don’t use it to pay bills, only as an exception (like a mortgage) and watch it like a hawk. Ally bank actually shows the # of outgoing transactions left for the statement period.

  7. Olly says:

    I’d love to do this, but they won’t open savings accounts for aliens who aren’t permanent residents any more. They’re perfectly happy to lend me $40k unsecured via my Discover credit card though – figure that one out!

    Hopefully they’ll still be offering this when I get my green card in a few months…

    • Nihao says:

      On the application they say “U.S. Resident Aliens” is ok. That means you either have a green card, or have been in the US long enough this year (substantial presence test).

      So non-permanent residents can apply no problem.

      • Olly says:

        They’ve changed the application form since my comment back in February – if you said no to the US Citizen question it used to specifically ask if you were a Permanent Resident Alien and if you said no it popped up a message saying that they couldn’t accept your application at this time.

        It looks like I can take advantage of this now 🙂

  8. saratkiran says:

    I have a good amount in Discover checking. If I open Discover savings and transfer from checking to savings does it count in the 15000$ ?


  9. Jake N says:

    1/31 – opened account (under old promo)
    2/3 – initial $500 deposit posted
    2/6 – ACH $15k from Ally
    2/16 – $100 bonus posted

    I use Discover as my primary checking account, so will likely keep this open with some nominal amount just to maintain the relationship. I find their app, site, service and transfer speeds to be pretty solid. Only downside is not being able to deposit MOs from mobile.

  10. Ryan R says:

    Has Discover historically had any better savings account bonuses? I’m inclined to go ahead and do this offer, but would prefer to just hold out if there’s likely to be a $200 or $300 bonus at some point in the future (since it looks like there’s no possibility to churn with Discover).

  11. Ryan says:

    2/22/17 – Opened account
    2/23/17 – ACH $15k from Ally
    2/24/17 – $500 opening deposit posted
    3/2/17 – $100 bonus posted

  12. Jdoc13 says:

    2/15: Opened Discover savings account online and funded with $15,000 transfer from Ally; online access setup
    3/2: $100 bonus received

  13. MontyFC says:

    How long do I need to keep the money in the account to qualify?

    • Den says:

      As per post: “It doesn’t look like there is any deposit requirement length, so you should be able to deposit $15,000 and then immediately withdraw it.”

  14. mark says:

    My bonus posted very quickly. Deposited the coin on Feb 21 and received the bonus on March 2.

  15. kiloWUTT says:

    When is the earliest I can close this account? Does it benefit me by leaving it open somehow?

  16. TJ says:

    Since this expired, I used a NerdWallet link. Does anyone know if the bonus still posts quickly with an affiliate link?

    ACH’d $15k from Alliant on 3/8, still waiting for my $100. 😀

  17. Michael Bye says:

    I applied under offer code SAVE117D1 on 2/25. My bonus did not arrive by yesterday’s 3/31 deadline. I secure messaged them about it. Their response was that an expired code was somehow applied to my account and I did not meet the requirements of that expired code. I have since provided them the screenshots of my application showing which code and offer details I signed up under. They said they will get back to me on the matter in 2 – 3 weeks. This is my first bonus I have ever had to fight for and was not expecting Discover to be the one to do it.

    • David says:

      I don’t think they have ever had a different promotion.

      • Michael says:

        I never received responses from my account but the bonus was credited on 4/17 (17 days late). I will be moving the money out and closing with my first bad Discover experience after many good experiences previously.

  18. Charlie says:

    Does anyone know if there is a household limit? May as well get it twice if possible

    • Gmoney says:

      No household requirement but once per lifetime for the individual. I did mine last year and wife’s this year so you should go for it.

  19. David says:

    I’m still waiting for their checking bonus to come back…

  20. LagerBack says:

    Are discover savings accounts Churnable? Or once in a lifetime like Capital One 360?

  21. KS says:

    Discover Bank has updated it’s APY to 1.01% as of today. May want to update “Offer at a glance”.

  22. JL says:

    I received the same offer, but from Open account by 5/31 using offer code: MINT417 and deposit $15k by 6/15. Bonus will be credit by 6/30.

  23. Cory says:

    4/25: signed up for bonus offer using a promo code from another blog
    4/27: deposited 15k from chase checking account
    5/1: receive email that my account is suspended and funds frozen due to suspicious activity. I call them and they say “oh we just wanted to verify that it was you who opened the account”…yes it was me, do they freeze everyone’s account who signs up and makes a deposit? What a lame experience. I wont be using Discover again.

    • Dave says:

      It happens every once in a while with every bank, so don’t take it personally or take it out on Discover. It just happened to me when I tried to move a similar amount to Chase. The Chase fraud people held it up for a few days. Sign of the times. I don’t think Discover was doing it to be a-holes. I have actually found them to be quite friendly.

  24. Dan says:

    All my deposits posted by apr 26.. still haven’t seen bonus.. also took a long time for deposits to post. No one has confirmed whether you still qualify for bonus if you withdraw under 15k before then.. can anyone confirm?

  25. KS says:

    Bonus posted today as well.

    05/01/2017: deposit $15k from Discover checking
    05/05/2017: $100 bonus posted

  26. NN says:

    5/9/17 $15k deposited to acct.
    5/13/17 $100 posted

    Thanks DoC 🙂

  27. Steve says:

    4/24/17 – Account opening
    5/3/17 – $15k in deposits complete
    5/15/17: $100 Bonus!

  28. Trippy says:

    So it needs a $15k balance and not cumulative deposit of $15k?

  29. Mehuk says:

    Just received this offer in the mail. The new expiration date is open by 7/17/17, deposit by 7/31/17 and bonus will be posted by 8/15/17. The new APR is 1.01%. Go here.

  30. JASON says:

    Discover online banking track down your I.P. address every time when you login. My online checking account was open last year, around August, was shut down without any notice twice and I spoke with the manager and finally got back my online account. I forgot if I did that for their saving account bonus at that time. But anyway, at first my account was shut down was due to their so-called business decision, spoke with a CS over the phone and was told I login to three accounts from the same computer. That was right because at that time I helped my parents to register their own individual checking account too since they don’t have credit card so the 10 cents reward per transaction sounds good when they make small purchase such as $0.25 parking or even $10 supermarket grocery. So of course they shut down my parent’s account too. And I was only fighting for mine since I did ACH a few K into the saving as well. CS said I login into three accounts from one single computer. My argue point is that we are living in the same place, using the same wifi, so even we have our own individual computer it would eventually show the same I.P.. And in reality, even there is access from the same device or simply saying the computer, how can you block one’s account just because of that?

    Another DP I want to bring out is that Discover is famous for very slow ACH out. I ACH money out on Monday and will only receive in the other account on Thursday. I don’t even think the $150 deal is attractive at all. I like their reward debit card but I never park any money now in the discover saving. I keep a monthly balance less than $50 on checking only.

  31. John says:

    They increased the savings rate to 1.10%, with the promo offer it seems like a good offer.

  32. Jatan says:

    6/5 Opened and funded account (used their online bank transfer)
    6/8 Funds deposited
    6/9 Funds available
    6/19 Received $100 bonus

    Opened the Discover AAA savings account just now and moved the funds to there — will see if that bonus posts or not

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