Posted by Chuck on May 15, 2018
Credit Cards

Published on May 15th, 2018 | by Chuck


500 Points for Going Paperless on Various Chase Credit Cards [Targeted]

The Offer

Check your emails:

  • Chase is sending out an offer to get 500 bonus points when enrolling in paperless statements. The offer is being sent out for various cards, including Freedom and Sapphire cards, as well as Southwest, Hyatt, and likely others.

Our Verdict

I always do paperless immediately when signing up for a card, but it does turn out as a loss for these kinds of offers.

Hat tip to r/churning

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got $5 statement credit offer for my slate card

What happens when you are nuked/banned by a bank and you have gone paperless. No access to your records?

If you are OCD like me, you can download all your credit card statements every month they are available. If you are nuked by a bank, they should send the last statement via snail mail.

You could log into the online portal to view statements and pending charges. Or call the 800 # on the phone to check your balance?

Oh come on chase. I’ve been paperless since the beginning

Got IHG 500 points

I got this offer for the Chase Amazon Prime card

Got it for Hyatt. Easy 500 points

Emailed you this deal this AM… Oh well. Got it on the Hyatt. Have IHG, Sapphire Reserve and Preferred, regular Freedom, and British Airways as well, but no dice on any of those.

No email for me yet. What’s to stop people from going paperless, collecting the 500 pts, and then a few months later switching back to paper bills?

excellent idea. time to switch back to paper statements until they send us this offer. thank you

Yeah – pretty much worthless to me. Clicking on e-statements is the first thing I do when I set up a new account.

got an email for $5 cash back for Freedom Unlimited

No good behavior goes unpunished.

This is being sent by email, snail mail, or seen on login?

Jeremy DOC says to check your email. So far I am not targeted.

Great. They offer this the day after I opted for paperless statement.
Just my luck !

Most people already opt for electronic statements and Chase knows it.

Haven’t got the offer yet. Will try to call and see if they can offer that to me.

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