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MW (@guest_1848929)
May 23, 2024 10:04

Just to confirm – there’s no household limit per the post above. Can I open an account (and earn the bonus) for each of my three children?

Laura (@guest_1853607)
June 1, 2024 14:56

The FAQs on the offer page say yes.

Dirk (@guest_1848393)
May 22, 2024 17:28

How do they know if you’re not a kid

Arley (@guest_1848438)
May 22, 2024 18:16

Age in application and SSN? Perhaps they won’t verify and just take your age from application.

Bank Account Bryan
Bank Account Bryan (@guest_1848286)
May 22, 2024 15:16

From the FAQ: “The $100 bonus is automatically deposited into an Alliant Kids Savings Account after you’ve successfully made a monthly deposit of $100 or more for 12 consecutive months. To qualify for the bonus, you must keep a minimum average daily balance of $100 in the Kids Savings Account, and have $1,200 (or more) in the account at the end of the 12-month period.1 Please note, this is a one-time bonus per child, available only to Alliant members.”

From the fine print: The newly opened Alliant Credit Union savings account must:

  • Remain open and in good standing for the duration of the 12 consecutive calendar month qualification period; and
  • Have a minimum balance of $1200 at the end of the 12 consecutive calendar month qualification period;

Please confirm if you agree. In Month 1, $100 needs to be deposited and left there. In Months 2-11, $100 needs to be deposited, but can be withdrawn. If done with that approach, $1,100 needs be deposited in Month 12.


Arley (@guest_1848219)
May 22, 2024 13:23

I received a email from Chase to open a Chase High School Checking (13-17) and get $100 after 5 qualifying transactions within 60 days. A bit better than this one as this requires $100 deposits for 1 year, though Alliant is better long term.

G (@guest_1848215)
May 22, 2024 13:20

Doubt many people here would be eligible

only new Alliant Credit Union members who are also employees of any of our Select Employer Groups at the time they establish membership will be eligible for this promotion. Your Select Employer Group must be selected at the time of account opening. There is a limit of one bonus per eligible member. Existing Alliant Credit Union members, customers who are joint owners on an existing Alliant Credit Union savings account, and former Alliant Credit Union members or joint owners who closed an Alliant Credit Union membership within 180 days of establishing a new membership are not eligible.

Lee (@guest_1848414)
May 22, 2024 17:51

Wouldn’t that be based on whether the kid was a member not the adult?

Bank Account Bryan
Bank Account Bryan (@guest_1848634)
May 22, 2024 22:23

If you closed your account more than 180 days ago, it seems you’d be eligible then. Or rather, your kids would then be eligible at. Agree?

Jeremy (@guest_1848211)
May 22, 2024 13:13

Do you need an existing account with Alliant to do this?

G (@guest_1848253)
May 22, 2024 14:32

No, you can’t have existing membership.

Lrdx (@guest_1848777)
May 23, 2024 02:41

The parent can be, there’s an email literally sent to members with this offer… The kid can’t.

joremero (@guest_1848207)
May 22, 2024 13:07

Kids Savings(Ages 12 and under)
Teen Checking(Ages 13-17)