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Nathan (@guest_1736195)
November 13, 2023 17:02

Note for when this returns: there is now a $1 monthly fee that is waived for eStatement enrollment

MikeyBee (@guest_1676077)
August 20, 2023 10:59

Remind me never to deal with these skunks again:
– After 2 weeks of waiting for a reply to my secure message asking to close the account, I tried chatting;
– Chat rep gave me the option of visiting a branch or sending them a letter by snail mail with a copy of my D/L;
– The day after I mailed my letter, they finally replied to my secure message, saying the account would be closed in 24-48 hours. So I wasted a stamp and my time. Morons.

sublemn (@guest_1670237)
August 10, 2023 23:33

No bonus yet. Application was approved before the 1/31 deadline (they pulled Chex TWICE for some reason), but due to snafus (their fault) funding took a few days and account shows as opened 2/6/23. I’ve sent an inquiry today. made 2 regular DDs $500+ in Feb and Mar…but we’ll see.

Hoping to avoid CFPB complaint…

sublemn (@guest_1682461)
August 29, 2023 15:52

Update: no answer from email, did online chat yesterday, they forwarded to online accounts dep’t which said my DDs didn’t qualify (they are regular payroll DDs from my employer). I attached the two paystubs to a reply and today they are crediting me with the $250 bonus. (First time ANY bank gave me ANY problem with my true payroll DDs!).

MikeyBee (@guest_1669783)
August 10, 2023 11:09

Has anyone successfully zeroed out and closed the account? I messaged them August 3 asking to close the account, still waiting for a reply.

knuds1b (@guest_1656692)
July 19, 2023 08:17

Late DP, thought I already posted it; used real DDs:

01/11/2023 Opened/Funded account 100.00
02/15/2023 [Employer]/Payroll 500.00
03/01/2023 [Employer]/Payroll 500.00
03/15/2023 [Employer]/Payroll 500.00
06/29/2023 OC250 Promotional Deposit 250.00

Looking in their bonus fine print for a timeline on future bonuses

Jeff G
Jeff G (@guest_1653041)
July 13, 2023 12:14

Closed my account today. Attempted to do it all via chat, but they wanted to talk to me to confirm info. Pretty painless.

RT VEGAS (@guest_1655044)
July 16, 2023 16:12

Thanks for this info. Did you zero it out first?

Jeff G
Jeff G (@guest_1656579)
July 19, 2023 00:07


MikeyBee (@guest_1662233)
July 29, 2023 15:49

Jeff G Did you zero out the account before you talked with them? I tried to zero it out with an external transfer, and it sat there spinning until I finally gave up.

MikeyBee (@guest_1649602)
July 8, 2023 12:43

Eureka! Bonus posted late yesterday, after they called to ask for proof that my DDs were from a government pension. Skunks.

jh (@guest_1647708)
July 5, 2023 16:04

I called them 3 times and today got a phone call from them to show them my paystub to prove I qualified for the bonus. At least they’re trying….(and another good reminder that you should always try to use real DDs as much as possible)

MikeP (@guest_1647791)
July 5, 2023 17:51

I’d sent them a message inquiring, today they called me. Same thing, they wanted my paystub. They didn’t like that it said “State of ID” as the source. I don’t know why, they should be able to tell if it’s a direct deposit, and that is the name of my employer. I sent them the paystub, they said they’ll send it soon.

MeowzyWowzy (@guest_1648138)
July 6, 2023 07:39

I got the same phone call 7/5/23 requesting pay stubs. I emailed my pay stubs to their banking rep who verified that he received them He said he will forward my information for review.

JD (@guest_1647566)
July 5, 2023 11:45

I just received mine the other day. I did not reach out – happy to see they paid out without me getting on them about it.

anything worth doing...
anything worth doing... (@guest_1647117)
July 4, 2023 14:11

got the bonus – anyone know if there is an Early Account Termination Fee

Jeff G
Jeff G (@guest_1648199)
July 6, 2023 09:43

I searched and could not find anything, so I am going with no ETF. Many banks are 6 months or 1 year. I think many of us are over 6 months, I am going to cancel soon after I withdraw all of my money.