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Published on June 4th, 2018 | by Chuck


American Express Enhances the Purchase Protection Benefit to 120 Days (up from 90)

American Express is sending out on billing statements about a change to the Purchase Protection benefit which protects you in the event a new purchase got stolen or damaged:

  • Beginning August 1, the Purchase Protection benefit will be increased from 90 days to 120 days.
  • The following states and territories will keep the 90 day Purchase Protection limit: New York, Indiana, Guam, Puerto Rico, and Northern Mariana Islands.


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Coverage is on up to $1,000 per claim and $50,000 per year per Amex card. Coverage is for theft and damage only. Premium cards (Platinum, PRG, and Gold) get coverage up to $10,000 per occurrence, and also get Loss coverage as well. I assume the 120-days change will be in effect for all of these.

A nice thing about this change is that it’ll work for any claims filed after August 1, so if you’re buying something now, you’ll have the 120 day policy kick in on August 1.

Chase and Citi also offer 120 day coverage, while Discover no longer offers the Purchase Protection benefit at all. You can read our full review on the Purchase Protection benefit here.

In related news, Amex also enhanced the Extended Warranty benefit as well, as we posted a few moments ago.


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Glad to see AMEX is moving in the opposite direction from Citi / Chase in terms of benefits.

Weird to see companies go different directions on this. Still no price protection from AmEx though.

But you have return protection. Worst case u can always return and re-buy.

They had price protection as a benefit then eliminated it around a decade ago.

Awesome! Would love to see this with return protection too

Amex playing smart. extending benefits that they can afford to extend but are still lucrative. The 2 year warranty is easily the second best in the market. 120 days purchase protection is amazing. i doubt they’ll offer price protection thought….that just seems to bleed banks/insurance money because of various apps.

Are Amex purchase protections primary or secondary?



what’s the problem with NY and Indiana?

Now if amex can just improve their travel protections.

Truth. Or at least include a few free usages of their paid services, maybe instead of the hard to use airline credit on the platinum. I don’t think they understand how much spend they lose because of not having this.

Do these work on used/refurbished items?

Refurbished yes, Used No.

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