American Express Platinum 60,000 Points + 20% Credit On Restaurant Spend (Max $300)

The Offer

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  • American Express is offering a new sign up bonus on the Platinum personal card, as follows:
    • Get 60,000 points signup bonus when spending $5,000 within 3 months.
    • Get 20% back as a statement credit when you make a purchase at restaurants worldwide within the first 12 months of Card Membership, up to $300 back.

This offer is showing on the Resy website (restaurant reservation app), but the 20% credit is showing for any restaurant spend, unrelated to using Resy.

Card Details

  • Annual fee of $550 is not waived the first year
    • Authorized Platinum cards are $175 for three user (then $175 per Platinum)
    • Authorized Gold cards are free
    • Full details here
  • Card earns at the following rates:
    • 5x points per $1 spent on purchases made with airlines or with American Express Travel
    • 5x points per $1 spent on hotel bookings made directly from the American Express travel website
    • 1x points on all other purchases
  • $200 airline incidental credit per calendar year
  • $200 Uber credit ($15 per month and additional $20 in December)
  • Lounge access:
    • Centurion lounge access
    • International American Express lounge access
    • Delta SkyClub lounge access
    • Priority pass select membership
    • Airspace lounge access
  • Internet Access:
    • Unlimited Boingo internet access
  • SPG gold status (this will also give you Marriott Gold status)
  • Hilton gold status
  • Fee Credit for Global Entry or TSA Pre✓
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • View these other hidden benefits
  • You can only get the sign up bonus on American Express cards once per lifetime.

Our Verdict

60,000 is the standard bonus on the Platinum card, this offer throws in $300 in extra value. However, when compared to YMMV 100,000 points offer, that’s obviously a better deal. Also check to see what offers you get from a referral link – I checked a referral link and see a 75,000/$5,000 offer which might be a better deal if you are in 2-player mode.

In any case, this new offer is interesting to see; a similar offer with a 20% credit is available on the Gold card as well. If you’re thinking of applying, make sure you read these things everybody should know about American Express cards first.

Hat tip to aqwertyyii

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Captainsave (@guest_1033014)
August 9, 2020 13:01

Do AU gold cards get the gold benefits and multiplayers?

San (@guest_1033023)
August 9, 2020 13:23

No, if you are looking for Gold Benefits such as monthly dining credit..

dizzy (@guest_1032931)
August 9, 2020 09:35

Wait tho…so this means I would have to spend $1500 at restaurants in order to max the $300? Yikes, that’s not realistic for me at all. I guess time to do some research on grocery stores that code as restaurants? Um.
$200 uber I will use…Saks, flip it and probably get $75? IDK. Streaming and phone credits = $200, yass. Still worth it but the extra $300 isn’t really swaying me.

One interesting thing thought I had was to check and see if I can get around the pop up I’ve been getting since it’s a different pathway to the app.

Soooo, when I click through to app, it says I’m preapproved. This is totally new for me! I would rather have the 75k honestly since my aim is to use it for Schwab eventually but rn rather get approved and use the extra 2020 credits. Click to submit.

G0dd@m you amex, then I get the pop up. I’ve been spending on my other cards and don’t know how to kill this, I’ve had this come up ever since I got approved for biz plat in May. I’ve not really had tons of amex, but I do have a hilton no AF for 4 years (mostly sock drawered until recently) and a delta gold biz that I had planned to cancel after the fee hit, tho 2nd guessing this now. Also was mostly sock drawered. I hit the biz plat bonus within the first month but I’m still using it frequently tho. I’ve only had couple other cards and they were all a few years ago (AGC, gold biz, SPG, SPG biz).

David Smith
David Smith (@guest_1032925)
August 9, 2020 09:16

Useless card.

Ben (@guest_1032915)
August 9, 2020 08:31

Can I have this card and the Schwab Plat simultaneously?

K (@guest_1032905)
August 9, 2020 06:55

I wonder if the 20% off restaurants applies to Ubereats as well

barterback (@guest_1032871)
August 9, 2020 02:27

Correct the cut-and-paste typo for the Platinum card:


Get 35,000 points signup bonus when spending $4,000 within 3 months.


Get 60,000 points signup bonus when spending $5,000 within 3 months.

William Charles
August 9, 2020 05:15


MuricaFalls (@guest_1032870)
August 9, 2020 02:27

Ugh. I wish we could get repeat SUBs for Amex. Recent SUBs for the Amex have been insane.

Andrew Yang
Andrew Yang (@guest_1032869)
August 9, 2020 02:26

“ Get 35,000 points signup…” should be 60k  Chuck

Dave (@guest_1032868)
August 9, 2020 02:24

This is an insane offer. 300+200 uber cred + 100 sax cred makes this a net positive card plus the bonus 60k.

JJ (@guest_1032875)
August 9, 2020 02:37

Sax gift cards can be purchased at a discount and a lot of people wouldn’t otherwise shop there.

Many people have cars so don’t use Uber and when they do they can only use $15 in a month and bigger chunks. If you use ubereats instead you’ll be paying a 10-20% markup over the same item in the restaurant. There are frequent sales on Uber gift cards and they can also be purchased at grocery stores where you can get great category bonuses and fuel points.

Many people have a card that earns better than 1 MR/$1 so that $300 comes with an opportunity cost (3MR/$1 difference if you have the gold). Additionally, if you don’t eat out often, $1500 might be difficult for you to spend in a year. I eat out all of the time so $1500 would be done in far less than half of the year.

Dave (@guest_1032886)
August 9, 2020 04:20

It’s worth it when you also factor in getting the 60k points though and get 20$ streaming credit and phone credit monthly through December. Not to mention all of the other minor secondary benefits from platinum card.

Kevin (@guest_1032906)
August 9, 2020 07:00

Exactly. Uber eats is overpriced so the credit can’t really be considered face value. And you’re exactly right on opportunity cost.

My guess is Amex wants people to get in the habit of using the card constantly, and only getting 1 point per dollar.

Ray (@guest_1032854)
August 9, 2020 01:51

Can I apply for this vanilla Plat if I had the Schwab Plat in the past?

Jim C
Jim C (@guest_1032897)
August 9, 2020 05:51

Ray yes