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[Expired] AmEx Offer: Hello Fresh, Spend $65+ & Receive $20 Statement Credit (Can Be Done Twice) + Ways To Stack [Targeted]

Deal has expired, view more Hello Fresh deals by clicking here.

The Offer

No direct link, targeted offer

  • Get $20 statement credit by using your enrolled Card to spend $65+ at by 12/3/2018. Limit of 2 statement credits. 

Hello Fresh is a food delivery company that sends you all the ingredients you need, plus a recipe for a meal.

The Fine Print

  • $65 threshold can be met in a single transaction or across multiple transactions.
  • Valid through December 3, 2018.
  • Limit of 2 statement credit(s) per Card Member.
  • Limit 1 enrolled Card per Card Member across all American Express offer channels.
  • Valid online only.
  • Offer valid on items shipped in the US. Excludes shipping to US Territories and internationally. See merchant website for delivery availability in your market.

Our Verdict

This deal becomes a lot more attractive when you stack deals. Various shopping portals offer $10 back the first time you order from Hello Fresh. Ebates also has a promo code (EBATES20) for $20 off each of your first three orders ($60 total).

Apparently, there’s a Hello Fresh ‘Gift Box’ you can purchase to lock in the Amex Offer discount for the future. There’s also a $40 referral offer, I assume that won’t stack with the Ebates $60 code, but it’s another option.

Feel free to share any better stacking opportunities in the comments. You can check the comments on the last post for some discussion as well.

View more Amex offers here & if you have any questions abut American Express offers then read this post.

Thanks to reader bax for sharing this offer.

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So I got Hellofresh $20 off $65+ and also have prior one $30 off $89+ Hellofresh Wine. I wonder if both can be combined! Seems to me that Hello Fresh and Hello Fresh Wine are same merchant, same URL.

Since its specific to hello fresh wine I am doubting it will work. Give it a try and let us know!

Will probably code differently, but if you try then let us know

Anyone know if we have ordered under my wife’s name in the past if I can get first time user bonuses under my name to the same address?

It is not recommended to do so as there may be fine print ToS that we break. Confirming that I have received two “First Time” offers from Blue Apron under different accounts in a similar situation as yours. Consider utilizing St for Street or reverse depending on your last account’s address setting to avoid potential issues. Also, try to use a different form of payment from the last account if this is an option for you.

Information Booth
Information Booth

Ibotta also offers $10 back on first order. In addition… they are offering a $2 “back to school” bonus for any online purchase. Have a blessed day!!

Just an FYI, but most of those bonuses are personalized. Sometimes you get them, sometimes you don’t, and sometimes people get them for different amounts.

I have a $5 “Back to School” bonus right now, so definitely going to consider this.

Big fan of these delivery services. So I was super bummed to see Amex offers be limited to one card. I just tried adding it to two of my cards and it worked. Thought it was a fluke but both are there. So I tried it for other new offers (Nest) and was able to add this to 3 of my cards. Just an FYI.

Were they still there after logging out then back in? I added this offer to 2 cards last night but it was only on one after logging out then back in.

I was trying to work on this earlier…
Verizon Up offers a freebie code (older, “saved for later”) for $25 off first two
And after I created an account , I got bombarded by email and webpage ads for $30. The family deal at 3 recipes totalled $64.44… arggh! Didn’t know about the portals…very interesting. My wife’s going to be either happy or offended once it arrives!

I am trying out the 20$ off first three orders. The first three orders will be about $65 so that will knock off another $20. So I will be getting in essence $80 off and paying $45.

Just got this on Amex. If you send me your email address, I can send you $40 discount offer. (you get $40 off and I get a $30 credit). In the future, I can sign up for things using your referral link. My email is

hey there wish I had seen this earlier. bummer. I would have definitely used your link.

oh well, maybe next time. Actually this is my first time using referral links. we’ll see how it goes.

(Before you think this is a dumb question, Shipt does)

Anyone know if HelloFresh codes as grocery?

It does code as grocery.

Gratias tibi ago.

Sweet. Just got a 25% off code for four weeks in the mail trying to get me to come back. Works out to around $5.93/meal for the next three weeks. These meal kits are only worth it for me when you start getting under $6-$7 per meal.


Does anybody know if this works with Amex cards not issued directly by American Express (eg WF, US Bank, etc)?

Here is the best offer I am seeing….

Stacking $10 cashback via ebates with their $20 off first 3 orders offer + Amex offer….

$33.94 per week x 2 weeks (3 recipes/2 person plan) = $67.88 (includes ebates $20 off)
– $10 ebates cash back
– $20 amex cash back

$37.88 TOTAL for 6 meals

If it’s two weeks that’s 12 meals.

Has the price of the 3 recipes/2 person plan increased? Now it’s $59.94 – $20 off = $39.94

Question: if I have 3 separate transactions totaling to $131, will that trigger both Amex $65 thresholds?

It did for me for a similar SunBasket offer.

If I’ve already tried Hello Fresh then my only option is the $20 statement credit Amex Offer, right?

Make a new account if your ethics allow for that, or find a Player 2?

I have a $10 off ibotta offer, which I have breaking down about $18/wk/$9 meal/$4.50 a serving.

For the 2 recipes a week for 2 people: $47.95 pre discount
Week 1: $47.95 – $20 = 27.95
Week 2: $47.95 – $20 = 27.95
Week 3: $47.95 – $20 = 27.95

=$83.85 – $20 Amex offer – $10 ibotta offer = $53.85 TOTAL.
~$9/meal for 2

Certainly doesn’t beat my recent Blue Apron offer of them paying me $8 for 2 weeks worth of meals(2 a week for 2 of us), but the wifey loved not having to plan for dinner for the last two weeks with a toddler and 6 month old.

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