Amex Offers: Do Electronic Wallets Trigger the Offer Credit?

A few readers asked recently about using an electronic wallet for Amex Offers.

Can I use Paypal or Visa Checkout when taking part in an Amex Offer? Will the Amex offer credit trigger properly?

What Works?

As per the terms on all Amex Offers: “in most cases, you will not receive the statement credit if your transaction is made with an electronic wallet or through a third party or if the merchant uses a mobile or wireless card reader to process it.”

What works in practice?

  • Paypal will not work
  • Visa Checkout has been working
  • Amex Checkout has been working
  • Masterpass should work as well
  • Apple Pay in-store has been working
  • Apple Pay in-app purchase has been working
  • Android Pay in-store has been working
  • Android Pay in-app purchase has been working
  • Samsung Pay should work, YMMV
  • Smart cards, such as Coin – unknown if they work with Amex Offers


When paying with Paypal, the charge comes up differently and has Paypal in the transaction details. Since it’s coded differently, Paypal checkout will not trigger the offer credit.

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 10.28.56 PM

Example of Paypal transaction

Note: multiple data points (in the comments here) indicate that Paypal payments worked for generic “insurance offers” from Amex. My best guess is that an Amex Offer which is for a general category is triggered by keywords and will work with Paypal, e.g. “insurance”, “bookstore”, “utilities”, or something of that sort.

While Amex Offers don’t usually work when you check out with Paypal, Chase Offers reportedly do work when using Paypal checkout.

Also, other merchant-specific (i.e. Saks) AmEx credits could get triggered when checking out with Paypal.

Visa Checkout, Masterpass

Visa Checkout or Masterpass should both work to trigger the offer credit. The key here is that the charge appears on the statement exactly as if you paid directly on the site. These wallets merely facilitate the payment and don’t charge it themselves.

Visa Checkout has been confirmed multiple times that it works to trigger Amex Offer credits. Masterpass should work too as it comes up on the statement as a direct purchase.

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 10.43.13 PM

Example of Visa Checkout transaction

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 10.26.43 PM

Example of Masterpass transaction

Amex Checkout

With regards to Amex Checkout, it is clear on the statement that the charge was done through their checkout system.

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 10.36.03 PM

Example of Amex Checkout transaction

But it’s been confirmed that this works to trigger Amex offers without a hitch. Either they specially enabled that feature or the ‘CHKOUT’ addition is just for tracking purposes and has the same internal coding.

Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay

  • In the comments of this post, it’s been confirmed that Apple Pay is working. Another DP
  • Another report confirms that Apple Pay in-app works as well.
  • Android Pay is also working.
  • Android Pay in-app works as well.
  • Samsung Pay has worked too (1, 2, 3,), though others reported that it wasn’t working for them.
  • Multiple  data point report Samsung Pay working for Chase Offers as well.

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The Amex “Shop Small” offer has been working for me when using PayPal.


“PAYPAL *PROGRESSIVE” triggered Amex insurance offer. Superman


Visa checkout did NOT trigger Dunkin Donuts offer with a reload. The charge shows as “DNKNDNTS.COM VCO”. A direct charge to the card worked.

Guess it really is more of a YMMV depending on the store. I always thought VCO basically passed through the card details so it would always work.


Used Samsung pay at bed bath and beyond and Best Buy various times and the Amex offer Of Best Buy and BB&B and Samsung pay went through automatically


+1, and “SamPay STAPLES” works too.


Does Serve work? I managed to save the Jet Amex offer on Serve but when I use Serve to pay on; I receive the message “We are unable to verify this payment method at this time. Please try again later.”


i can confirm that i am 0-2 for samsung pay. Amex T&C for S Pay say offers count, but it won’t auto, so you’ll have to call- not a pleasant or quick experience, as the reps don’t have a clue and believe if it didn’t credit, it was user error of some sort by the cardholder.

then, if resolved, it ends up being the ‘as a 1 time courtesy’ thing that i hate. because they act like they are doing you a favour AND… it’s now in the system as a ‘courtesy’, which means when you really need a ‘courtesy adjustment’, you’re much less likely to get one having ‘used’ one already.


Android Pay? They use virtual account numbers so I’m not sure.


I can confirm Android pay DOES trigger amex offers.


What about smart cards? Like Coin… I’ll have the Plastc though but there will not be a DP until next April


apple pay works fine — so far.


Any experience with ApplePay?