Amex Offers: Do Electronic Wallets Trigger the Offer Credit?

A few readers asked recently about using an electronic wallet for Amex Offers.

Can I use Paypal or Visa Checkout when taking part in an Amex Offer? Will the Amex offer credit trigger properly?

What Works?

As per the terms on all Amex Offers: “in most cases, you will not receive the statement credit if your transaction is made with an electronic wallet or through a third party or if the merchant uses a mobile or wireless card reader to process it.”

What works in practice?

  • Paypal usually will not work for AmEx Offers, though it seems to work for Chase Offers
  • Visa Checkout has been working
  • Amex Checkout has been working
  • Masterpass should work as well
  • Apple Pay in-store has been working
  • Apple Pay in-app purchase has been working
  • Android Pay in-store has been working
  • Android Pay in-app purchase has been working
  • Samsung Pay should work, YMMV
  • Smart cards, such as Coin – unknown if they work with Amex Offers


When paying with Paypal, the charge comes up differently and has Paypal in the transaction details. Since it’s coded differently, Paypal checkout will not trigger the offer credit.

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 10.28.56 PM

Example of Paypal transaction

Note: multiple data points (in the comments here) indicate that Paypal payments worked for generic “insurance offers” from Amex. My best guess is that an Amex Offer which is for a general category is triggered by keywords and will work with Paypal, e.g. “insurance”, “bookstore”, “utilities”, or something of that sort.

While Amex Offers don’t usually work when you check out with Paypal, Chase Offers reportedly do work when using Paypal checkout, and I just experienced the same myself (12/1/23).

Also, other merchant-specific (i.e. Saks) AmEx credits could get triggered when checking out with Paypal. Same thing for the Amex business Platinum Dell credits.

Note: We once saw an Amex Offer for Best Buy getting triggered with Paypal payment. The comments show mixed reports: apparently Paypal does work on some offers but not on others. We have also heard a report of Chase Offers NOT working. So in the end, it seems to be offer dependent, with Chase Offers working most of the time and Amex Offers working some of the time.

Visa Checkout, Masterpass

Visa Checkout or Masterpass should both work to trigger the offer credit. The key here is that the charge appears on the statement exactly as if you paid directly on the site. These wallets merely facilitate the payment and don’t charge it themselves.

Visa Checkout has been confirmed multiple times that it works to trigger Amex Offer credits. Masterpass should work too as it comes up on the statement as a direct purchase.

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 10.43.13 PM

Example of Visa Checkout transaction

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 10.26.43 PM

Example of Masterpass transaction

Amex Checkout

With regards to Amex Checkout, it is clear on the statement that the charge was done through their checkout system.

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 10.36.03 PM

Example of Amex Checkout transaction

But it’s been confirmed that this works to trigger Amex offers without a hitch. Either they specially enabled that feature or the ‘CHKOUT’ addition is just for tracking purposes and has the same internal coding.

Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay

  • In the comments of this post, it’s been confirmed that Apple Pay is working. Another DP
  • Another report confirms that Apple Pay in-app works as well.
  • Android Pay is also working.
  • Android Pay in-app works as well.
  • Samsung Pay has worked too (1, 2, 3,), though others reported that it wasn’t working for them.
  • Multiple data point report Samsung Pay working for Chase Offers as well.
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HarryTheFirstHarry (@guest_1798126)
February 15, 2024 13:08

GlassesUSA Amex offer did not work through Paypal. Only used Paypal because site was not accpeting any Amex card on the day.
Contacting Amex CS but was pointed to the terms. So no go.

Swastik Agrawal
Swastik Agrawal (@guest_1722219)
October 24, 2023 16:43

Norton amex over worked when paying through paypal

Yu (@guest_1623122)
May 24, 2023 11:58

Anyone has the recent experience on using Apple Pay in the store to get Amex offer statement credit? I am at a hotel, but just realized I forgot to bring my Amex card with me. I am not sure if I can use Apple pay to trigger this ‘Spend $200 to get $40 back at IHG hotels’ Amex offer. Thanks.

Farley (@guest_1606750)
April 26, 2023 18:17

Amex Offer of minimum spending $500 is triggered with Progressive insurance payment through PayPal

Frey (@guest_1606796)
April 26, 2023 20:06

Minimum spend should count since it is spend regardless of where it’s spent. This thread is about redeeming Amex offers and using a digital wallet.

Myi (@guest_1577732)
March 15, 2023 17:09

I can’t seem to find the thread where you posted instructions on how to save all your amex offers at once.
Anyone have it handy?

Kris (@guest_1294598)
December 4, 2021 10:46

Chase 10% best buy offer triggered on a PayPal purchase a little over a week later.

Steve P
Steve P (@guest_1292198)
November 30, 2021 18:25

Don’t see it mentioned here but PayPal is working to trigger the +4 bonus from Amex referrals.

qmc (@guest_1292482)
November 30, 2021 21:52

Isn’t the +4 on referrals expected to be triggered by ALL purchases though?

TC (@guest_1292183)
November 30, 2021 18:04

Chase DP: Did Best Buy offer via PayPal in July, received offer used email, but did not receive credit back then. CS said PayPal wasn’t eligible for the offer. Received statement credit a few days ago 🙂

Johnny (@guest_1292085)
November 30, 2021 15:49

I did the Best Buy chase offer with PayPal and it worked.

Danielle (@guest_1292057)
November 30, 2021 15:04

Biossance Amex offer was also triggered with PayPal on Black Friday