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Published on December 17th, 2018 | by Chuck


AmEx Offer: TripFuel, Spend $200 & Receive $50 Statement Credit, Repeat 3x [Hotel Booking]

The Offer


Check your American Express login to enroll in the following offer:

  • Get a $50 statement credit when using your enrolled card to spend $200 online at by 6/3/19.

Tripfuel is a Priceline company for hotel bookings, see analysis below.


The Fine Print

  • Must spend $200 or more in a single purchase.
  • Limit 1 enrolled Card per Card Member across all American Express offer channels.
  • Offer valid only for hotel bookings through
  • Excludes all other Booking Holdings Inc. brands, such as but not limited to, and
  • Limit of 3 statement credits per Card Member.

Our Verdict

Works out to be a 25% discount. Doesn’t look like it’s possible to stack with any shopping portals and the site doesn’t offer any referral program or any other way to stack this deal either. It’s odd that going to takes you directly to the website, seems like it’s set up just for this purpose.


Here’s our analysis from last time this deal came around, I assume it still holds true:


When doing a search on the site, it shows a price and says ‘average per night’; that’s actually the total cost, not the average per night.

I did one search and a hotel was pricing at $599 instead of $483 when comparing with other sites. American Express seemed to do something similar with HotelStorm offers as well, offer something like $50 cash back on $200+ spend and then the hotels are all over priced. Even if this site did price competitively you’re better off stacking discounts with to get 30%+ off. Keep in mind with third party online hotel bookings like this you don’t get elite night stay credits, hotel points or your status recognized in most cases when booking chain hotels.

In my opinion American Express needs to clamp down on this type of offer if the hotel booking website is pricing significantly higher than other sites on a frequent basis. If you do your own price comparisons, please share your results in the comments below. For now I’m giving this offer zero stars out of ten.

Hat tip to DDG

View more Amex offers here & if you have any questions abut American Express offers then read this post.

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0/9 for this.


i qualified for a free night after using and they gave me 2 free nights they broke up my avg spending into 2 nights instead of one whole night! annoying how do i take care for this issue i followed your advice to always use when booking


I personally would not recommend, but YMMV by area. I had this (or very similar) offer previously, and the hotels in Pennsylvania I searched for were marked up $50 above the rates elsewhere. For that particular area, anyway, it was obvious that the credit was directly offset by the marked-up price. (Also, Tripfuel listed a lot fewer area hotels versus,, etc.)


I have not yet selected this AmEx Offer, and was not redirected away from Tripfuel Public ( Perhaps the process of linking the AmEx offer creates a tracking mechanism (cookie).
Regardless, the DoC price example for this offer is 24% higher than the price available from other channels. So I don’t see this “offer” as useful at all.


My own analysis: worthless. Same crappy inflated prices and limited selection as HotelStorm. Hopefully nobody is foolish enough to really think they are getting a discount.


Amex hurts their brand by allowing sketchy offers like this. It’s not going to pick off the average DoC, redditer, FTer…..but even Ma and Pa Kettle can check prices pretty easily nowadays. If they’re flagrantly off what Expedia,, or even what booking direct looks like, people aren’t going to go clicking into AmexOffers any more.


A lot of the prices are jacked up, but some aren’t. The Hilton airport Madrid for instance is priced the same on this site as it is on Hilton’s website. There are some potential savings, you just have to make sure you compare prices.


One can easily understand why they can pay $50 back.
One person has posted his experience on trip advisor;
TripFule has paid $155 inclusive taxes to Hilton whereas they charged a customer $266. Markup of $111. Even if Amex payback $50, TripFule makes $61 with no downside because all bookings are prepaid in full.
You get no money back due to cancellation, change date or change locations. Also, you are stripped of any hotel benefits irrespective of your reward status.
It’s a loose loose battel for the customer unless you are paying through your workplace for your business travel.

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