Posted by William Charles on May 22, 2018
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Published on May 22nd, 2018 | by William Charles


[Expired] [Targeted] AmEx Offer: TripFuel, Spend $200+ & Receive $50 Statement Credit [Hotel Booking]

Deal has expired, view more AmEx offers by clicking here.

The Offer

No direct link, targeted offer

  • Get a one-time $50 statement credit by using your enrolled card to spend a minimum of $200 in one or more transactions online at by 11/14/2018

The Fine Print

  • Valid only for hotel bookings

Our Verdict

Works out to be a 25% discount. Doesn’t look like it’s possible to stack with any shopping portals and the site doesn’t offer any referral program or any other way to stack this deal either. What’s odd is that going to tripfuel takes you directly to the website. When doing a search on the site, it shows a price and says ‘average per night’, that’s actually the total cost not the average per night.

I did one search and a hotel was pricing at $599 instead of $483 when comparing with other sites. American Express seemed to do something similar with HotelStorm offers as well, offer something like $50 cash back on $200+ spend and then the hotels are all over priced. Even if this site did price competitively you’re better off stacking discounts with to get 30%+ off. Keep in mind with third party online hotel bookings like this you don’t get elite night stay credits, hotel points or your status recognized in most cases when booking chain hotels.

In my opinion American Express needs to clamp down on this type of offer if the hotel booking website is pricing significantly higher than other sites on a frequent basis. If you do your own price comparisons, please share your results in the comments below. For now I’m giving this offer zero stars out of ten.

Hat tip to Deals We Like

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Found the same result. Overpriced by $50-100 versus direct booking. Pretty worthless offer


disagree I just booked a marriott in miami and trip fuel was lower than direct plus the $50 credit


This looks like exactly same interface as Hotelstorm, which is also overpriced (and also owned by Priceline.) What I have found with these sites is that you need lots of patience and persistence to find the outlier property that does price out same or lower to make the offer worthwhile. Waste of time mostly unless you luck out


I just tested for a hotel where I stop regularly, booked at IHG it is $94,
these guys want $99 per night.
So it may be quite useful if you can also get hotel points for such a booking
Is this possible with this company? Any DP?


Need to Tweet complaints at Amex over that behavior because makes them looks bad for not better vetting their “deals”. Not going to bother looking at their offers if the plausible ones are half scams


Half-scam? IMO, this is silly.
There are tons of useless AmEx offers,
but this one can be useful for many people.

IMO, you are a lot more likely to get scammed by Swagbucks etc

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