Posted by Chuck on July 3, 2017

Published on July 3rd, 2017 | by Chuck


Amex Offers: $5 off $25 at Chuck E Cheese’s

The Offer

Check your Amex login for the following offer:

  • Spend $25 at Chuck E Cheese restaurants and get a $5 statement credit

The Fine Print

  • Valid in-restaurant only.
  • Not valid for gift cards in bulk purchases. Excludes corporate gift purchases.
  • Excludes Billing, MT and Fargo, ND locations.
  • Must spend the full $25 or more in a single transaction.

Our Verdict

I found this offer on most of my cards. Should work for any in-store purchase; they probably refer to the location generally as a restaurant, hence the “restaurant” verbiage, but I’d assume it’ll work for any game pass or whatnot at the location as well.

To maximize the discount, buy $25 Chuck E Cheese gift cards in-store with each registered card in the amount that you need. These can then be used for all your food and entertainment spending while there.

View more Amex offers here & if you have any questions abut American Express offers then read this post.

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But the offer terms mentions that gift cards are not valid.

Greg N
Greg N

I didn’t see this on any cards online, but when I pulled up the mobile app and looked in a location I knew there is a Chuck E Cheese’s (about 60 miles from my home) then the offer showed up. Thought that was interesting.


I appreciate posts on offers that translate to basically free money on things I would have already bought or are easily liquidable to cash- ie groceries, Amazon, Target, Walmart, VGCs etc. But $5 off Chuck E Cheese? What, are you going to be sharing Papa John’s discount codes next? Seems like small discounts on niche retailers really should go somewhere else.


It’s credit card related and some ppl might find it helpful so it might worth to mention. also I think at some point they did share Papa John’s code once before.


A lot of families celebrate kids’ birthdays at Chuck E Cheese. So this may be helpful to them. If a person has one of those birthdays coming up, they can buy multiple GCs (if they offer) and then get a good discount. I have been to few bdays celebrated at those locations.

Codes like Papa John’s do get shared either as a separate post or in the daily deal section.

Not every deal is supposed to work out for everyone.

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