AmEx Pre-Qual Offering Some People 125,000 Points On American Express Platinum with $5,000 Spend

Update 10/21/20: More people targeted.

The Offer

Direct link to offer terms

  • Gisy06 received an offer on the American Express personal Platinum card of 125,000 points after $5,000 in spend within the first three months when checking their prequalified offers.

You can check your Amex Prequalified offers here. Could also make sense to try checking CardMatch for pre-approved offers (see our original post here).


Card Details

Our Verdict

The best we’ve seen in the past on this card is a prequalified offer is for 100k, this one is obviously significantly better. It’s always a good idea to regularly check for pre-approved offers as often they have higher than normal bonuses such as this. Obviously no guarantee you’ll see this offer, in fact I imagine most people won’t.

Keep in mind this does have a big annual fee of $550, but you do get the Uber and airline credits as well as good lounge access. As always read through these things everybody should know about American Express cards first. It might also make sure to check American Express directly for pre-approved offers.

Post history:

  • Update 7/13/20: More people targeted.
  • Update 5/6/20: More people targeted. Try this method.
  • Update 1/27/2020: More people targeted.
  • Update 11/24/19: Looks like more people are targeted, worth checking again.
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Abby Normal
Abby Normal (@guest_1191667)
May 14, 2021 20:49

Anyone ever experience the following?

I have until 5/16 to complete my $5,000 spend. I chat Amex on 4/6 to ask them if I completed it. “Your qualified spend is $4,878 with $122 remaining to meet the terms of the offer. This does not include spend from current statement period.”

Okay so statement closed at the end of April. I’ve put $605 on the card between 4/6 and today, 5/14. All gas/groceries.

I chat them today. “Your qualified spend is $4,878 with $122 remaining to meet the terms of the offer.”

*head scratch*

RXSAMG (@guest_1114430)
December 20, 2020 21:37

I didn’t get the prequal offer but got it for P2. 125k w/ 5k spend over 6 months plus the 10x gas/supermarket category (6 months/$15k max spend) Our first MR account

Dls (@guest_1093958)
November 18, 2020 22:59

Just did the preapproval and got the 125000 point offer.

Dinaldo (@guest_1126557)
January 13, 2021 01:50

I did too!

T_L (@guest_1077702)
October 22, 2020 17:03

Is there a certain way to mistype the name to increase the chances of the higher offer on the Amex Platinum? Also, I am an expat living in Africa. I use a VPN quite a bit. Is there a certain region of the US that is beneficial? How about address?

I am not an Amex customer, so maybe the typo isn’t even necessary. I had an Amex card many years ago, but I closed it in 2002 or so.

I got 75K on the Amex website, but I got 100K on CardMatch. I’m looking for 125K.

David Morenus
David Morenus (@guest_1077442)
October 22, 2020 09:10

DP. Tried the incognito method with “Typos” in my name and got approved for the 125k offer. Has anyone else done it this way? Did you just wait for your card to change the name on the account? I put my correct name in the field for the card itself. Any other potetntial issues I should look out for?

Orin (@guest_1077154)
October 21, 2020 18:47

Next Doc post:
“Amex shuts people down for using pre-qualified 125k offer for 5k spend”

Ashely (@guest_1076977)
October 21, 2020 13:58


J (@guest_1077004)
October 21, 2020 14:59

The Moores conquered the Iberian Peninsula in the 700s. If you are lucky enough to have 5% or more of the invader’s direct ancestry, you will get the 125K sign up offer from Amex

Al (@guest_1076899)
October 21, 2020 12:02

My personal Platinum is about to renew this month and all I can say is wow. I had to pay taxes last October and used this card for the payment and also to hit the minimum spend. Here is a look back at all of the benefits of this past year.

At first, I was nervous about the Annual fee, but the math makes so much sense. I mainly travel for my business, but it has come in handy for a lot of things.

$200 travel incidental credit from October 2019 to December 2019. (Used for pet travel fees during the holidays)

$200 travel incidental for 2020 – Used for family member’s baggage/pet travel fee. The last $105 of the credit was actually credited for a flight purchase through Delta this month, October 2020.

$200 Uber/Uber Eats Credit – Used $15 Each Month.

$200 AMEX Travel Credit – Used to Purchase a flight for family through AMEX Travel

$120 Mobile Service Credit – May 2020 to October 2020 – $20 per month on Phone Bill

$120 Streaming Credit – May 2020 to October 2020 – $20 in Streaming credits.

$130 Delta Offer – Stacked with Airline Fee Credit.

$238.25 – Return Protection – Drone Return from Best Buy, saving the 15% restocking fee.

$100 – Global Entry/TSA-Precheck Credit – Global Entry is for when everything picks back up, but TSA Precheck is a huge timesaver as I travel with camera equipment for work. Saved so much time for a business trip this past month.

Marriott Gold Status, Hilton Gold Status, Status at Hertz, Avis, and National.

Centurion Lounge, Priority Pass, + Delta Lounge Access

$100 – credit (About to use)

$150- Saks Credit – Fall 2019 + Spring 2020 + Fall 2020

$1,758.25 – In Total Benefits in the first year.

Definitely worth the fee if you can use the benefits.

Josh (@guest_1076843)
October 21, 2020 11:10

IT’S A TRAP!!!!!

Jason (@guest_1050623)
September 8, 2020 15:46

Wow creditcards website is requiring more and more information as time goes on. Tbh not sure if worth it at the current stage…or maybe I am just being a bit too paranoid lol.