Posted by William Charles on September 12, 2016
AmEx Offers

Published on September 12th, 2016 | by William Charles


#AmexHotelStorm: Save $75 When You Spend $300+ On HotelStorm (Hotel Booking Website)

The Offer

Direct link to offer

  • Get $75 statement credit each time you use your connected Card to make a single purchase of $300 or more online at by 3/12/2017


The Fine Print

  • You must use your connected Card to make a single purchase of $300 or more online at by 3/12/2017

What Is HotelStorm?

Honestly I couldn’t find much information about HotelStorm, but they are a hotel booking website that I guess is similar to or According to their LinkedIn they focus on small and midsize businesses. I did a few quick comparisons to booking directly and on other hotel booking sites and prices seemed comparable or slightly more expensive on HotelStorm.

Our Verdict

Update: Shopping portals also have up to 20% cash back (Topcashback is at 15%). I’m unsure if these will stack or not since you have to book through but it doesn’t hurt to go through a shopping portal and then to the amex link.

If you spend exactly $300 then you’d be receiving a discount of 25% – that’s pretty good. Obviously that’s in an ideal scenario and most of the time you’d need to be spending at least slightly over $300 to make your travel plans work. You also won’t receive any hotel loyalty benefits if you book through a third party site such as HotelStorm or earn any elite night credits – so this makes the most sense if you’re booking a room at a non chain property or you don’t care about status.

As always, make sure you do a price comparison before booking. I personally like to look at booking directly and on the major third party booking sites that offer good discounts (e.g has it’s own rewards program and usually decent cash back rates through a shopping portal).

Here are 14 things to know about Amex Offer deals. You can also view more AmEx offers here.

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Quick question: Can I get the bonus if I book for my mom on Hotelstrom? Thank you.


So long as the charge goes onto a registered Amex card, that card will get the statement credit.


Upromise shopping portal also gives 10 percent cash back

John K
John K

March 2017
My wife has an offer on her Amex card for $50 off $200 on, as many times as she wants to use it apparently.

After some research, I noted that topcashback is offering 15% cash back on as well.

When I go to, it opens to a hotel-side view, like for hotel owners. When I click through Amex, it goes to, and it shows the Hampton Inn available for the city I’m travelling to. When I click through topcashback, it opens and the Hampton Inn doesn’t show up. It would be one thing if I could make the purchase on the topcashback site with her Amex card, but since that isn’t an option, I don’t think I can earn both.

I was going to do this if I could get $50 + 15%, since that would be worth well more than the hhonors points. However, with all the hhonors points promotions running right now, I decided against it since I can’t seem to double dip the bonuses. The rate on the hhonors app is also slightly lower than the hotelstorm site.

I’d be interested to know your experiences and thoughts on this.


PLEASE DON’T BOOK from HotelStorm…they claim to have the best and cheapest deal but what they don’t tell customers during booking is that they will most likely pay an additional $90-100 on top of what they’ve already paid. I later found cheaper deals and they would honor it. When I checked in at the hotel…no one new who H otelStorm was… They said I booked via priceline which I didn’t . The hotel didn’t have my keys ready on time, I was left waiting with my family well after check in time to get keys … PLEASE STAY WAY FROM HOTELSTORM..I only booked with them because if American express ..and I will be sure to give AMEX a piece of my mind for partnering with this thieves.

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