Posted by William Charles on March 28, 2018
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Published on March 28th, 2018 | by William Charles


Applied For Chase IHG Card? Don’t Forget To Ask For A Match To 80,000 Points

A lot of readers have recently applied for a Chase IHG card due to it disappearing from the Chase website and the fact it looks like they are launching a new Premier card. The best public sign up bonus is 60,000 points & a $50 statement credit. There is another offer for 80,000 points, anybody can see the landing page but clicking apply now will error out for most people. Chase has matched people to this offer (and a higher 100,000 point offer) in the past. It looks like they are again matching people to the 80,000 point offer (100,000 no longer available) so if you’ve applied recently then it’s well worth sending in a secured message and asking for a match. Datapoints of successful matches: 1, 2, 3. 4, 5, 6, 7, 8,

A few other things to note:

  • When matching they will say you won’t get the $50 statement credit. In practice sometimes you still get it. I think 20,000 IHG points is better than $50 anyway, so might as well match and hope for the best.
  • If you see the 80,000 offer when logged in, try doing a dummy booking and you should see the 80,000 + $50 statement credit offer.

The worst thing they can say is no, asking for a match is always worth it.


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After I clicked on the 80,000 offer, a web page opens that says the following (see below) and then I am redirected to a page with the 60,000 offer:
Thank you for your interest in becoming an
IHG® Rewards Club Select Credit Cardmember.
This offer is not available, but you are now being
redirected to another great IHG® Rewards Club
Credit Card offer!

What if we signed up yesterday under the 60k + $50 statement credit? Will they take away the $50 statement credit if they match to 80k points?

A year ago, I asked them to match me to 80K and initially they said “contact us again after you’ve met the higher MSR of $2K, and we’ll match you to 80K, but you won’t get the $50 credit.” However when I later messaged them again they said “we will now match you to 80K” and they didn’t take the $50 away. So YMMV.

Great Datapoint, thanks!

Does it come with the $50 statement credit?

I still see the 80K offer from my IHG login. Should i do the 60K+$50 and get matched to 80K or just do the 80K straight?. Is the extra $50 still applicable when getting matched?.

try doing a dummy reservation while logged in. That’s how I saw both the 80k and $50 a month ago.

Thanks for the great tip. Worked!.


I got the 30 day message. Should I wait to hear back before asking them to match the 80k offer? I applied to 60k + $50 credit.

Applied and approved for the 60k points plus $50 statement credit. Chase told me they’d match to 80k and nothing about the credit. Told me to check back after I’ve met the $2,000 spend. We shall see.

+1 DP

Applied using 60k+$50 offer on Monday. got 30 days message. didn’t call, approved today (took only 2 days).

Sent SM to request a match, and was approved. Customer Service replied with actions below.

“Here’s what you need to do next:

-Spend $2,000 within the first 3 months of opening your
account, then;
-Reply using the Secure Message Center to process your
-At that time, we’ll credit 20,000 bonus points to match
new offer. “

Got the same message. No mention of taking away the $50 credit.

I was approved for 60k + $50 offer a couple days ago. Just sent a SM to Chase asking to match the 80k offer, and they said to reply after I spend $2,000 in order to receive the 80K. Also said that I won’t receive the $50 statement credit if matched.

I can confirm this.

Yesterday I called them regularly chase number, put in my current chase cc information and got to a customer service representative. I explained the situation, in a few minutes she put me right on the line with a rep who was ready to go with the 80,000 point offer.

DP: Chase did a double pull, eq and ex 🙁

What state do you happen to reside in? Always curious when I see double pulls, as I have experienced as well.

How much are the points worth in terms of free nights?

William Charles
Why am I getting the message “Hacker?” whenever I try to post a message?
Once this happens I can only post once I have cleared my cookies.
Is this some kind of website glitch?

After some back and forth, here’s the response I got. We’ll be happy to review your request to match the 80,000 bonus points offer for your IHG® Rewards Club credit card.

, we reviewed your credit card account and found that the offer you’re requesting is for 80,000 bonus points after you spend $2,000.00 on purchases in the first three months your account is open. We’ll be happy to match this sing up bonus offer. After you have met the required spend, please reply to this email to claim the offer.

Your account also have the following offer:
– Earn 5,000 bonus after you add your first authorized user and make your first purchase within 3 months from account opening.
– Earn a $50.00 statement credit after first purchase.

So I applied today for 60k+$50 & then tried the dummy booking to see if I would get the 80k offer but no dice. However, I noticed in the web address a very obvious “ihg60plus?” so I replaced the 60 with an 80 & viola! :). 80k + $50 popped up for a screenshot

I SMed Chase last night and also go the “once you’ve hit $2K” reply to this message message.

Thanks for the reminder. I sent an SM and was told to write back when I hit the $2k spend to get the 80K points.

Did Chase grant the 20k match after spending the $2k? or can they change their mind even after confirming via SM.

I would have totally forgot to do this in my haste to sign up before it disappeared. Thanks for the post DoC!!!

I sm’d them…they matched to 80k. The message specifically said the $50 statement credit was still attached (I didn’t even mention it). Said to reply to the message once my $2k spend was complete.

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