Posted by William Charles on May 27, 2018
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Published on May 27th, 2018 | by William Charles


Are Chase ‘Selected For You’/Green Checkmark Offers Bypassing 5/24 Again? [Yes, They Are]

Update: Lots of positive datapoints in the comments below now. Looks like this is confirmed to be working again, yay!

For some time one of the most popular ways to bypass the Chase 5/24 rule was to apply for a card that showed as ‘selected for you’ with a green check mark. On March 20th we posted that this was sadly no longer working. There are now a few datapoints (here & here) on myFICO of people being approved despite being over 5/24 when applying for a selected for you offer with a green check mark. I’m not sure if it makes a difference, but the offers also showed fixed APRs instead of APR ranges (this is usually the sign of a true pre-approval). Please share your own data points in the comments, obviously big news if true but not a lot of datapoints just yet.

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Yeah, but given the recently reported shutdowns, I think it’s best to cool off a bit after 5/24.


This is what’s keeping me from trying to do the BRM paper app for the Ink Preferred. Already have a couple of olderish business cards and I don’t want to poke the Chas3 bear in case they look at the usage history of the other cards (which is mostly 5X at OD/OM) during the decision process for a new application.

Thanks for the info. I just saw a selected for you offer on my wife’s account, with fixed APR. She’s at 6/24. Applied and got this message: “We need to review your request a little longer. We will let you know of our decision by U.S. mail. This could take up to 30 days.” I’ll post here if there’s any good news.


Did you call automated status line? A 5/24 denial would likely change to 7-10 days immediately.

I just called, and it’s still 30 days.


Not to get ahead of myself…but that sounds like a good sign.

What’s the automated status line number ?

Follow the prompts, you will enter your SSN eventually.

I’m over 5/24 but received a “by invitation only” offer in the mail for the United explorer card.

Any idea if I have a chance of getting approved?

Hi Seth,

I too received the invitation only for united card last year and I was at 7/24. I applied and got denied citing too many cards. Called reconsideration and they didn’t budge ..again it was 8 months ago.ymmv..

Those don’t bypass 5/24

I received the same mailing, applied on-line and got the 30 days email. I called and was told that I was turned down. I have a FICO in the mid 800’s and a 25 year credit history with Chase.

Just tried and got approved for csp and i’m over 5/24


I have a Green Check Mark offer in my personal account for the new CIU. I am over 5/24. Purchase APR reads: “0% fixed Intro APR for the first 12 months that your Account is open. After that, 14.74% to 20.74%, based on your creditworthiness. These APRs will vary with the market based on the Prime Rate.”

Is this a variable APR, and should I not waste the hard pull?

Usually ranged Apr is not a true pre approval. I would visit the branch to check if you have an in-branch pre approval

Yes,my father got bypass with chase sapphire and freedown unlimted 2 cards in same days. he is 5/12.

How do you get to the magical “Selected for you” thing? I’ve looked all over Chase website and see noting like that. Specifics, please.

Log into your Chase account and click the menu on the top left hand corner.

You will see green check mark on “your offer” . Click that and check if you see ” selected for you “

There’s no “menu on the top left hand corner” when I’m logged in.
That’s why I said “specifics please.”
I think you must have a different web page than I do, because there are no menus at all on mine.
Specifics, please.

I heard being snarky when asking for assistance produces great results.

Try the desktop site.

I AM on the desktop site!!!

You may not have been migrated to the new web interface. Try the app version

The now fashionable icon with 3 bars that some call the hamburger button.

No hamburger button / pancake-stack / 3-bars icon anywhere.

I have the hamburger button but no “check offers” selection. Seems that if personal and business cards are combined then it won’t show up on desktop, mobile or anywhere

I have both personal and business cards and I have the pancake icon as well as the offers for you section

It’s called “Your offers”

It’s not there!

search chase offers or chase credit limit increase, a link to it will be one of the results.

I’m in the same boat. No offers on desktop, mobile, or app. No hamburger, no menu item, nothing.

In mobile app (iPhone for me), go to bottom “explore new product” then “your offers”.

Yes, I was at 7/24 on Friday and they only asked for my income and phone #.
I was not approved instantly, but I called in and they approved me over the phone.

8/24 here , received offer to apply for United MPE online (with fixed interest rate shown) and was approved immediately, bypassing 5/24.

are there anyone who get a green checkmark offer “Exclusive offer” instead of “Selected For You”? Does it bypass the rule? (Tho I know it is very unlikely…)

guy bucktastik
guy bucktastik

Before it was virtual terminals, now I’m being offered a chip terminal! Can I just get an ink or csp pre-approval please?

sorry Guy Bucktastik.

there is no link for preapproval. Pre approval offers are personalized and you need to be targeted

same here I just get junk hardware or Merchant Services

I applied in March having a “Selected for you” for a CSP and was denied (too many accounts)

I think late March was when Chase went from actual “pre-approved Green ck offers” (income & phone) almost/always approved…
to not actual “pre-approved Green ck ‘offers'” (name & personal info, income, phone, etc) often not approved due to 5/24. Do you remember which yours was?

If you get targeted with a Sapphire offer and you’ve closed a Sapphire card recently, safe to assume that the targeted offer won’t bypass the 2 year Sapphire rule correct?

I got this on CSP “17.49%. This APR will vary with the market based on the Prime Rate.”
Is this a fixed APR or Variable?


I think the “discussion” of a “fixed” APR can be confusing. Virtually all credit card interest rates are variable APR based on the Prime Rate. The fact that they are listing your initial rate as 17.49% (meaning Prime + 12.74%) is a good sign that you have a true pre-approval, vs. a range where they would say your INITIAL rate would be “17.49% to 24.49% based on your creditworthiness” or something like that…

Thanks SouthFayetteFan for clearing that up.
Can’t apply anyway since I received CSP bonus about 20 months ago.


You’re welcome 🙂 I definitely understand why people refer to it that way even though it’s technically wrong. I guess a better phrasing would be a “committed initial APR” vs. a range (but who really cares). Plus for anybody doing churning the right way…APRs don’t matter to us LOL!

Its variable 17.49% is the lowest on Sapphire, Sapphire Preferred, and Sapphire Reserve and I think 24.49% is the highest

Unrelated, but when I login to my Chase biz account, my Ink cash thumbnail has a World Mastercard logo on it. Is there a change, I’ve always had a Visa?

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