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Published on January 16th, 2017 | by William Charles


Avianca Credit Card Issues – Card Auto Declined & Passcode On Account

Reader Tom let me know that he has been having issues with his new Avianca credit card. Here’s what’s happening/happened:

  • Applied 12/28/2016 and was approved
  • Received card one week later
  • Card activated
  • Card now gets declined whenever he tries to use it
  • When he calls customer service they tell him their is a passcode on his account and transfer him to the fraud department
  • They claim their systems are having issues and it’s affecting all cardholders (not true)

He isn’t the only one running into this problem, others on Flyertalk are also having issues. If anybody has any idea on how to resolve these issues, please share your experiences/tips in the comments below. Hopefully somebody knows a work around as this is one of the top credit card offers currently.

I’ve also contacted Banco Popular about the issue and will update this post if I get a response.

19 Responses to Avianca Credit Card Issues – Card Auto Declined & Passcode On Account

  1. Juan Davis says:

    Thanks for the post. Same happen to me. Card keep declining and the bank is not able to solve the issue. One of the bank representatives told me there was a big issue behind with the recently issued Avianca card and that are working hard to solve the problem. Since I contact them is being around 3 weeks and the card still not working, I try to use it today at a supermarket and nothing…

    Any ideas how to ask for a compensation? Maybe ask for the annual fee to be waive? Or request 15k miles as compensation? Best

  2. Tom says:

    I picked up an Avianca card for both my wife and I. My card did not activate online and was getting rejected so I called Banco Popular and the CSR manually activated them for me. I made the one purchase to qualify for the bonus and have not used the card since.

  3. Cedar-Swamp Thing says:

    @Tom @anybody Did you receive to bonus yet? How long did it take? My statement just closed and no sign of it. I’ve heard from another person the bonus transferred over pretty quickly

    • jose says:

      Received my bonus of 60,000 miles after 1st statement closing. Made purchase online using
      card after activating it online.

  4. mangoceviche says:

    I activated my card online but when I tried to use it online and at B&M, got declined. Called Banco Popular and was told that my card was never activated, so they activated it for me. I was able to use the card immediately after the phone call.

  5. Sajer Guy says:

    I got my bonus a day or two after my first statement closed. I made a $25 purchase right after I got it and 60,025 points showed up in my account. The $149 also posted at the end of the first statement.

  6. Miz says:

    I applied 12/23/16. and received the card 12/30/16, activated the card 01/01/17, and used it a few days after to buy a small amount Amazon e-GC. Statement closed Jan 9. Miles were in my Lifemiles account when I checked at 01/12/17.

  7. Dirah says:

    I had issues to. What I realised: When I received the card, the sticker on the card gives both a website and a phone number. I set up online banking through the website, assuming this now meant the card was activated (as with their issuers, such as Amex). After getting declined many times it dawned on me to try activate by phone too. Now the card works fine. Made first spend, but I am waiting for statement close for the 60K.

  8. JB says:

    Hmmm…I got my card, called and activated it, made first purchase, 60,000 miles showed up last week.

    Are the people that are getting declined sure they called and activated it? You can’t activate it online, only setup online banking. You HAVE to call to activate.

  9. Bo knows says:

    activated and used for several days….make grocery purchase for around $5k, then card got locked out for over 3 weeks and counting. 60k +5k miles have been posted to my life miles account. it is supposed to get 5k*2 on the grocery purchase, but I only got 5k on it.

  10. Mark says:

    Banco Popular and BBVA shouldn’t be getting involved in these cobranded deals if they can’t handle it

  11. Juan David says:

    Any updates??? I received my 60,000 miles but unable to use my card. I was able to do a 12 usd purchase to trigger the offer but nothing has happened since then….. any news? BTW I applied at the end of december and YES I received the 60k miles by using the code.

  12. Shawn says:

    Called customer service number and liberal seems to be out of service now. Anyone else experienced that?

  13. juan david says:

    any update on this FXXXX card? Any ideas on what to do? Cancel? refuse to pay annual fee?

    They have no idea what is happening a and not sure why they can not solve this.. is being already a month and they simply can not solve this issue

  14. zack says:

    I had all of these same exact problems. After numerous calls and a couple hours on hold, I gave up. At least I got my 60k no problem.

    About 1 month after the first decline, I go to my parents house for dinner, and there is a letter addressed to me from banco popular. It had the code in it!!

    I never gave that address to the bank, I had applied with my correct address, and I haven’t lived there for over 15 years! I called and gave the code to the CSR and voila. Been working ever since!

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